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Hi friends I was write this os for my bestie Sumi.. She is going to Bangalore for doing her nursing course on September 4th. She is not always here after her class stars. I will miss her.

September 4th 2017

Sumitha and her family comes to Kochi at morning from Kottayam. Sumitha and her sister are going to Bangalore at 7pm ‘s
flight. Her family also join with them.
Sumitha ‘s classes are starting on September first week. After coming to Ernakulam, they are goes to a hotel and
books a room for one day .And they all are taking rest. While sitting in the room. Sumitha thinks

Sumitha ‘s pov

Today evening I am going to Bangalore with
my sister for doing my nursing course. My
sister also studying in nursing. I am going
to study the same college where my Di was studying. I can’t able to chat with my
besties Neha Di, Kanfi &Ahsana Di after

going to Bangalore. I was meet them in Telly updates. And they are becomes an part of my life. I’m really miss them and my best friends Lilly, Hanna &Simmy
and my parents especially my mother. It was the first time Iam going to live a place without my mother .My chechi (elder sister)
is also living in with me in Bangalore.

was only relief for me. The Day before yesterday I was spent a day with my best friends Simmy, Hanna &Lilly. That memories always with me. But I was sad for not talks to my besties Neha Di, Ahsana Di and Kanfi. I was trying to calls them from since Yesterday. But anyone didn’t respond to my calls and didn’t
reply to my messages. I’m very sad for not
contact with them before going to Bangalore. I know they are busy with studies and their work. I hope I can able to
talk to them before going to Bangalore.

Sumitha was thinking about it. That time
Sumitha ‘s elder sister and elder brother are comes to her. They two understand that Sumitha is sad for leaving her family and don’t able to contact with Neha, Kanfi, Ahsana .For changing her mood off they both are decides to goes to travel the whole Ernakalum. Sumitha don’t have any interest for traveling the whole Ernakulam. She is sad for not able to contact with kanfi, Neha&Ahsana.For her Siblings happiness she was decided to join with them. After visiting most of Ernalkulam at last they are comes to Maraindraive.After coming there Sumitha ‘s ettan &chechi are says to her that sit in the bench, they will comes after some times.saying this they both goes from there. That time Sumitha was again try to calls Ahsana, Neha and Kanfi. But anyone didn’t respond to her calls.She was very sad for not contact with them before going to Bangalore. That time she hear

She was turn to saw sender of that voice. After seeing that person Sumitha was surprised.
S”Kanfi…I can’t able to believe it.Its was my day dream or it’s true? ”
K”Its was not your day dream Sumi ,it’s me Kanfi. Not only me, Ahsana &Neha also with me ”
S”Ahsana Di &Neha Di also with you. Where are them? And before that how you all are comes there? ”

Sumitha ‘s bro &Sis “we are says about it. Before that meet your other two besties. Ahsana….. Neha….. Comes ”

Ahsana &Neha are comes from behind of Sumitha ‘s brother &Sister respectively. Sumitha was goes to them and hugs Kanfi, Neha &Ahsana.Still She is can’t able to believe it’s was dream or real. After broke the hugs she says
S”Kanfi,Neha Di, Ahsana Di why you are not responding to my calls and messages, Do you all knows how many times I was calls you three ”

Sumitha ‘sis “it’s was our plan sumi for surprising you. I knows na about your friendship with Neha, Kanfi &Ahsana. And I knows that you are wants to meet them. So me and ettan are decided to surprise you. I get kanfi ‘s details from your whatsapp. I was contact Kanfi and informs her about our plans of surprising you. She was informs Ahsana and Neha about it. ”
Sumitha ‘s brother “and we says to them to not respond to your calls and messages before they are meet with you”

S”Love you ????? so much bhayya and Di for fulfilling my wish of meeting Kanfi, Neha Di and Ahsana Di. You both are the worlds best brother and sister. I’m very lucky to get a Brother and sister like you both. ”
Sumitha ‘s bro &sis “Love you ????? too Sumi… You are our younger sister he na. So it’s was our duty to fulfills your wish ,now enjoy with your friends. We are join with you after some time. ”

