GENUINE – part 12

It’s not proofreaded…Sorry for the mistakes

Lakshya ‘s pov

” It’s not complete?? Why?? As far as I know you are so punctual and passionate about your band, Lucky…Then what happened this time?? Why the composition is pending?”

Shivin asked me, shock is evident in his voice..

It’s been almost a year the band started and I never compromised or adjusted anything on it…My works were not remain pending or incomplete..Public says my compositions touched their souls..Damn true..because It comes from my soul……But now I can’t even match one chord…No tune in my mind…Only the PURPLED GODDESS….

“You are lost again!!! Mahnnn what happened to you?? You behave like you are a fairytale prince who desperately waiting for his princess, thinking about her each and every ounce”

” Shivin..Out now…I don’t want your stupid metaphors…Fairytale my goddamn foot….The work will be done on time…Don’t worry about it..Now leave me alone”

” Okay okay….Keep daydreaming”
“Screw youuu!!!” I screamed but he is out already….

Your fault Ms.Ragini….Why should you went to that useless party?? Why should you be so careless?? Why you make yourself available to those lusty eyes??

Dear god….The thought of that site itself is seducing….It’s necessary to undress her coz her dress was messed with vomit…
How much I want to punish her for getting into that situation..
Inviting problems every time and hiding it from Sanky…
And that Swara, atleast she can be responsible..No she is such a bad influence…I ll deal with her later….

My phone beeped and that’s a message from Sanky..A pang of Guilt engulfed me…If he come to know about my thoughts for his babysister…Bro Code…

But she is sin for me..How can I get over that bulge in my pants due to her??

Her petite frame in that Purple Lingere…Why can’t she try a black one..I ll eat her up then…She is milky fair and black Won’t help….Even in purple she is a s*xy Serine..My mouth filled with water as that delicious thought comes again….f**k…You are sick Lucky…You can’t think like this…You shouldn’t be this hard for her…She is your best friend’s sister moreover an innocent soul…But…
Is this a mere s*xual tension or more than that?? I pulled my hairs frustrated…..
Get her out of her damn thought..Don’t acknowledge her even she is inside..Behave like nothing happened…But I myself created this mess..What’s the need to message her like that?? It was in that reflex…..
Here I was waiting infront of her door as Sanky called me here to have some cupcakes he made…He is amazing in that…But deeper I know the most delicious thing in this home is not the cupcake he made , but the cupcake his parents made…She is delicious and her soul is soothing…Really where did that come from????

The door clicks open and the sight take my breath away….Ragini in a Red suite…Boy was I wrong?? Yes she is stunning in Red than purple….

“I know you are expecting Sanky..But it’s not Sanky who messaged you..It’s me..”

What the hell????


“You owe me an explanation for this”
Her voice sound so serious…She is indicating her phone precisely my message…Her guts…I never expect such a step from her..

“Really?? The feeling is mutual…Firstly I want explanation for this message”

How can she forget she messaged me?? Did she have any idea how I throw my Guitar away and ran out reading that…What all thoughts were in my mind and The scene there was….Anger engulfed me….She should explain that first…

“It’s there in the message…It was an accident”

“Accident?? Really?? You are not a baby..Ragini..You can identify water and a spiked drink…If I was not there you ll wake up in some f**kers bed and then too you’ll say ITS AN ACCIDENT”

I hate this about her…So careless and took things so easily….
She looked at me shocked..

“Hey…You didn’t say it right?? I happened without my knowledge..I took that water and gulp in one go..So it’s over and I can’t do anything on it..”

” You hid this too from Sanky right?”
“’s wrong..I know ”
” Wrong…Terribly Wrong….You know that Maya’s attitude to you..Still you went there without took anyone’s consent”
She looked angry..What did I tell…huh

“For your kind information Mr.Lakshya Ahuja…” Again she called me that…

“I m not a baby as you said..I m 18+ an I can go wherever I want without anyone’s consent….Especially not yours….You know what now I regret seeking your help…I hate it when you treat me like a baby…”

” Because you are acting like one , Ragini…and you are definitely not a baby….Not after what I saw yesterday..You are a lady..A perfect one…A gorgeous one…”

I can’t hold back the passion I feel for her…I want to release it…She looked at me shocked and She blushed…Oh God..This is out of my control now…..I NEED TO GO OUT BEFORE I DO SOMETHING I REGRET

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