ghost house …kb..(intro and part 1)

Hy I am akshaya l am writing my love story but I am going to write another story too.

Abhi:heir of leading bussines man Ravi Mehra and leading rockstar.He falls in love with pragya and marries her.
Pragya: sweet and innocent girl who hates her father for cheating her mother. Abhi’s wife.
Bulbul-purab, aliya-Neil : abhi and pragya’s best friends who get married in the same day of abhigya’s marriage

Additional charaters

Ragav: pragya’s father and a leading bussines man
Dadi: abhi’s Dadi Very sweet and innocent
Ranbir: abhishek’a brother. Arrogant person, he often plays with girls llifehe has a interest on pragya.
Tanu: victim of ranbir’s fake love and dies because of ranbir’s torture
Rishi: tanu and ranbir’s baby. Ranbir kills rishi with his mother and dumbs there body in the backyard of there farm house in juhu.

Part 1

Pragya was packing there bags to go to abhi’s farm house. Dadi forces them to go to there farm house as she is going to her village to stay with her sister’s for 2 months

abhi: fuggy you will be really amazed to see our farm house. it is 7 acres and it has 20 rooms
what 20 rooms??

pragya: abhishek why do we need 20 rooms as if we are having 100 kids.

abhi: you are having a idea of having 100 kids fuggy! you are too bad fuggy (pragya beats him with the pillow)fuggy once if we go to our farm house you will see the real me??
Comes near her and kisses her cheeks. Someone knocks the door.
rabul and alineil: suprise! suprise!
abhigya :guys. you
bulbul: haan we are!!!
purab: actually Dadi told us to join your trip
Abhi and pragya are very much exicted to see there Friends coming with them

aliya: it was dadi’s idea to suprise you

abhi: my Dadi is rocking like me

Dadi comes to the room and tells them to leave. Everybody comes to main hall and waits for Dadi. Dadi comes and blesses them they all take there bags to leave suddenly Bulbul is supposed to be fall but purab catches her
beta wait a minute gives them water
dadi please dont believe in such bad omen’s
shut up abhi
pragya take care of this stupid abhi gets annoyed

Everybody tells Dadi to take care of her health and leaves

abhi: guys let us have race who ever is reaching the place first will get a award

neil: award!!! what award abhi

abhi :scotch

purab :that great buddy

pragya: abhishek don’t have such great ideas

abhi :fuggy its just a race

pragya: then you have stay separately for 10 days
abhishek please understand it’s not safe to drive fast

abhi: okay fine meri ma

Abhi gets confused by the roots and ask a old man for a help but he advises them not to go there else she won’t leave them. Abhi thinks he is insane and leaves the place.secondly purab stops his car and asks the way to the same old man. The old man tells him to save his friend and leaves.

All three pairs finally reaches there desination. It’s was almost 9.00 pm because of abhi’s extraordinary knowledge to find the way. All were really exhausted and wbnt to there respective rooms. Pragya was unpacking abhi’s luggage while she hears some baby crying. She comes outside and sees abhi and purab watching a movie and and goes to her room.

abhi: suddenly how the channel gets changed
May be some technical problem purab

purab: by the way I have tell you something today while travelling a old man told me to save you

abhi: purab he is mad. He even told that someone will kill me

purab :May be some ghost stops him and scolds him for his childish behaviour

abhi: okay purab a I will leave now to my room
Goes to his room and hugs pragya from back

pragya:abhishek what are doing
excuse me ! I am your husband and I have all the rights to kiss you hug you and…

pragya:enough my romantic husband
so you accept I am romantic (Comes near her and pins her to the wall and starts kissing her passionately. She runs her hand through his hair. They both break there kiss and goes to sleep pragya places her head in her husband’s chest as it is the most safest place in this world. Soon pragya falls asleep)
Abhi looks at her and kisses her forehead and covers her with blanket. Suddenly he hears a child crying. He slowly removes her head and places in the pillow and goes outside to catch the child’s cry

Precap: pragya places abhi’s hand in her tummy with happy tears.abhi feels some supernatural powers

Credit to: akshaya


  1. vaishali

    awesome episode nice intro i just loved it update the next one fast na ghost story with our fav kkb nice…

  2. sana

    Wow nice thrilling nd interesting ff abhigya romance r nice nd eagerly waiting for the next episode precap it seems to be pragya is pregnant

  3. shree

    Superb yar… I know that baby is tanu baby and I have one doubt y ghost want to kill abhi… so many suspense and also having thrill

  4. nasima

    Hey..akhsi..suprb..very intresting and thrillng…i like it very much..keep going..and update regularly…its was very diffrnt story …awesome…

  5. EKTA KAPOOR 'enemy

    Woah horror story go ahead yr i really wanna know what will happen next ????????????

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