ghost hunters but for a reason (swasan OS) by rabia

u all forced me to write thiss… now u all have to read this :p dedecated to my allllll readerss….

Seriously guys u all are veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baddddd everyone is saying me that im making them emotional with my emotional lectures in my last updates and what u all
have done… huh im very much angry with u all.. serioussslyyyy (pout) I never imagined that u all love me this much… and by seeing all this love of u all.. now im in a very big tnsn
whether I will be able to get success or not and please guys now no more lovee or emotional talks because in tnssnnn I got the migraine soo if not love u can scold me 😉 soo after
seeing yourrr loveee im giving uu my last OS.. because I can’t stop myself after seeing u all.. Literary thankuuu thankuuuuu soo much and I will be back InshaAllah with gud newss
:* luv u all… and please spare mee if u didn’t liked it.. Because I just wrote it down randomly.. aliya knows that while talking to her I said that im writing… and it is for all… rabia,
hemanshii, kakali, shan, navi, aliya, simin, rosey, mirna and look now even I forgot the names in tnsn… sumya, deeksha, Nagamanasa, SRSL, Dharshini, manasvi, shreeyu, fairy,
anniya, kaynatt, arsha, vyshu, and too all of them who showered this much love on mee… and yaa shrinjal, romaisa, saheli, shiksha, Afra96, Asmaara, Mahjabeen, Nive, Dharani,
Xavia, Uma, Shizuka, Goldie, Pooja, Stg, Jessie, Mou.. and s I know u demanded one horror os but I know this not a much horror.. Because in this time I got only this stupid idea..
which I don’t know what I have written…. And thankuuu too all thoseeee whose name I forget because guys im very tired and somehow stressful soo I cant be able to read my
previous stories for finding out who wished me… soo if u plz tell me in comment I will say special thankuu to u all there itself… guys seriously sorry for forgetting your name
because I cant be able to put stress on my mind…because now a days Lahore is in the clutches of smog (a type of acid rain) which is creating eye infections headache etc…

Soo enough of bak bak let’s start

Night at 10 pm….

One girl is going from a lonely road….. she is wearing black jeans and red top and long coat… and having bag on hr shoulder.. she is coming from her job…… she is late for her
buss soo she thought to walk till next bus stop… there is dark all over… suddenly she heard some howling … she become scared and turned around.. but didnt find anything….

She start running for saving her life… she is turning back from time to time… she is screaming for help… but suddenly something from front jumped upon her… and everything
goes blank…

Next day at 8pm…

Ppl were standing at the same spot.. where the girl is being attacked….. we can easily hear police car sirens and ambulance sirens….

Ppl are saying that girl is being attacked by some wild animal… but somebody is saying that it’s a robbery case… because there are scratch marks on her body and on the same
time her bag is also not there on the spot just a company id card which is on her neck is there….

Beside from all ppl… we can see two ppl were standing and talking… one is a boy and one is a girl…

Boy is eating peanuts…..

Girl: what do u thing about this case?? This is the third incident in these 2 weeks on the same area… same location…

Boy : I was wondering why someone is creating death scenes like some animal attack… why he/she is not simply doing robbery

Girl : maybe he/she having some psychological problem…

Boy may be…

Sanskar sir, swara mam…. (yes the boy and girl is our swasan) both turned and saw one girl is standing….

Swara : yes aditi??

Aditi : what opinion u both have?? It’s the third case and first time we are failing to solve any case

Sanky: don’t worry aditi.. we are waiting for only one lead then the culprit will be in our clutches….

Sanskar Meheswari : ACP age 27 and also a ghost hunter..

Swara Gadodia : sanky’s fiancé… senior inspector and also a ghost hunter age 24

Aditi Kapoor : junior of swasan and only a police inspector age 22….

