GENUINE – part 9

Sweat formed in my forehead…I wipe them with the towel…I dialled shona’s number…Not picking…This Girl…

If she is in this much love with her bed then what’s the need to torture me..
She is always like that…Call me at night and give a long lecture on her resolutions to burn calories…Ask me to come at the park for morning jog and as usual she will be sleeping…Me being an idiot waiting for her…Today is not an exception…

I locked the phone and then it hits me..Woahhh today is May 25…Paapa will arrive today from London…He was there for 2 months for business purposes…Oh Ragini how can you slip out that?? Lakshya ‘s thoughts overpowered everything..huh..
Paapa is so clever..He didn’t even call and remind me..He want to know if we remember or not…Ohhhhooo Still silly my papa is..

What to do?? I looked around and saw a lady selling flowers in the corner of the park…WHITE LILIES …Wow..Paapa’s favorite…

My skin tingled under the cool breeze…
I looked at my hands……Goosebumps…now..This is something I feel when Lakshya is around..Why now?? I scanned the surroundings…Leave Lakshya, not even his tail is here…..I laughed…Good one

“Aunty , I want those White Lillies…”
“That’s the last bunch we had..You are lucky”.
Yaa true…She arranged six of them beautifully and handed me..I paid for it…

I halted on my steps as I feel something is pulling me…I looked down and saw a cute girl around 9 years holding the on my pants…How cute she is…It’s like the whole innocence copyright is with her…

“Hey!!!” She was looking at my hands…White Lilies….
“You want these?” Her eyes lightened and I am rewarded with a beautiful smile…Awww..:.
” My mama loves this…She is cryingnow and I want her to smile.She will smile seeing this”….
Sadness spreads on her face…Oh no…Why is her mother crying?? Even after seeing this angel’s face how can she cry??

” What’s your name, smiley?”
She chuckled at the nickname..
“Avantika..mamma calls me avni”
“Why your mama is crying, smiley”

“Papa and Mumma had a big fight..Paapa asked mama to sign on paper..and..and..hit mama..The new big ugly aunty said she is my new mama..Liar..I have my maama…Mama was crying so much”…

I gasped…Oh no..Her moron father was trying to divorce her mother to continue his affair…Atleast that’s what I understood..How senseless they are..Can’t they see this little girl is watching all these..

“Smiley…Now you smile..Where is your mama?” I said as I handed her the white lilies…

“Aunty, I don’t know who you are ?? I can see that you are a bold woman…You can’t sit here and cry..See how much upset this beautiful smiley is…You have better things to do than going back to that moron husband of yours…I can easily sense he is cultureless because he let his daughter saw problems between you…He can’t be a Father who cares for his child..Even Smiley doesn’t say anything good about him..So better not to go back to him and beg for his pity…Try to stand on yourselves and let him destroy…Bring this beautiful girl into a strong lady who doesn’t cry infront of her kids in such a situation”

It pained me…She is showing herself weak.Shedding tears..For what?? For a person who betrays her…She is not an adult she is a woman and above all a MOTHER…She had to be strong…I saw her wiping her tears…The determination look in her eyes made me proud…That’s the strength of a woman a mother who is ready to kill and get killed for their children..Someone said A woman can be the most weakest and strongest person’

“You are right…I can’t..oh god..What did I do?? I made my angel sad…See avni..Mama stopped crying…See mama is their for you…We will live..Without no one’s pity…” Her voice echoed something…She hugged and kissed Avni and looked at me..

” That’s perfect!!! Smiley see na mama is happy..Now give that Lillies and welcome the new life…most importantly give me that beautiful smile…Be with your mama always”

She exactly did as I told and clapped her hands jumping..My day can’t get much better than this…
She told her name Naina and is ready to be there for her daughter..I give my phone number and assured to try my best if she need any help regarding finding a job..
I saw them smiling and exiting from the park…Sorry papa..No white lilies….

My phone ringed…” Ragz I m so sorry…”
“ you are forgived only because of smiley..”
“Smiley huhhh??”

I turned around and my eyes widened at the sight…Mr.Lakshya Ahuja in his workout dress….I cut the call…My mouth hangs open..
HE IS CRYING..Tears flowing down from that black orbs..Something pained in me.
Before I can process anything my head hits in his chest…HE IS HUGGING ME…His hands circled around my waist tightly…He hugs me hard….

He cupped my face and kissed on my forehead…Am I in bed?? Still dreaming?? If this is a dream I don’t want to wake up…Please don’t call me..You..Alarm don’t dare to break this or else I ll break you…

” Ragini…What should I do with you…I saw my papa in that lady and…smiley is no one else but me…”

My eyes flew open…He saw everything..That feel was true..He was there…What’s he saying???


“You have done a great thing..You changed that girl’s life..You know that…I know the feel to see your deared one crying getting betrayed..It’s pity that we can’t do anything..But you you gave her hope…It’s so..My God Ragini..You are selfless..”
He kissed on my cheeks and let his lips rest there…..


A/N: I know this woman who doesn’t beg to her husband who remarried without divorcing her..She throw divorce papers in his face..She gave her daughter surname Raheema…..Her name…My Mother’s elder sister…I call her “boldy”….I m proud of her that she is standing on her feet without anyone’s pity…THIS IS FOR MY BOLDY…?????????????? n my Cutie sufiana ????
Feminist naz on floor ??? just kidding????

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    Wow great… And u r aunt too…bold lady…many of dem havnt dat courage…I am really proud of u r aunt dear????

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    Awesome dear.. Proud to be a woman.. What a bold lady…Hatsoff to ur aunt..!!! ? ur msg is awesome which ragu gave to that lady..!!! Omg.. Ragu its not dream baby.. Its true..!!! Post the next part soon

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  11. Awesome episode and I’m really proud of ur aunt. Loved Ragini a lot. U just rocks as usual. Keep rocking. Eagerly waiting for next episode

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    awesome… hatsoff to ur aunt for her boldness she is an inspiration to many women who are suffering like that… thank u so much for this message…

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      Thank you so much dharani ??yaa she is an inspiration…I always took her suggestions…she is more mature and realistic mostly tension free…I wonder how

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    Awesome part…..all women should be like ur ‘boldy’ aunty

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  29. Bela

    This episode was brilliant in a number of ways:

    1. Ragini and Swara??
    2. Ragini giving those flowers to Avantika the Smiley.
    3. She being concerned for her despite being a stranger.
    4. The way she gave strength to Naina.
    5. That she could feel Laksh around.

    I am so glad to see this tint of feminism in your episode. Proud of your aunt for taking such a stand. I too have someone in my family who did this and needless to say, we all congratulate her on her ‘swagger’! This is what anyone, man or woman, should do. Why cry? Kuddos????

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      Thank you so much bela????????????…It’s truly overwhelming ???????

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