Geometrical Love!! (Part 6)

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Geometrical Love!!


Twinkle’s Pov


I went to skul blushing…. when i entered the skul campus i saw kunj wid his frnds… laughing at his heart out… he probably din c me bt i did… i smiled and went to my classroom…i kept my bag and ws moving out of d clss whn sumone pulled me and draggd me to the auditorium.!!
“kunj!!” i yelld an he winked…to which i smiled… “y r v here?”
“listen twinkle… its 6:15 now and our period bell ring at 6:50… so dont uh think we should recollect our yesterdays memories…” he answered and my eyes turned saucer shaped!! “No!”i said… “yes he said with a flirty smile and grabbd my waist…. “kunj dont uh think we r in skul and obvio camera would be here…. so everyone will get to know about us ri8? and uh only dont want anyone to know about us…” i said praying tht he doesnt start here… “hmm… yeah ri8!” he answered

“btw kunj… who won yesterday?? madrid or barca?” i asked making up his mood…
kunj is a die hard fan of football and his ideal is Christiano Ronaldo… Cr7 in short!! He startd telling me every shot of ronaldo and wht not… he’s srsly crazy for him!!
I know wht to do whnever he feels low…. i wonder wht will happn if he leaves me…. will sumother gal love him the same way like i do?? huh twinkle jst leave all these thoughts… kunj wont leave uh ever!


kunj wont leave me ever was the biggest misconception tht i had….. he left me… its not tht we hate eo… we jst dont talk anymore… its been 2 years since me and yuvi are married and i think i’ve strtd feeling for yuvraj….. the way he cares, talks…. he’s entirely diff from kunj….
“twinkle!!” yuvraj calld me!
“yeah” i answrd…
“Today’s the match of real madrid and barcelona…. so i’ll sleep late… uh may sleep if uh want!”
“hmm… okay!” i said and went towards my room…

Yuvraj too loves football but his favourite team is barcelona… and his ideal is Lionel Messi… the great leo.. goshhh…. yuvraj too is crazy about him… He’s sumtyms similar to kunj…but sumtyms he completly in contrast wid him.. I wonder how can they both be so much diffrnt and similar at d same tym! (twinkle zyaada dimag mt chla apna… thoda sa hi h… ) I went to my room to sleep…..


Me and kunj were very happy 2gethr… bt just for 1 month…. After which a storm came into my lyf and destroyed everything….. The storm of attraction! Kunj started to feel for alisha…. he messeged me 1 day!

K- Listen
T- Say!
K- twinkle i think i luv alisha!
T- so wht do uh wnt me to do?
K- I want uh to convince her!
T- no way kunj…
K- plzz twinkle… for me! plzz
T- kunj i can do anything for uh bt not this plz…. even uh ask me to die… I’ll do tht fr uh.. bt plzz this tym i wont b doing ur work!
K- twinkle I luv uh! plzzz
T- K fyn wait!

I started to cry when he said tht he feels for alisha… And my heart meltd whn he said tht he loves me!! I had no one by my side when i needed sumone…. i didnt want kunj to leave me… bt i fought wid myslf! And called alisha…. i told her everything every single thing an the way she reacted was…. i mean she cut the call and i dont know wht happend nxt!
It was our Vacations in skul…. so me and alisha didnt meet for a long tym… even i didnt had any talk with kunj…. tht ni8 i slept alone… cz after mine and kunj’s meet i always slpt wid kunj… kunj used to cuddle me everyni8….. after kunj left me… i had talks with yuvraj… i used to visit his house and vice versa…. Yuvraj was really a genuine guy… He met me everyday…..Bringing smile on my face was his habit…. I din knew whats xactly hppning…. Slowly and gradually I got attracted to him…. my mind wanted to stay away from him but heart was willing to be his forever….
After about 3-4 weeks

Me and yuvraj were walking in a park….

T- yuvi..hve uh evr loved sumone?
Y- yes… i still luv the person,although i know she can nvr b mine…
T- Do uh have faith in ur love…??
Y- Ofc… Tht girl is in her depression mode and as a one side lover… m helping her in being normal…
T- Wht hppend to her?
Y- will tell uh afterwards….
T- is it esy to luv?
Y- Its easy to fall in luv… bt ‘Ishq’ Is really hard…
T- luv ishq mohabbat pyaar…. evrythng is sme…
Y- naah… these arnt sme… Uh can love anything…. bt ishq… ishq is the emotion tht uh can have with jst 1 person….
T- I had given Ishq to….