Saying this Sumitha ‘s sister and brother
are goes from there. They both are knows that their sister wants to spend some time with her friends. Sumitha was very happy for meeting her friends. Still she is can’t able to believe it’s was dream or real. It’s was her wish for meeting Kanfi, Neha and Ahsana. Especially she wants to meet Ahsana, because she was saw Kanfi and Neha ‘s photo. She is didn’t saw Ahsana ‘s photo till now. So meeting Ahsana was her big wish.She is very happy for her siblings, they are everytime fulfills her wish. This time also they are fulfills her biggest wish. After spending one and half hours together Sumitha are join with her siblings.

Kanfi, Neha and Ahsana also with her. After go back to hotel room. They all are goes to Airport. Sumitha and her family are goes to Bangalore from kochi. And Neha &Kanfi are goes to Mumbai.Kanfi was going to Patna, her home town from Mumbai. Ahsana go back to Trivandram. Before leaving The four friends are promised each other after completing Sumitha ‘s course ie, After four years they all are meet again at Maraindraive on this same date, September 4th and enjoys that day together .

Four years later

September 4th, 2021( )

Sumitha was completed her nursing course on September 2021.After completing nursing she will do one year training .She was decided to do training in Kerala. Sumitha was go back to Kerala on September 4th at morning. Now she was traveling alone. Her sister was completed her nursing and works in a kochi based hospital. So her sister was living in Kochi. After coming to Kochi,sumitha was goes to her sisters flat. After taking rest she was goes to Maraindraive. It’s was the same place where she meet her besties Ahsana, kanfi, Neha. Before leaving in kochi in that day, they are promised each other that after completing Sumitha ‘s course they all are get together at this same place and on same date.

Sumitha was waiting them more than three hours at there. But they are not comes there. Sumitha was very sad that. She thought may be they three are busy with their work or may be they will forgets about our promise. She was sitting in a bench at Maraindraive. While thinking about her besties, Neha, Kanfi &Ahsana a 5 years old girl comes to Sumitha and gives to her a bouquet of Yellow rose flowers.After giving that bouquet to Sumitha that little girl goes from there. After taking that bouquet Sumitha was smiles ☺. She understands this bouquet was sends by her friends, and she understands they are here. She was finds a card from that bouquet, from that card Sumitha finds out a note ?, it’s was written as “Sumitha you are waiting for some one he na. For meeting them comes to Hotel White pearl in ROOM NO 356 ,we are waiting for you ”

After reading that card Sumitha was runs to hotel white pearl. That hotel was so tired near maraindraive. She was enquiry to Recipationst about room no 356.The receptionist says to her that room no 356 is in third floor. Sumitha was goes to room no 356.She was switched on the bell. But didn’t get any response. She finds out that it’s was not locked ?. Sumitha was opens the door. The entire room was dark. Sumitha was switch on the light.After light ? on she was surprised to seeing the room. It’s was decorated with red and white balloons and the room was decorated .And she saw three girls are standing in there. They are wore black gowns. All are wore a golden mask on their face. Sumitha goes to them and says
S”Kanfi,Neha Di and Ahsana Di I am knows that you are will comes today for fulfilling our promise ”
The three are says “We are not Kanfi, Neha &Ahsana ”
Sumitha was confused. She says
“if you three are not Kanfi, Neha Di and Ahsana Di then who you three are?And how you all are knows about our promise of get together at Maraindraive ”
K&N&A”Sumi we are here ”
Saying this Kanfi, Neha &Ahsana are comes to the room from outside. Sumitha was more confused now. She can’t understand what going on here
S”You are here then who these three are? ”

K”You will find out them by yourself. ”
Sumitha goes to them and remove the face mask from their faces. After seeing their face Sumitha was surprised

S”Lilly,Hanna,Simmy (they three are her best friends) …..its was you three are here. How you are comes here ,I’m very happy for meeting you three. I was seeing you all after four years ”
K&N&A”Its was we are calls them. We are knows about your best friends. And knows that how much you are missing your best friends.