Nobody knows that swasan are ghost hunters… all only know them being in police

From last 2 weeks… the ppl of the city are in horror.. because uptil now 3 ppl died.. but police is not able to catch the culprit…

Now swasan is thinking that may be it will be a ghost or someone’s soul who is doing all this… because whenever they catch the ghost… the ghost always told them that he/she
were taking revenge.. because nobody was there when they needed the help… soo this time also they are thinking the same…

Swasan were sitting in sanky’s cabin…

Swara : sankyyy I think we have to fix ghost tracking device in that area…

Sanky : ya u r right I will go and adjust the device tonight..

Swara: why u alone I will also come..

Sanky : swara u never ever listened to me… last time also u got sprain due to which u have to take 1 week bed rest…

Swara (pouts) : im coming with u that’s final no more arguments…. And she storms out from the cabin…

Sanky smiles on seeing her antics

Sanky’s pov:-

Me sanskar meheswari the most arrogant dude of my clg.. I never paid any heed to any girl because I never liked this gf type stuff… but one day when I entered the clg.. that time I
was in 4th yr… I saw seniors are standing for ragging.. I never paid heed to ragging.. soo I came towards my group…

Suddenly we all heard laughing sounds… I don’t know what happened I start going towards the crowd from where laughing sound is coming…

I saw group of seniors standing and ragging one junior.. she is a girl…

By get up she is looking like a behnji… hair were set in a bun.. big spectacles.. her front teeth were big as compared to other teeth… she is wearing black gown so nobody will be
able to see her inside getup.. everybody is making fun of her…

One girl from senior group while taunting and laughing said her to dance…

The girl start crying…

Girl : please jii leave mee please…

I felt something after listening her voice because that voice was soo innocent and pure…

Senior boy : u have to otherwise u have to kiss one of us…

I felt like breaking his face….

Girl : nn…o..o.o… I will dance…

All hoots in taunting way..

Senior girl : okay on which song u would like to dance?? Some behnji types na??

Girl who sometime before giving horrified and fearful expressions suddenly that expressions changed into smirk…

Nobody noticed that but because I was seeing her soo I noticed that on which I become confused…

Girl : drama queen..

All : what??

Girl : play the song (with full attitude)

All laughs butt the their expressions changed into shock when they saw the scene infront of them…

Girl removed her glasses… she removed her fake tooth… opened her hair which are long and jet black.. she also opened her gown and inside she was wearing a very cute jump
suite.. and the way she dance… everyone become numb….

I was seeing her with shocked expressions.. she is such a creamy beauty.. pink cheeks.. fair clr.. black eyes… she is totally a mesmerizing beauty…

Girl came down…

Girl : don’t u dare to mess with any junior after today.. and especially with me swara gadodia…

After listening this I become shocked because she is my childhood frnd the daughter of my father’s frnd…

Swara start going with attitude.. while all were seeing her with open mouths..

Suddenly she saw mee and runs towards mee and hugs me tightly.. I become freezed on her sudden reaction.. that how she came to know about me…

Swara : sankyyyy ooo God thank God I found u.. u know I was searching for u… she shakes me..

I who all the time in shock came back in senses and said…

Shona how u came to know that its me??

Swara : ooo dumboo we reached india last week u were not there at your home but ap aunty showed me your pic.. soo I came to know about u..

Sanky : ooo but why nobody told me??

Swara : because I said to all to not tell u because I want to give u a surprise..

Sanky : and im surprizedd and hugs her tightly… im soo happy too see u after many years…and twirls her around..

Swara is giggling and said sanky stop…

Sanky stopped : oops sorry…

Swara pulls sanky’s cheek and said its okay….

Like this we start spending time… and our love story started… we both wants to join police force and also wanted to become ghost hunters… soo we get the training of both the
things and now we both are here…

3 months before we got engaged…

Sanky’s pov ended..

Swara’s pov:-

I swara gododia.. came back from us after 10 yrs… and we goe to dp uncle house but sanky my childhood frnd was not there.. I took the admission at same clg in which sanky is
studying.. and on my first day I go with changed get to teach seniors a lesson.. and their I found sanky.. I hugged him… and like this we starts spending time with each other and
with passing time our love increased…

We also join police force and also become ghost hunters…and we got engaged after our love confession

Pov end…

Both swasan goes to the area where murders were happening…

Both adjust the device there.. and came back… next day they go to chck the device in which there is also an attached camera..