Y-( cuts her) Kunj!
T- how do uh know?
Y- lemme tell uh the whole story twinkle….
Tht ni8 whn uh visited us…. i could clearly see kunj getting attrctd to uh…. Aftr few months… i got to know tht uh both hve an affair… He gets attrcted to evryone…. its not ur fault… Bt whn he lft uh… uh were shattrd…. i came to uh cz i knew uh would harm urslf…. tht day for the frst tym ever i gaind courage to talk to uh… jst to bring uh out frm tht depression…. I wont force uh to frgt kunj…. uh can wait fr him if uh wnt!
T-(tears in her eyes) y did uh do this?

Y- Twinkle… we both have a past… a past tht uh dont know….
T- Wht past?
Y- We were kids tht tym…. whn i startd feeling for uh…. Std 4th…. Whn i saw uh fr the frst tym…. Huh…. tht was my childish love fr uh…. I thought uh din likd me so i never came to talk to uh…. Class 6th whn uh strtd to use facebook…. I thought to snd uh the frnd request…. bt Uh sent me frst…. we had a convo tht tym…. the only thing was we din talk face2 face….. And then we stppd talking….. whtevr d reason was…. Bt tht dinnr…. when uh fell in my arms…. Ishq ho gya tmse…. bohot zyaada…. itna ki sb kch bhul chuka tha…. bt thn i got to know tht uh luv kunj…, I had no prblm with it…. cz love is not about having a partnr with uh…. Its jst an emotion….

i dont know how uh gonna react now… bt i just want to say tht i luv uh…. I Luv Uh Twinkle….

Yuvraj sat on his knees and Bowed his head in front of me…
(guys the nxt few dialogues will be in hindi… as i dont know the translations…. ;P ?)

Y- Twinkle….. tmse mohabbat ho chuki h…. tmse itni shiddat se ishq kiya h ki rab bhi uska sajda krta h…. main ni janta tu kya sochti hai mere baare me…. lekin mujhe tujhe beintehaa mohabbat krne ki adat ho gyi h…. Tujhme mera rab ni dikhta magar mere rab me tu dikhti h…. Pyaar krta hun tujhe… sbse zyaada…. Mujhe jo bhi kehna tha main bol chuka twinkle…. ab sab tujhpr depend krta h… agar tu chahti h toh main tujhe woh saara pyaar de skta hun… aur agar ni toh main zindigi bhar tera dost banna chahta hun…,

I ran and hugged him….. Kunj never said anything lyk this…. i dont know if he was my crrct choice or not…. M totally confusd bt ek chiz clear h ki yuvi bohot pyaar krta h mujhse….

T-(still hugging) pyaar krti hun yuvi….pr abtk ishq ni hua…. Thoda tym de doge mujhe?? Apni humsafar bana loge mujhe??
Y- Bana lunga!!

We had a ti8 hug…. Yuvraj wasnt ready to leave him he was hugging me so ti8 as if sumone will snatch me frm him….

He really loved me a lot… tht day my whole world chnge….

Nxt Morning! (Present)

Tomorrow we are leaving fr amritsar hey baba ji please takecare of everything yuvi has gone to take shower i should do the packing chalo twinkle lets do the packing luggage bhi utarna hai…

Twinkle moves towards the closet nd starts to take out her nd yuvraj’s clothes
Twi:uff luggage is upar yuv…ohh he’s gone to take shower…well ill do it..hmm…
(she takes a stool nd stands on it)
Twi:uff this luggage(she said struggling with the luggage suddenly she looses her balance nd was about to fall but when she felt two strong hands pulled her nd she fall along with the luggage but she dint felt anypain

(twinkle who was closing her eyes due to fear open her eyes slowly nd saw her husband hugging her They had a sweet eyelock yuvraj tucked her hair with his finger behind her ears as it fall on her eyes)
(guys imagine their position twinkle was laying upon yuvraj’s chest nd yuvraj’s hand was on her waist)
yuvraj holds her head nd give her a peck on her forehead twinkle closed her eyes in response twinkle starts to cares his bare chest (uppss guys i forgot to tell that yuvraj is only wearing a trackpant) yuvraj starts to kiss her neck and she let out a small moan
Twi:ahh umm
They were about to kiss
But tringgg tringgg tringg…..