They are comes to your life first. We are comes to your life later. So we are decided that at our” Get Together” On this day as we are promises before ,Your best friends also with us. So we are contacts them. Your Didi gives their contacts to us. We are calls them and planned this surprise together, You are surprised he na? ”

S”Ya Di I was really surprised. I was didn’t expect meet my best friends also at our Get Together party. Love you ????? you so much besties for coming to my life. I’m very thankful to TU for giving me best friends and Sisters like you three ”
K&A&N”We too very lucky too meet a best friend and sister like you. Love you ?????? too bestie “Hi friends there is don’t have any other emotional talks. It’s was happiness ka time he na so enjoy it. ”

K&S&A&N” yeah ✌ friends we are enjoying this day together ”

Sumitha and her best friends’s are together cut the cake and feeds each other. They all are enjoying their Get Together by doing dances and singing songs. After that party they all are goes to Kathmandu, their all’s favourite place. This Get Together will become most memorable part of their all’s life.


I was write this Is for my bestie Sumitha. I miss you Sumi…. When you get time please come back… Me &Neha&Kanfi are waiting for you.

With love
Ahsana ?

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  1. Sam-99

    I wish this os come true……really afsu chechi njn photo pollum kanditilla chechide so I’m wish to see u…….ini njn tu anna varunathe ane anike thane arilla…..litty hanna simmy yes there my best and good friend like u 3 …….miss u all six of u… love u tooo chechiiii. Njn aganellum ellavareum kannum if density allow me…..

    1. Ahsana98

      Vidiyundenkil ennenkilum orikal parasparam kanam dear. All the best for your bright future. I know Litty um Hannayum simmy um ninde best friends anu ennu. Nee endedutu paranjitundallo. Love you too bestie ?.when you get time came here. We all are waiting for you

  2. Fenil

    Nice OS and so sweet friendship you trio share.Neha is Neha-17 ?
    All the best Sumi sissy.

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much bhayya. Yes bhayya Neha is Neha -17.

    2. Ahsana98

      Bhayya do you read my Kanfi ‘s birthday special os ‘s. I saw you in its first part. If you have time then read it bhayya. I will give the link of my profile posts

  3. Thedreamsoul

    Wow, Ahsana di this is amazing and such a sweet gesture. I love four of you and okay maybe I love you more your friendship between you people. I wish that it stays longer till death and this is really thoughtful of Ahsana di to write an OS on it. I loved it and it’s great. All the best to you Sumitha chechi for your college life ahead and rock it four of you. I miss Neha di, it’s a long time I chatted with her. I love you all, hugs and kisses ?

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much Sana for your support and encouragement .Ninku ishttayi ennu arinjapol eniku sandosham ayi .Ennenkilum orikal nee ulpedeulla ende ella besties neyum kananam ennanu ende agraham. Adinu vidi undakatte ennu agrahikunnu. Neha Di Training ayi busy ayirikum. Adavum varatadu. Neha Di ende friend tanneyanu but not that much close friend ,Neha, kanfi &me are sumi ‘s close friends in TU.

    2. Ahsana98

      Love you so much bestie ?

  4. Kanfi

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee ahsuuuuuu….
    It was ammmmazingggggg
    I wish this comes true….
    N I can meet all of you……
    Its really ammmzinggg….
    Loved it???
    Will miss uu sumi….
    Lovee uu tooo

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much Fathi for your support and encouragement. I know Thanks is not allowed in between us. But some times its needed he na. I glad you like it. If

    2. Ahsana98

      I hope that one day I will meet all of my besties .We all are miss sumi but she will come in weekends. So we all are waiting for her on Sunday, Saturday

    3. Ahsana98

      Love you too dear ?

  5. Asana321

    Lovely OS ???
    One day you will definitely meet your friends, I will pray for that???

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