ghost house …kb..(part 4) last part

Sorry guys this the last part I can’t handle 2 stories so I am completing this story.I know it’s boring but sorry.

Abhi is very much worried about the phone call and thinks not to inform anything to pragya as she very protective. Abhi tells this about the phone call to purab and Neil. Pureil tries to console abhi but they are unsuccessful.

Purab asks abhi to give the phone number of that unknown person who is calling abhi. Abhi too gives the phone number. Purab calls his friend who is a policeman. After 10 min the police calls back purab and tells that there no number existing like that. All three friends are now really scared.

On the other side pragya is very happy and very existed. pragya thinks of informing this news to her mother and Dadi. Bulbul and aliya comes and teases pragya for being too fast in her life. Pragya asks about there future plans. Aliya tells she need sometime and Bulbul tells purab needs sometime all of them are very happy Chating and teasing each other.

Night 9.00 pm
On the other hand
Purab tells abhi to take care of pragya and his child well. Abhi leaves to his room while purab and Neil thinks to find the mystery about the phone call.abhi is really worried about pragya and their child he sees her happily watching tv. He thinks not show his tension in front of pragya.

Abhi goes and sits near pragya and she leans on his shoulder. Abhi notices pragya watching horror film. Abhi asks pragya why she is watching horror film when she is really scared of horror film then why she is watching it.pragya tells him that his son wants to watch horror film. Abhi asks pragya how she can decide it is a boy. Pragya tells abhi
that she wants her baby to be a carbon copy of his father. She tells him that her child’s smile, eyes,voice,look everything should be like his father.

Abhi gets emotional hearing her answer and kisses pragya.abhi asks whether he can join them. Pragya greets him to join their team. Abhi likes horror film very much but pragya doesnt. Abhi holds pragya very tightly as she is very much afraid of horror films. Pragya tells abhi that Dadi told them stay here for 4 Months as she am pregnant. Abhi gets more scared hearing this. Abhi tells pragya to sleep as it is late. Pragya aurgues with abhi and tells him sleep only after the movie is over. Abhi never saw pragya this much adamant.

Pragya suspects abhi for being so tensed and enquiries about it but he tries to hide it. Pragya takes his hand and places it on her tummy and tells him to promise on their child. Abhi refuses and tells pragya to sleep and goes out of room. Dadi calls pragya but the signal is weak so she goes to terrace. Abhi comes and searches for pragya.
Someone comes from back and tries to push pragya but abhi shouts pragya. Immediately pragya turns and the shadow is vanished. Pragya asks abhi why he is so tensed. Abhi drags pragya and scolds her badly. Pragya asks abhi what wrong she did and tells him Dadi called her and the signal was weak so she went to terrace and starts crying abhi tries to console her but she tells him not to touch her.

Abhi hugs her but she pushes him telling not to touch her. Abhi tells sorry for over reacting and tells her he cannot she her in problem. Pragya hugs him tightly and tells him not to scold her as it hurts her a lot. Abhi kisses her and wipes her tears. Pragya tells abhi that her child want to scold him for scolding her. Abhi kneels down and touches her tummy and tells sorry for scolding his mumma and kisses her tummy. Pragya closes her eyes feeling the warm of his lips.

Abhi tells pragya to sleep as it very late. Abhi caresses pragya hair and thinks why Dadi called her in this time and sees pragya sleeping peacefully in his arms without disturbing her. He covers her with blanket and leaves. He calls Dadi but the servant takes the call and tells Dadi has slept before 2 hours.

next day

Pragya comes to hospital which is 5 km far from farm house. She is very disappointed as abhi left her alalone for a work. The doctor informs pragya that she is carrying twins and should be very careful. Pragya is in the ninth cloud. She is very happy and misses abhi.

On the other hand
Abhi is restless in is car after the phone calls suddenly a old man whom he scolded on the first day comes near the Window. Abhi opens the Window the man tells him that he already told him but never listen to him. Then the man narrates the story of that house. He tells a leading businessman’s son spoiled a girl’s life and killed his own child and wife and dumped it in the backyard. And he tells that now she will not leave you. Abhi asks why she is trapping me and my wife and tells him that she is pregnant. The old man tells him that his brother was the culprit who killed his daughter. Abhi gets confused and asks him is she was his daughter. He tells yes and suddenly gets disappear.

