GENUINE – part 13

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“So that’s it….Application form for MBA”
Swara screeched excitedly…..

“Don’t be so excited…We just gonna apply..There are a lot of things to be done….”

“Be optimistic, Darling…The last I remember you were the “Positive chick” I know”

“If there is an value assigned for humor sense na, yours will be negative”

“That was a low blow ragzz….
So What’s the problem….What did Lakshya do now.”

This girl…….Her surname should be’Mind Reader’
“How do you know Shona??”
She sat near me and took my hands..

“Two things…One..You are staring at Diary Milk Silk as it was a naked Alien…It’s totally unlike you who jump into the pit of chocolate without a second thought…
And Two…..I M YOUR BFF..Simple…I knew it’s Lakshya this time..Infact it’s he every time…So spill everything”

For the next hour I told her what happened…I facepalmed myself as it ends..What the hell is there to blush this hardly?? I mean I got better compliments than this…..
“But they are not from Lakshya”
You shit of subconscious Get lost….Who invited you huhhh…..Perfect I m fighting with me….

“Truly, That was kinda Hot….But with Lakshya it’s horrible…I feel to punch the damn out of him…Still I wonder how he didn’t lay fingers on you….Good for him”

“What do you mean Shona!!! You are sad that he didn’t try anything….What happened to you?”

“You are blind I know that..but I m not…Girl did you see your curves….They are…god I m jealous of you….I saw it inside the clothes and I knew how posed figure you have…He saw it bared and he controlled…Weird….He was not like that..You remember na how mansl*t he is”

I stare at her openmouthed…….

“And I bet he had a good handjob after the seducing purple sight…”
She said winked..
Bulls eye….
“SHONA…..You crook pervert girl…Stay away from me….chiiiii”

The imagination of that itself is so ‘Turn On’…Really?? Did he does that?? Does he feel the same s*xual tension I feel…Why I didn’t kick him or punch him when he said what he saw??No no way…He have seen many model like gorgeous girls and this is just….arghhhhh…I feel sick…

“Okay Madam….But seriously Ragini…Just Stay away from him….For all I knew he is a player…I didn’t see him having an ounce of respect for any girl….I don’t want you to suffer”
SHONA….is perfect..How easily she became my mother…One second she plays with me and the next she cares for me……
“Yes mamma bear….I will do that” We hugged hard….There is nothing best than your besties hug…….
“Sanky beta..Are you okay?? You don’t have fever na”

Maa was checking on Sanky in the dinner time..
“Fever….He looks perfectly fine” Paapa said with confusion….

“Haa Maa…I m fine…What happened?”

“See this happened” Maa took out a packet which she hid behind her…

“What’s that…Shirt or something na”I asked curiously…

“Yes…Sanky bought a new one…And the problem is it’s not Black or Grey”

“Offo Maa…He may thought to try different…This is it….Maa yaa his wardrobe is full of Black and Grey…So what”
I said disappointed…That’s a simple thing..I expected something big like Maa caught his porn collection…That would be really fun then….

“Drama queen….Maa…Lakshya bought me this as a gift..Don’t know what happened to him…He was insisting to buy me one and adamant in this color”
Now the curiosity took a speed U turn..I snatched and looked…Ofcourse Mr.Teaser Ahuja didn’t missed a chance…It’s a PURPLE shirt……
I m no more hungry…I m full….


A/N: I know it’s short….But Academics are killing me…Being in the final year doesn’t help and in Kerala University suckss???………….Thanks for the support you gave??????

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  1. Follybraverl

    Awwww it was like reading sophie
    kinsellas story

    1. Naz_Temish

      Flattered…..I don’t know what made you feel so…Whatever it is, here is the superglue…Stick it there???..

      Thank you so much folly???????

  2. Mintu

    Awesome dear.. Really missed ur ff naz..!! Outstanding…cant wait to see next..!!

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much mintu??????…Love to be missed???

  3. Shrilatha

    Awesome naz

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      Thank you so much shri ???

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      Thank you sindhura ??

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      Thank you lovely ??

  5. its awesome. poor what will happen to him now.

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      Hehe?? Thanks yaar???

  6. Naagin

    Nice yaar . Purple .??????

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      Thank you so much ???


    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much ?

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you ?

  8. Akshitha

    Are u a keralite… I’m also… Exam aanoo..ennanuu

    1. Naz_Temish

      Yaa akshita I m….first week of June and hell begins ???

  9. Awesome episode and waiting for more Raglak scenes

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much ammu????

  10. Amazing
    Hi I am new here

  11. superb

  12. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it alot….now also thz purple didn’t leave our ragu….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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  14. Bela

    This episode was so……Charged up. s*xually. Like, Ragini wanted her Mom to find Sanky’s porn collection ???

    Awesome episode Naz???

    1. Naz_Temish

      Aww thank you bela?????

      You think the most charged up portion is that porn collection one??…Believed ?????????

      1. Bela

        Not that scene. That was just too funny ????

  15. Mmp

    I don’t know from where should I start..!!! I read all the chappy today only…and all were beautifully written.. 🙂
    I love the way you are showing their pov…and yaa especially their subconscious..!! 😉
    That teenage crush, together laugh, that distance, that craving to see the other, his avoidance, her pain to see him with someone, his possessiveness, her’s giving someone strength, his cry,her turning on..:-P, that stupid maya’s party, their PURPLE moment.. 😛 the awkwardness… And finally the teasing…!!!! Wohhaaa….!!! Really loved it yaar…<3
    Happy that I read this one…otherwise I will miss such a awesome piece of work..!!! 🙂
    Do well with your academics.. All the best.. 🙂

    1. Mmp

      Yaa…btw it’s Ragika…:-)

      1. Naz_Temish

        Thank you so much ragika???Those words means a lot?????

        My fav characters so far is the “Subconscious “????

  16. Asw

    Amazing keep going

    1. Naz_Temish

      Thank you so much ?

  17. Fats

    Amazing update. I’m loving the s*xual tension between RagLak. It’s smoking hot ?. And Lool I don’t think Laksh will ever forget about the colour purple ?. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

    1. Naz_Temish

      Hehe thank you so much fatsuuu????????

  18. Awesome

  19. Awesome part nd can’t wait fr nxt

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  22. IQRA222

    nazuu di so sorry for the late comment
    but the episode is really ….. i dont have words speechless
    shona and raggu bond is too lovely for words and shona is so cute mama bear always teaching and scolding ragu but then caring for her
    and the purple shirt REALLY A HARD TEASING
    i have to see how ragu paybacks
    waiting for the next part

  23. Naz_Temish

    It’s so sweet of you Iqu???….
    Shona is none other than my bestie herself ❤️❤️??

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