(landline starts to ring making Yuvle came back to the real world)
they both gets embarrassed Twinkle quickly gets up nd yuvraj too
Yuv:(highly embarrassed)ummm sorry twinkle i mean I(finding word’s umm voo….
Twi:it…its..okkk okk
She takes the luggage nd goes from their almost running
Yuv:(in mind)what blunder have u done what might be she thinking about u freak….

In Flight…

I started Yuvraj for a few seconds and admired him…. the way he cared for me and everything…. i dont know why but M getting attractd to him again and again….
T- yuvi
T-do we hav to behave lyf husbnd wife?
Y- hmm…
T- ohk!

Finally we reached amritsar….
Maa,Dad, everyone welcomed us xcept for just one man who was standing far from us…. Kunj Sarna…. I have developed enough hatred for him in these few years….
we went to our room and chnged… I went to the kitchen to get water for yuvraj…. when kunj came…

K- uh back… long tym…(smiled)
T-itna long ki shyd main bhul chuki tu meri lyf me hai kon… ( yeah… so much long tht i forgot who uh xactly r)( ignores)
K- uh really forgot twinkle…. main kaun hun?
T- log aksar galtiyan krke bhul jate h kunj…. aur jin logo ne gunah kiya hota h unhe yaad rkhne ka koi fayda ni h… (Ppl oftn commit mistakes and forget…. and they also forget the one who has commited a crime)

K- mana galti ki thi maine bt gunaah ni kiya tha… (i agree i did wrong bt that wasnt a sin)
T- jo hua usse bhul jao kunj….mujhe bas itna yaad h ki maine ek aise lrke se ek trfa pyaar krti thi jo sirf dard dena janta hai….maine aise lrke ko apna rab bana liya tha jo kabhi mera ni ho skta aur ab main usi lrke k bhai ki biwi hun…
K-twinkle….sun toh
T- Kunj… yuvi wait kr rha hoga mera…

I said and i left with tears in my eyes….

I went to yuvi and huggd him ti8ly…. He was the only one who understnds my pain….

T- yuvi…
Y- Twinkle?? tu ro q rhi h? kya hua?
T- Q main usse dur jana chahti hun aur phir v woh mere paas aa jata h?
Y- qki tu usse pyaar krti hai twinkle…. sirf pyaar….
T- mera pyaar sacha tha?
Y- woh toh mujhe ni pata…
T- yuvi… ek bat puchu?

Y- haa puch..
T- kya tujhe abhi v mujhse ishq h?
Y- tujhse ishq toh mujhe hmesha se h…. aur hmesha k lie h…

i huggd him and he kissd my forehead….

T- yuvi… dont leave me evr!
Y- kbhi ni! So jaa… aaj mera match h… barcelona vs manchstr united
T- mujhse zyaada imp?
Y- naa…
T- toh chlo so jao!
Y- Har husband ka dard!! chl sote h!


Kunj and alisha had an argument or fight which i was unaware of… One day kunj messaged me and calld me in a park… I went there…. as soon as i reached there kunj huggd me really ti8…
K- twinkle… Alisha and i had a fi8… she wasnt a good choice…
T- wht do uh want?
K- come back to my lyf…
T- Is cheez ka jawab main tujhe de chuki hun kunj….. Ab phir se ni… (i have given uh the answer Kunj…)
K- kon sa jawab? yehi ki tu ab mere aur uske beech me ni aaegi? (which answer? Tht uh wont come between us?)
T- kunj mere aur bhi reasons h…. (i hve another reasons too)
K- what reasons?

T- mere kch swal h kunj…. agar unka jawab de doge toh main aa jaugi tmhare paas…. Q aisa hmesha hota h mere saath? Q tm hmesha meri zindigi brbaad kr dete ho aur main kch ni bol pati? Q tmhare liye Kch v kr skti hun main? Q kunj? Q hmesha tmhe taqleef me dekh kr dard mujhe hota h? Q tmhari har smile ko dekh kr sukoon milta h? Q? Q hmesha mujhe tmhe dekhkr tmse pyaar ho jata h aur tmhe mujhse ni hota q?