Abhi immediately goes to farm house and tells everybody to pack up. Purab asks why to leave immediately abhi tells them to not cross question him. Abhi asks where is pragya to his friends them his mind gets striked how he left pragya in the hospital. By the time pragya comes to the house and goes to her room without answering. Abhi follows her.
Abhi: fuggy I am sorry
Pragya:abhishek please don’t be sorry. It’s my mistake to love you and marry you. Now a days you don’t even have any time to spend with me and you are often scolding me. Today you left me and came. You never thought of me or our kids.
Abhi:fuggy please stop talking like this.(holds her hand)
Pragya:leave me abhishek don’t touch me. I thought of giving you good news but now i understood you never want that.

Abhi: fuggy I am sorry na.
Pragya:if u don’t want tell me abhishek i will do abortion.(abhi keeps his hand in pragya ‘s mouth)
Abhi:pragya have you lost your mind. Stop this nonsense
pragya: if you don’t care for me and my children then why should i stop it.
Pragya:haan I am pregnant with twins I thought of giving you suprise but you left me
Abhi hugs her tightly and tells her that something his here in this farm house and we should leave this house immediately. Abhi wipes we tears and asks her to get ready.
Pragya:abhishek what do mean
Abhi:pragya this house is haunted and I will tell rest of the things after we reach Mumbai
Pragya: I am sorry abhishek
Abhi kisses her and tells her that he will take care will and his children.

Abhi gets a call again and now it tells that he can’t escape anywhere if he dare to do it then she will not dare to do anything and cuts the call. Suddenly Dasi calls him and tells him that Dadi is very serious and tells him to come immediately. Abhi is shocked hearing. He informs it to everybody and everyone are ready to go but it is pouring like anything outside nobody can go anywhere. Suddenly abhi tells everybody not to leave. Everybody are confused by abhi’s action.

Next day
Dasi informs Dadi is well and nothing to worry. Abhi goes to the kichen yo get some water and shocked to see abortion tablets. He asks the servant but she tells she don’t know anything about it. Abhi runs to pragya room. Pragya is about to drink the milk but abhi pushes it.pragya asks him what happened abhi tells her that the milk is not good as it may have some adulterent it it and his babies may not like it. Pragya gets confused hearing his answer.

In Bulbul’ s room
Bulbul wears a Saree which makes purab suprised. Purab hugs her from behind but Bulbul pushes him
Purab :Bulbul I know this is for me na.
Bulbul:it’s for me its better you leave.
And leaves the room.

Abhi went to meet the old man and finally he finds him in the temple. He goes to him and tells the problem and the man tells the story “there was girl called tanu who loved your brother ranbir but he cheated her and she got pregnant after 8 Months she gave birth to a boy child but ranbir killed tanu and her child brutally as she was pressuring him to marry.he buried them in the backyard now her spirt is tois torturing like this” said the old man.
“What is the way to end this” asked abhi with a fear. ” take the bodies from backyard and burn it” said the man and vanished.

Purab,bulbul,Neil,aliya planned to do for dinner. Pragya was peacefully sleeping so nobody disturbed her and left. At the last moment Bulbul said she was not feeling well hence she made rest of them to go to dinner.Bulbul saw pragya sleeping peacefully and took the pillow while somebody was knocking the door.She opened door and found abhi very tensed “abhishek what happened? ” asked bulbul with confusion but abhi without replying ran to his room and found his wife was peacefully sleeping.he left the room to backyard to take the deadbody

Bulbul thought that her plan flopped because of abhi. Bulbul went to kitchen to drink some water and found abhi digging the ground. She was very tensed by the time pragya came down very tensed in search of abhi.Bulbul tells pragya that abhi is in backyard. Pragya runs to abhi and sobs in his chest. She started crying vigorously holding abhi.”what happened pragya ” asked abhi with fear “abhishek somebody is trying to kill our children, she called me and told that she will kill me by today 12.00 pm” said pragya with tears rolling from her cheeks.

Abhi tries to console her but she was not convinced suddenly pragya fainted “Pragya pragya…” shouted abhi but she didn’t open her eyes . Abhi took pragya to the house and shocked to see the incident running before him. He immediately ran to the backyard and kept Pragya aside and started digging. He almost found the dead bodies and poured the kerosene.

When he was about to fire he suddenly back stepped seeing Bulbul holding a big stone over pragya’s stomach “abhi leave it otherwise your loving wife and your kids will be dead” said bulbul who was now a ghost “Tanu leave her,what my pragya did ? My brother only killed you and you too took revenge on him and killed him na then please leave my pragya ” pleaded abhi.