They saw that there is some movement in the deserted road.. like someone is walking.. but they can’t be able to see his or her face…but when that thing passed from near the
device.. they become shocked after seeing the face…

Swara : sankyyyyy???

Sanky who is also shocked compose himself and said swara don’t talk about this to anybody first we have to find out that it is real or not…

Swara : but how sanky?? We closed this road for any movement…

Sanky : let me think.. now lets go…

Same at night around 10 pm…

Someone is walking alone on that road again…

When we see from near that it’s a girl….

She is walking… and when she came in some light she is revealed to be as swara…

Swara is walking and having the blue tooth in her ear hidden behind her hairs…

Swara suddenly heard the howling sound… she turned back slowly and found a different creature… his body is different just looking like animal… butt his face.. noo in actuall her
faceee is of a girl…. And the girlll iss non other than aditi….

Their junior…

Swara shouts and start running…..

Aditi is chasing her while howling…

Swara is going to fall but someone catches her on the right moment and pulls her towards him… and while aditi is trapped in the net….

The one who pulled swara is non-other than sanky….

Aditi : leaveee meeeeee

Sanky : aditi relax…

Aditi : noo I said leaveee meee I will not leave anybody who go through this road….

Swara : why r u doing all this??

Aditi : becauseeee I was being raped in this same spott…..

Swasan : whattt???

Aditi while crying yess…..

Aditi start telling them:-

This incident is of 2015 june…. Actually I was coming from my couching class.. this area is famous for wild animals… soo I always preferred to go from other side.. but one day
that side was blocked and my scooty is also punctured…

Its 10 at night.. I was walking while listening songs.. but I heard some sounds from my back.. I turned around and saw 2 men were standing and seeing me lustfully….

I become scared and start running.. but they catched me…

I beg to leave me but they didn’t left me. And they raped me… and left me there in miserable state..

I was crying…. Few cars were passed but nobody helped mee.. when suddenly I heard a howling sound I turned around with great difficulty and saw a wolf is there.. before I do
anything he attacked on me… and I died…

Aditi is crying while swasan is also having tears….

Aditi : how u came to know about me??

Sanky : we fixed camera here in which we can easily detect ghosts…

Swara :from there we saw u…

Aditi : why I can’t be able to remove this net??

Sanky : its made from holly rope that’s why…

Swara : aditi we will surely find your culprits please stop this killing??

Aditi: I will but u both are having 2 days?? And in these days u have to find my culprits and also to find my skeleton and have to burn it..

Swasan nodes and frees her and she vanished…

Swara : what will we doo now??

Sanky : we have to doo it for all those ppl whoo will going to die if we didn’t find aditi’s culprits…

Aditi soul didn’t freed from this world because her culprits now also living a peaceful life… soo her soul becomes the part of that police team including swasan who are doing
investigation of that area… because nobody helped her that day soo her soul is taking revenge from all….

Sanky and swara saw in the device camera that the culprit who is killing all is a spirit and she is non-other than aditi soo they make a plan to trap her by using holly things….

And now they have to find her culprits…

After doing a lot of struggle finally they are able to catch aditi’s culprits… and also found out about her dead body…

And aditi is now completely free from this world…. Butttttt

Picture abhi baki hay my frndsss (picture is remaining my frndsss)

Swasan is standing on the same spot and seeing on never ending way….

U both have completed your work?? Isn’t it..

Swasan turned and saw a man is standing and seeing them with a smile…

Swasan looked towards each other and then smiles after seeing the man…

Sanky : u always remember that na??

Man : how can I forgot??

Swara : ya yaaaa

Man : soo whats the next plan??

Sanky : what plan obviously we both have completed our work soo now..

Swara : its time of our departure…

Man : don’t u both want to stay here??

