ghost house …kb..(part 2)

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Part 2
This is a happy chapter doesn’t involve ghost yet but next chapter will be more suspence and horror

Abhi hears the noise coming from the terrace so he gets a torch and walks towards the terrace suddenly someone holds his hands. It’s turns to be pragya. Pragya asks him why he is going to terrace.abhi very well know pragya is very reactive and gets scared so he gives her some blame excuses.

Abhi asks why pragya gets up from sleep. Pragya tells she had a bad dream where a child is crying and she follows the sound but suddenly someone strangled her. Abhi consoles her and both go to there room. But abhi doubts it.

Next morning

Abhi narrates his incident to purab and Neil. Both starts laugh seeing is fear for ghosts. Both makes fun of him. Abhi asks them to stop there nonsense talks and all the three plans to go somewhere and spend there time but there wives rejects there plan. So abhi purab and Neil decides to leave thre wives in the farm house itself

After few hours
Bulbul: it’s good that they are not here
Aliya: you are right Bulbul. Give me an high five
Pragya : guys you don’t miss them
Aliya: obviously we miss them pragya.
Bulbul: we can spend some quality time pragya
Suddenly pragya runs to washroom and starts vomiting. Bulbul and aliya gives her some water and makes her sit in the sofa
Bulbul: pragya are you okay
Pragya: I am fine Bulbul
Aliya:pragya I will call the doctor na
Pragya: aliya i am absolute fine

Aliya: what happened to you?
Pragya : for past few days I am feeling dizzy and stressed and think I might be because of traveling
Bulbul:did you got your cycles??
Pragya:not yet Bulbul
Bulbul: it’s better if you take a pregnancy test
Aliya: ya pragya Bulbul is right you take a pregnancy test
Pragya: nothing will be like that guys
Aliya: how are sure pragya
Pragya : we both never had idea of babies aliya
Bulbul: what do you mean pragya. Are you both using protections
Pragya: no no Bulbul
Bulbul: then what pragya. I will buy a pregnancy kit
Pragya :okay fine

Pragya takes pregnancy test which turns positive. Aliyaa and Bulbul are very happy that pragya is pregnant but pragya is slightly confused.
Pragya : guys that kit may not be true
Aliya: what are you saying pragya. Are you not happy with this great news wait I will call the doctor immediately
Pragya : aliya it’s not I am unhappy infact I am very happy that I am carrying abhisek’s child but I don’t know how will be react to it. Will he be ready to accept the child very soon in our relationship
Bulbul: how can you doubt abhi like this prags. I am sure abhi will be happy as Dadi too insisting you both for a child
Aliya: Bulbul is right

Pragya emotionally cries and hugs Bulbul and aliya. They both consoles her and ask her to take of her health. Bulbul tells her to take her is Jr. Rockstar too.
Doctor comes and confirms her pregnancy and advices her to be very careful and come for regular checkup. Finally pragya gets relaxed and feels the joy of motherhood.

In night
The three friends are yet not arrived. Pragya plans a suprise for abhi. She wears a green Saree with black border and plain black blouse ( she weared next day of Bulbul’s death, no chasma, exactly looks how she is looking now but wears mangalsutra and sindoor).

It’s almost 10:00 pm pragya calls abhi and he doesnt attend the call. She places her hand in her tummy.
Pragya: baby see your papa didn’t attend my phone let him come we will kill him.
Abhi enters the room and is really very much exhausted he comes and sits in the sofa. Pragya finds him very tired and gives him water. He tells her he is very tired and going to sleep.
pragya : abhishek please you can sleep later now listen to me.
Abhi: fuggy I am really very tired I will continue my story tomorrow
Pragya: abhishek today for you I weared your favourite colour but your not even listening to me
Abhi: fuggyyy

Pragya: okay I will make you active in a second
Abhi: why are you playing with me fuggy
Pragya takes abhi’s hand and places iit on her tummy and tells him she is pregnant with his child. Abhi becames silent.
Pragya: abh.. abhisek
Abhi immediately hugs her and kisses her forehead and cheeks. He becomes speechless and emotional pragya too cries.
Pragya: abhishek i am sorry. I thought you are not ready to have a baby now. I am really sorry. I want my child to look like his papa. He should have your smile your eyes your voice and he should a copy of you.
Abhi: thank I for everything fuggy

Abhi takes pragya in his arms and places her in the Bed and switches off the light. He removes her pallu touches her bare and exposed stomach. He kisses her tummy and whispers something.
Pragya :abhishek what are you doing
Abhi : I am talking to my baby. What’s your problem Mrs. Pragya abhishek Mehra.
Pragya caresses abhi’s hair while he continues his chat
Abhi: baby. I am really very eager to see you. I want you be like your mumma. She is best friend best wife and best mother too.
Abhi kisses her tummy. Pragya tells abhi that he forgeted her after the baby so abhi kisses her lips with passion and both fall asleep.

Next morning
Pragya wakes up in abhi’s arm she sees him sleeping like a child tightly hugging her. She carefully removes his hand kisses his forehead and covers him with the blanket. She adjust her pallu and leaves to kichen.
Abhi wakes up hearing his phone’sring someone tells him that she will kill his wife and child soon and cuts the phone. Abhi gets tensed and gets down from bed

abhi breaks the lock of the door near the terrace and goes inside it.

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