Abhi found it is of no use asking that ghost and pushed Bulbul and fired the body. Abhi immediately took pragya and ran to the house. Seeing his brother lying the floor lifeless abhi felt sad but that was his destiny.

“It’s all because of abhishek if he kept his naughty thoughts aside this would have not happened ” said pragya with anger. “Pragya where are you beta ” called Dadi as akash and ariya were crying.akash and ariya were abhiya’s symbol of love they are 8 Months old. Pragya went to Dadi’s room and took akash and ariya to her room soon akash went to sleep but ariya was crying continuously “please my champ stop crying sweet heart why are you crying? Mumma already feeded then what happened see your brother sleept you too be a good boy and sleep” said pragya like all mothers caring about their children.
Bulbul came to see pragya and she want to apologize pragya for her behaviour. Its was more than one and a half year Bulbul sliped into coma after that incidence.when abhi came to farmhouse holding pragya tighthy in his arms he saw Bulbul was totally in the control of the sprit.ranbir came there for some reasons but tanu’s spirit horribly killed ranbir. Abhi didn’t go to police because he thought that his brother deserves punishment from tanu. When abhi burned the dead bodies the sprit came out from Bulbul which caused Bulbul to slip to coma befare 2 months she was fully recovered.

“Hy pragya” said bulbul with a soft voice “hello bulbul” said pragya while patching ariya who was still crying “ariya is exactly like abhi” said bulbul with smile “haan so only he is torturing me like his father” replied Pragya with smile “by the way where is abhi” asked bulbul to pragya “he is out of station he told me He will return by today night” replied Pragya patching ariya.Bulbul and pragya had there usual chat and she left while ariya too slept.Pragya placed ariya in the bed and kissed both her kids who were sleeping peacefully now pragya came back to her tension.Pragya took her phone and called abhi but his phone was switch off. She thought of abhi and his nautiness on that day

2 months before
Purab throwed a party for bulbul’s come back after the party both pragya and abhi were exhausted. Pragya was feeding akash while ariya was playing with his daddy’s dog tag chain.”fuggy today you look so hot” said abhi with a naughty simle ” enough of your talks put akash and ariya to sleep i will go to dadi’s room and give her medicines and come.Pragya gave Dadi medicines and came back to her room akash and ariya were placed in there single cots while abhi was missing “abhishek where are you” asked pragya searching for abhi.suddenly abhi pulls pragya from the back and pins her to the wall ” I telling you are so hot and your are not answering me anything”said abhi with a low voice “Mr abhishek Mehra I am really very tired so please leave me to sleep” said pragya with a soft voice “I know you will be affected by my touch so you are trying to escape” said abhi.”don’t be so proud it’s nothing like that I am really very tired so leave me”said pragya trying to leave “oh really let me test” said abhi and touched her exposed part of waist which passed electricity through her and he kissed her neck “don’t you feel me asked abhi with a husky voice pragya couldn’t do anything rather than closing her eyes she turned back facing the wall while abhi removed her dori and kissed her bare back later this turned into a passion.(leaving to your imagination )

Abhi came from back and hugged pragya “fuggy I miss you so much ” said abhi and kissed her pragya hugged abhi again “I miss you too abhishek” said pragya hiding something from him “how is my champs fuggy” asked abhi “they are very good” said pragya with a small tension “Fuggy why are you so tensed” asked abhi with love ” it’s all because of your naughty thoughts abhishek” said pragya “what did I did to you fuggy” questioned abhi “YOU MADE ME PREGNANT AGAIN” said pragya with fire in her eyes abhi was in the ninth cloud he was happily dancing and enjoying the happiness.

8 Months later
Pragya was feeding riya while abhi entered carrying akash and ariya who were sleept asleep he placed them in the bed. “What’s up fuggy what is my princess asking for a sister to play” asked abhi with a naughty simle pragya three a pillow over him” abhishek please give some time” said pragya with a strong voice “we have 97 more fuggy don’t get tried soon” said abhi while pragya places riya in her cot “it’s enough abhishek 3 itself more” said pragya ‘okay fuggy I won’t ask any more now give me one kiss and sleep” Pragya kisses abhi’s forehead and places her head in his chest while holding her 2 year old kids

Her life was very good with her children and beautiful husband

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