Sanky with painful voice : spirits are not meant to be here dad..

Man is non-other than dp…

Dp with teary eyes: I wish I could hug u both like im able to see them u both…

Swara : dad we have taken time from above to spend some time here for punishing the culprits…

Dp while crying I wish I could bring u both back….

Sanky : its not possible dad…

Dad : why u both stake your life for us??

Swara : dad u all our family how can we let u die??

Soo guysss swasan in actual were spirits… who had taken time from above to come back to earth for providing justice to them….

Their families were very happy after their engagement.. but one day sanky came to know that both families lives were in danger due to severe business rivalry… soo he send all of

them without telling to some secret place… he also wanted swara to go with them but swara was very stubborn so she didn’t go.. and when they both are coming some group of
gang attacked them and shoots them.. and they both died….

Soo when they died families came to know about them… but on their funeral dp will able to see them…

They tells him everything and they came to know about the real culprits.. but these culrpits killed many other ppl also… and now there spirits were taking revenge from them… and
aditi’s culprits are also the swasan’s culprits.. soo they provided justice to aditi and as well as to themselves also…and they are the last one who left from being punished soo after
completing their task swasan have to goo…. Court already provided justice to swasan… and know their work is completed in earth and they bidss bye to dp.. and vanished…

The end…

Soo guysss this is totally a time pass topic soo u all are most welcome to throw anything on mee… because now in this time of tnsn I need your scolding more then your love 😉
because your love makes me more emotional and your scolding will bring smile more than tears 😉 this OS is dedicated to all who supported me with their wished and now I will
show my face to u all after getting successful  thankuuu soo much once again and luv u allll itnaaaaaa saraaaa :* (this mucchhhh)

and guys i wrote it down in just 1 and half hr on sudden idea soo bear this plzzz…And now back also screaming to stop…. Soo stopped 😉

Allah Hafiz 


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    *No comment….
    *u killed my SWASAN… but i loved that they r together… death is universal truth… however we deny that but it’s a truth… n ev1 is not born to live Love…some of them r just to cherish…
    Love it Di..
    Thnk u.. ;-*
    N sorry di if u felt bad with my OS…;)

  2. aliya123

    apiiiiiii…..u knw i m waiting from mrng to read it…..,.nd nw it is here hw can u type this much……meri finges mein toh soch ke hi dard ho raha hai……swasan r spirits(SHOCKED) i have a doubt …….aditi nd swasan r spirit so hw they join police force ……only dp can see them nd so hw…….we r making u emotinal huuuu so bad u r …..waise we love u so much….mw u want scolding…..well whx r u taking tnsn ….everythin is gonna be okk u….i can see future u will get success then after 5 mo

    • Rabia



      Hehehehe aliyaa samjh jaoo naaa they are already in police force just came back for revenge bakiii mujhay khud nai pta tha k kiya likhaa bss likh dalaa 😆😆

  3. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Lady don, you killed my swasan so bad….
    Now I have many work, I have to send this link to many people. See I doing how much work…
    You know one thing while commenting I always forget what to type, see I again forget I have to tell you about this os but see I am blabbering..
    Finally coming to this os , it’s superb but you killed my swasan…
    Now no more blabbering😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    It’s a unique swasan os…but I enjoyed it…death is a universal truth..we can’t change it…so swasan is died…but they have done their best to make this world beautiful…really liked it…

  5. Hemanshi


    |Registered Member

    Awesome awesome awesome Rabia…….no one can write like u….we will surely miss these horror nd tragedy full stories😥😥

    • Rabia



      hemanshii give me your ear i want to tell u one secret 😉 main part is remaining 😀 hehehehe which i forgot 😉 😛 it will be uploaded in few hrs today itself 😉

  6. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di….. U didnt tell me that u wrote an os….. I m angry on u….. 😜 Just kidding di….. Its awesome…. Lovef it….. U always entertain us with different concepts…. Thank you di….. 😍