(I hve crtain que kunj… if uh’ll answer thm… i’ll come back to ur lyf… Y does it happns everytym tht uh ruin my lyf and m not able to say anything to uh…Y i can do anything fr uh? Y it hurts me whn i see uh in pain and y i get relaxd after i see ur smile? Why i fall in luv with uh evrytym i see uh bt it doesnt happn wid uh? )

K- Qki tu mere type ki ni thi twinkle…Mujhe tujhse pyaar isliye ni hota qki main ni dekh skta tujhe rote hue…Maine almost saari type ki lrkiyon k saath flirt kiya h but teri jaise kbhi ni mili…. tu alag h sbse…. maine aaj tk jo bhi galtiyan ki tu uske liye hmesha mujhe maaf krti thi…. tune hmesha compromise kiya apni khushiyon k saath… sirf mere liye…. Tujhe kya lgta h mujhe ni pata tha… ki tu har roz roti thi mujhe flirt krte hue dekh kr…. Aur tu meri baat isliye maanti thi qki tu ni chahti thi ki main tujhe chhod dun… twinkle tu itna zyaada pyaar krne lgi thi mujhse ki agar main tujhe kbhi bhi chhod k chla jata toh tu mar jati…. maine tujhe tere kiye chhoda….

(cz uh wernt of my type twinkle…. i never fell fr uh cz i cant see uh cry…i hve flirtd wid almost evry type of gal… bt uh were vry diff frm thm…uh have forgivn me fr whtevr mistaks i hve done uh hve always compromised with ur happinss jst for me…. I knew tht uh cried whnevr uh saw me flirting…. And uh always obeyed me cz uh din wantd me to leave uh…. twinkle uh strtd loving me to tht extnt tht if i lft uh uh would hve died…. i lft uh jst cz of uh)

T- Mere liye? haa?? mere liye? Mere liye toh kbhi tune kch ni kiya kunj… Tune sirf dard diya h mujhe….Aur tujhe kya lgta h? main jee rhi thi tere bina? areeh mar chuki thi main… jb yuvraj aaya… haste hasate… pyaar k liye saare darwaaze band kr diye the maine….lekin woh aaya… tujhe kya pata kunj mujhpr kya beet rhi thi….

Aaj pata chla ki mera pyaar bhi sacha ni tha qki agar sacha hota main aaj tere saath hoti….. lekin maine bhi toh chhod diya n tujhe… Kunj main tujhe yeh batane aayi hun ki mujhe ishq ho gya…. yuvi se… beintehaa mohabbat krne lgi hun usse…. jitna pyar tujhse kiya utna pyaar usse bhi krne lgi hun….Ab main kya kru kunj?? kya kru main? Tu mera pehla pyaar h aur yuvraj mera aakhiri….kiske paas rhu? Ek taraf tu hai aur dusri taraf yuvraj…. Rooh tere paas aana chahti hai par dil yuvraj k paas jaa chuka…. Maine aaj tk teri har baat mani h kunj…. aaj bas ek baar meri baat maan le…. chla ja meri zindigi se bohot dur, main tere bina jee lungi kunj…. jaise ab tk jee rhi thi…. yuvraj bohot pyaar krta h mujhse… jo mere saath hua woh main yuvraaj k saath ni kr skti….Meri lyf utni aasan ni h jitni bahar se dikhti h…. ab aur complicate mt kr isse… chla ja plzz….

K- Tu jo chahti h ab wohi hoga twinkle….. Dont miss me evr…, i hate uh! (Now m gonna do whtevr uh wnt…)

He Left me there and went…. (Jo bhji thi dua starts to play in bg…. Kunj is crying on the road…. and Twinkle is crying in the park)

nxt update… i dont know whn! ??

Ok luv uh guys stay blessd and plzz cmmnt!

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  1. Sohi

    Nice episode
    Loved twiraj scenes
    Do continue

  2. Ayesha51

    fabulous and
    marvellous episode
    post soon
    lots of love


  3. Sara210

    Wowww kaaanchhh?????confession was???? u nailed it behn postb next part jaldhi otherwise jo torture mai jaanu ko karti hoon vo tujh pe karungi???✌✌✌✌✌✌

  4. Farwah fathima

    Plz post the next epi asap
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  5. Farwah fathima

    Very nice
    Its truly amazing
    Love the way u write
    The epi was excellent
    I want to read more and more
    Plz do continue and post the next one soonest
    Lots of love
    Bye …..

