ghost house …kb..(part 3)


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Part 3

Abhi is very much worried about the phone call and thinks not to inform anything to pragya as she very protective. Abhi tells this about the phone call to purab and Neil. Pureil tries to console abhi but they are unsuccessful.

Purab asks abhi to give the phone number of that unknown person who is calling abhi. Abhi too gives the phone number. Purab calls his friend who is a policeman. After 10 min the police calls back purab and tells that there no number existing like that. All three friends are now really scared.

On the other side pragya is very happy and very existed. pragya thinks of informing this news to her mother and Dadi. Bulbul and aliya comes and teases pragya for being too fast in her life. Pragya asks about there future plans. Aliya tells she need sometime and Bulbul tells purab needs sometime all of them are very happy Chating and teasing each other.

Night 9.00 pm
On the other hand
Purab tells abhi to take care of pragya and his child well. Abhi leaves to his room while purab and Neil thinks to find the mystery about the phone call.abhi is really worried about pragya and their child he sees her happily watching tv. He thinks not show his tension in front of pragya.

Abhi goes and sits near pragya and she leans on his shoulder. Abhi notices pragya watching horror film. Abhi asks pragya why she is watching horror film when she is really scared of horror film then why she is watching it.pragya tells him that his son wants to watch horror film. Abhi asks pragya how she can decide it is a boy. Pragya tells abhi
that she wants her baby to be a carbon copy of his father. She tells him that her child’s smile, eyes,voice,look everything should be like his father.

Abhi gets emotional hearing her answer and kisses pragya.abhi asks whether he can join them. Pragya greets him to join their team. Abhi likes horror film very much but pragya doesnt. Abhi holds pragya very tightly as she is very much afraid of horror films. Pragya tells abhi that Dadi told them stay here for 4 Months as she am pregnant. Abhi gets more scared hearing this. Abhi tells pragya to sleep as it is late. Pragya aurgues with abhi and tells him sleep only after the movie is over. Abhi never saw pragya this much adamant.

Pragya suspects abhi for being so tensed and enquiries about it but he tries to hide it. Pragya takes his hand and places it on her tummy and tells him to promise on their child. Abhi refuses and tells pragya to sleep and goes out of room. Dadi calls pragya but the signal is weak so she goes to terrace. Abhi comes and searches for pragya.
Someone comes from back and tries to push pragya but abhi shouts pragya. Immediately pragya turns and the shadow is vanished. Pragya asks abhi why he is so tensed. Abhi drags pragya and scolds her badly. Pragya asks abhi what wrong she did and tells him Dadi called her and the signal was weak so she went to terrace and starts crying abhi tries to console her but she tells him not to touch her.

Abhi hugs her but she pushes him telling not to touch her. Abhi tells sorry for over reacting and tells her he cannot she her in problem. Pragya hugs him tightly and tells him not to scold her as it hurts her a lot. Abhi kisses her and wipes her tears. Pragya tells abhi that her child want to scold him for scolding her. Abhi kneels down and touches her tummy and tells sorry for scolding his mumma and kisses her tummy. Pragya closes her eyes feeling the warm of his lips.

Abhi tells pragya to sleep as it very late. Abhi caresses pragya hair and thinks why Dadi called her in this time and sees pragya sleeping peacefully in his arms without disturbing her. He covers her with blanket and leaves. He calls Dadi but the servant takes the call and tells Dadi has slept before 2 hours.

abhi again gets a call where the person tells him that all the answers for his questions are In the box near the terrace.

abhi goes to the terrace and finds a box.he goes near it and his shocked seeing it smell

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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