    • Rabia



      Shann when i thought to tell u were laat online 2 hrs before soo i though u can see this by yourself 😆😆😆😆😆 andd thankuuuu 😙😙😙

  7. chandu

    You are saying that don’t want to make emotional..!! But swasan are dead…!! This is enough for me to become sad…!! 🙁 It’s awesome…!! But they are spirits…!! 🙁

    • Rabia



      thankuuu soo much dearrr and the answer of your this question is posted already 😉 it will be updated doo read it when it comes 😉

  8. Pooja26


    |Registered Member

    kuch bhi matla 😉 😉 😉 😉
    jo bhi hoo ……
    maaza bahut aaya padhne main
    😉 😉

    loved it yr…… !!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂
    swasan forever 😉 😉 😉

  9. Shrinjal


    |Registered Member

    Amazing diii😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 swasan r spirits????? Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was really shocking as well as amazing😘😘😘 amazing toh hoga akil meri di ne jo likha hai😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Love u lots n lots 😘

  10. Kaynatk01


    |Registered Member

    rabia it was unique awesome just loved it and one more thing i will pray to god that all your problems should be solved and wherever you are going you will win and be back

  11. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi it’s amazing I reall6 enjoyed it
    But at last you again g8’s me shock by saying that they are dead but 8 like their way of justice and yah sorry for late commenting actually I’m at my aunt house and their is no Wi-Fi but now I’m in my mamo’s house where internet signals are available so now I’m commenting after reading your os and yah I have posted my ff I hope u will enjoy today’s part

    • Rabia



      fkrrrr nott roseyy u will read whenever u have a time… u always read my stories mostly among the fast readers soo its totally okayy 😉 andd i enjoyedd your storyy 😉

  12. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Nice dii…hope u will be back soon di that too with success in whatever u r going to do diii….love u sooo much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  13. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    We jst talked for once n u hve written my name in ur os ,thnkng me!!!awww!!!! How sweeet….n for ur dis lovely nature nly everyone n includng me also loves u a lotzzzz dear😄😄😄😄😄
    Ahhhh!!!about dis os…omg its fabulousss….frst of all i wanna tell u dat i love ghost storiesssss…n dis story realllly made my day!!! Awesome awesome n supr interestng plot yaaar!!!hatts of to ur writng skill..i totallly loved it!!!
    Allll d very vala bst for ur goals!!Allah is always dere for u dear..u”ll surely get succeed😄😄😄take care..keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety😄😄😊😊😆😆😇😇😉😉😉☺☺😀😀😀😄😄😄😄

    • Rabia



      heheheheh fairy thankuu sooo muchh for your these kind wordss and yaa i also come to know in these few days that all r here loves me alott 😉 and u love too alll :* and InshaAllah i will be back after gaining the success 😉

  14. Vidhi

    Wow dear it’s amazing… Loved it.. Totally a new concept… 😘😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😍

  15. Vyshu10


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    Rabia…..i want to throw all pillows and blankets i covered myself with at you. I was covering my face with one hand and scrolling with another. If ur name wasn’t written, i would not have opened it at all.

    Kakali gave me more ice-creams…thats y ur taking revenge on me na? Huhhhh

    • Rabia



      Yeeesssss how can i spare uuuuu 😂 u ate 16 ice creams without mees (pouts) even u kicked me when i demand one spoon from u 😢😢😢 huhh soo noww this is the revengeee but but butttt dont forget next posttt its not scary at all 😆😆😆 plzzz for last timees 😍😍😍

  16. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    It was so amazing dii..
    Juz loved it..
    The idea was so amazing..
    Your shocks are always unbelievable…
    May god bless you and you juz win over your challenge…
    And yaa take care of yours…
    I will miss you dii😭😭😭

  17. Simin


    |Registered Member

    Waah di kya likha hai
    I wonder how u think about these topics
    Swasan spirits awesome
    Di main aapko pareshaan karti rahungi gmail par hehehehe