  6. Loveelyyy and amazing episode??????but couldn’t imagine yuvi and twinkle in that position?????accha hi hai for kunj ?? is fine because kunj deserves it ?okk post soon please please ☺☺☺??post soon ??please ?????byee

    1. I went through the episodee again and I didn’t like twinkle and yuvi Wala scene ?don’t know why…..???

    2. Krystal_Krysiee

      Cz uh r a twinj fan…. and uh all always think of yuvi as a villian! ✌️

    3. Maybe ??but I love your ff because it is a little hatke?….so pleaseeee post soon?.

  7. Presha

    Loved it…
    So intense…
    U nailed it…

  8. SidMin23

    I wish u don’t show uv twinkle scene as can’t imagine they are sharing romantic moment as twinkle only belong to kunj hope kunj Don’t try suicide do post soon can’t wait know what will kunj do for twinkle happiness

    1. Oh yes …please ..?

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting emotional

  10. Whttt the hell is this. Are you mad or wht. why ur showing twiraj scean instead of Twinj. Here is all Twinj fan not twiraj. Are u want to make kunj villain and uv hero huh. I Like this story bcoz i Love ur writing always but now after this episode you just make this story Bl**dy bulshit. You just hurting ur readers by this and nothing else. Pls stop this crap and change the track 4 ur readers bcoz i’m also ur reader and don’t show kunj like this its totally crap pls make kunj Hero. I’m not basher and also not bashing you I just don’t like this track. So pls anyone don’t reply to my cmnt bcoz everyone has a habit if they seen these type of cmnt they just started to give there ill language huh..

    1. Krystal_Krysiee

      Woahh!! Control buddy!! ✌️ M not mad here… and i know wht m writing….. Its not tht m only writing twiraj…. in the previous episodes i wrote twinj….And trust me there is no villian in my story…. if uh say uh luv my writing thn i think uh bttr know tht in my ffs there r no villians… ri8? I know there r most of the ppl here r twinj fans…. including me…. bt there r certain ppl who r twiraj fans too… lyk sara… Luvna…. m not making the story a bullshit bt just writing my imagination….. My intention isnt to hurt my readers cum friends….. Its k if uh want me to make kunj hero and yuvi a villian…. bt tht concept is common….. i thought to give uh a very special story….. And yeah…. if uh think this isnt bashing then lemme tell uh dear….aftr reading this commnt m really hurt…., Luvna whn i used to write twinj romance …. uh neva cmmnted and for the frst tym evr whn i wrote twiraj scene uh all are so angry on me…. i dont know y…. as a writer i also dont want this story to be a crap…. and plzzz…. try to co oparate…. even i know wht my readers wnt…. so i’ll write according to ur wish….. If uh all want me to end this crap thn fyn! ✌️?

      1. Sara210

        Areee its her ff okkk nd excuseme wht do u mean bye all are twinj fan no one is twiraj fan im a twiraj fan twiraj fans also exits okkk nd ur getting soo angry for no reason why dont u guys get bored reading same concept again nd again kunj hero yuvi villain clam down baby she is here trying to entertain u nd u are bashing her like seriously sorry fr replying i couldn’t control myself dont take this comment as bashing dear in the show u guys got twinj naah atleast leave fiction fr nw its her imaginary story no one is villain here in this story cheak part 5 u will get twinj nd twinj sences i think u should cheak all the parts again specially the first part nd the author’s note plzzz if u can’t appreciate someone thn just ignore dear im really sorry frm the bottom of my heart if i hurt u sorry but not sorry nd u kris if u try to end this ill surely beat u with broom u know me whtt i can do
        Ps:it was my point of view plzz ignore i can’t argue seeing your commebt i cant stop myself from replying….

      2. No krystel dont do tht ur pov ur imagination is amazing the track of the story is something different and unique the way u described love was so loving the way was creative and amazing superb and wht not ur going good keep it up I support u anf if the thing is of luvna do not take the it to ur heart she is disappointed becos she is a twinj fan she just see twiraj together maybe this is why she is angry but leave her cos u ur self deep down in ur heart know tht ur story is actually wonderful so just have faith in ur self and ignore other annnndddd update next sooon cos some people r waiting :-* :-*

      3. Areh don’t end this. I don’t want u to end this. I’m so sorry for hurting you dear. I didn’t mean it. U knw when i read twiraj scean and twinkle fall in love with uv i got hyper cant control my emotions. I thought you’ll make this ff twiraj but I want twinj and can’t imagen twiraj pls try to understand dear. Yeah I didn’t cmnt b4 but I was ur silent reader only na but its different matter like b4 I was sure its twinj ff but now I’m confused that its twinj or twiraj but I like this ff that’s why I want twinj desperately. I knw ur great writer I appreciate u. That’s why I read ur ff, os but now onwards i’ll only cmnt on ur ff when i get enough time wid my busy schedule but now plsss don’t end this. Pls dear don’t angry with me and post ur next part soon I’m waiting.. Friend’s..??

  11. Ayesha51

    no no
    plz don’t
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