  18. Manvi

    superb! awesome! loved it
    i will miss u alot and soo bad u didnt mention my name i am crying soo much
    just joking!
    loved it

    • Rabia



      immm soooooo sorrryyy dearrr actually i was remembering all names but failed i just chcked last update and which name i found i wrote it down thats why i said that if i missed anybody’s name thn she will please tell me ;)… thankuu soooo dearrr thankss aloottt (with lots of hugs and kisses) hehehehehe

  19. Scooby


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    Im thinking what to throw on u.. hmmmm lemme throw comments.. it wad superb os… ghost busters… lady don post nxt os soon…

  20. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Diiiiii,ghostttt*gulping the saliva…
    About os,what to say,I am in love with it😍😍😍…..But ending😳😳..Huhhh, swasan ko marr dia*pout face….But it’s ok….I will miss you😭😭😭..I love you vo bhi itnaaaaaaa saraaaaaaa😘😘😘..All the best…
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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  22. Priyanshi💕💕💕

    Will u please tell me why u r sqying this is ur last os
    Whqt happened di
    Actually i wasn’t available in tu
    For 2 days
    I am ur silent reader
    And i too wished for a ghosty os and thank u for fulfilling it
    With love

  23. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Haan dear… Just loved it….!!!!!!!!! Love you Dear….!!!!!! Thanksgiving for including my name…..!!!!!! Sorry dear I couldn’t type a longer one….!!!!!! I am in hurry…..!!!!!

    • Rabia



      why would i not include your name haan?? u r supporting and wishing me from many days soo its your right 😉 and thankuu sooo much dear 🙂

  24. Romaisa

    Wow loved it gonna miss you aapi are you know in Pakistan and I’m a right you live in Germany?❤️

    • Rabia



      romaisaa thankuuu sooo much dearrr and the one who lived in germany is 2nd rabia the writer of swasan trust me im from Pak and living in Pak only 😉 hehehehe

  25. Shreeyu

    Thanks a lot for including my name di… it was a wonderful f2f… How can u think of so many ideas…han? It was soooooo gud…. Will miss u a lot di… m still typing with left hand tho thodi problem ho rahi hai… I’ll post ff as a tribute for u by evening as m hardly able to write …. God knows what m gonna do tomorrow… sorry for late comment… and this is registered shreeyu only just reading it from my dad’s phone

  26. Sanjanaagrawal


    |Registered Member

    Di I want to throw something on u …..


    Thsese are my hearts plz keep it safe with u …….. if u will not return after 4 months then my heart will always remain with u ….. love u di …. waise I am angry on u ( pout ) u doesn’t added my name why ????? Becoz u were angry one me bcoz I was not able to read last parts of ur ff …. hena …. I hate u ** just kidding **

    No one gave anyone this type of farewell …. every writer comes and goes but u are the writer who will always remain in our heart ….. and thnx for giving us sucha a beautiful os …. thnx a lot …. I also want to give u a fare well but what to do I am bust with studies .. so sry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Plus I have to update my ffs also … I am very busy again a baaaaadddddaaaaa. Wala sry …. so sry …. but di plz return back soon will be missing u … if u will not return then my heart will always remain with u ……. I don’t whether I will remain here till feb but I will surely be here from march …. and plz take care of my heart di … now no centi talks …. mujhe rona aa jayega .(I will start crying )

    And I will surely pray for ur success … may u got all the success and happiness in ur life …..

    I am feeling like one member of our TU family is going away 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Thnx TU for giving me such a cute family … achha chalo bye di … nahi toh main ro doongi …. tata ..

    Hope u will read this comment ..


    • Rabia



      First of all imm sorrryy that i forgot to mntn your nameee i just look my last update for names thats whyy sooo sorrry for this dearrr
      And about farewell treat your dis comment is not less than a mini oss sooo dont feel sorryy and i will surely hide your heartsss inside my heart and will never forget uuu 😘😘😘😘😘 thankuuu soooo muchhh dearrrr just concentrate on your studiess 😍😍😍😘😘😘

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