GENUINE – part 10

Haaye guys….I know l m late..But health issues…..and I have a fun segment today..You all comment your real name..??It’s good na…Mine is NAZRIYA SHARAFUDDIN??

This is unreal…Is this happening?? Really?? The fragrance that hits my nostrils hard knocks me that this is real..She smells like…What’s this smell..Her own sweat…Why is it so alluring?? It smells nice no no more than nice….I was under some emotional trauma for a second before..I was shocked and overwhelmed by what Ragini did..

But now..Helding her in my arms..inhaling her sweat like a psycho…I felt something unique….I want the time to stop…Her lack of response is irking me..Why can’t she hug me back?? My lips are still pleading to be in that chubby soft cheeks………

“What the hell is going on?”


I saw Swara Gadodia in her Fiesty mode ON……My heart skipped a beat when my eyes met Ragini’s….What’s the emotion in that?? It’s unfamiliar to me..No one looked me like this…I can’t handle this situation..
I stromed off from there..The next second I m in my car…..

Cool water pour into me..I want this to
wash off her heat from my body….Today was not supposed to be like this..That park was not just a park for me….That’s the place where my paapa bought me my favorite ice cream and that’s where he plays with me , throws mud on me , swings me…..


After the haunting nightmare today morning, I can found peace only in that park.. “Little Lakshya’s world”

Seeing her there was unexpected…She was smiling like an idiot looking somewhere…I followed her eyes and saw a guy doing push-ups…What the Hell??? She is gawking at him….My nerves tightened…But she is gone…I breathed in relief as I saw her standing infront of the flowers….Stupid…She was not eye raping the guy…..This is the same feeling…the same rage I feel when I link her with another male…Why can’t I afford the thought??

My eyes welled up due the scenes unwrapping infront of me..The girl is the little Lakshya…Sad…Deeply Sad…But Lakshya didn’t get a shoulder to cry..But she got…correction..Ragini provides her..I know the relief to share your pain with someone..I know that because I never got a chance…And Ragini…She’s a GEM OF PERSON……


Now what have I done…..I turned off the shower…How will I face her?? Hugging her crying like a chocolate stolen kid and kissed her…I never do cheek and forehead kisses…Those are to show the love and care…All girls want to shoven their tongues until they suffocate…
Yaa subconscious..Again..I think she bribed my subconscious…….
Ragini’s pov

“I can’t believe this Ragzz…He do that and gone…Duffer Gone…”
She didn’t give me a chance to explain..Shona…Life will be hell without you…She sensed I m as shocked as she is..So that I don’t have anything to do with the situation…

“You just relax..You should tell me each and everything..but now just relax..I ll be downstairs”
Again..SWARA THE SENSE ORGAN..She leaves me alone as I wanted..
My thoughts wander about Lakshya’s word..What does he mean?? Why does he cry?? Is it possible he had a dark past or something?? Questions..LAKSHYA FOLLOWED BY QUESTIONS ALWAYS..

But what Happened is not simple..I can’t believe how my body betrayed me under his touch..The warmth of his chest and his long fingers on my waist just Turns me on…TURNS YOU ON?? Really..Yes..The pool in my panties explains it..Disgusting Ragini…His one touch and you are all wet…

But this is new…Yaa I crushed on Lakshya..But never s*xually fantasized on him…But now..This is totally undone..
There subconscious..When it comes to Lakshya my subconscious is WARNINGPEDIA……..
“Are you sure you wanna come?” Shona asked me again…
“Yes Shona..I never attended a home party and I want to know how it is..Moreover you are there right”

I explained Shona everything and Lakshya doesn’t fails to confuse her too..Ofcourse I skip the wetness one….She is going to attend a home party of Maya no no CAKE..It’s her birthday today..Party mood can make Lakshya stay away from my damn thoughts…Little I care it’s her party..I want distraction…

“Holy mother…Girl you look GORGEOUS” Swara said complimenting my black short frock…I let my hair undone because I love it….

“Come on Shona…You look breathtaking and you are saying me”

” I m in good form with this dress and makeup…But what’s the magic you have Ragzz…The dress shines for you and those simple makeup…This hair..Jealous me..I ll cut this one day..Flawless yes you look Flawless” She Sanged and kissed me..

“Okay okay…Flattered…Shall we move?”
Swara walked skipping and dancing…

“Rags that b*t*h is coming here..Just wish her and skoot ok…We should dance”

I looked up and saw Maya coming towards us….Why should she wear that dress?? No need for that…Even smiley wear long dress compared to this…

“Ohho…New face huh….But don’t worry baby..This face will not get noticed..You are still the oil tank”

That’s it…Don’t dare to remind that

“I know Maya it’s your birthday today and you are organizing such a big party…Ofcourse you will be busy and zoned out…But Shopping from kids section is not good for a adult like you..Don’t worry..I have an extra leggings with me..Shall I get it for you?” Sarcasm dripped in my words…

Shona burst out into laughing…Maya stamped her foot and walk away..Yaa she just barks don’t bite…

“Hey that was good ok..”
I turned and saw a Handsome guy…
“Yaa!! I know”
“So can I have a dance with this lovely lady with the sharpen vocals?”

He really asked that…

Shona exclaimed for me..
She dragged me to the side

“Don’t reject Ragini..You know who he is?? Aditya Mehta..Maya’s date for the night..Atleast that’s what she is saying throughout here..But now I m sure she’s lying…She is in him..and he didn’t give a damn..Go Girl Payback time..Get your Revenge for those stupid words she said about this beautiful hair”
She is excited like she was being asked by him…
Why not?? She kissed my crush then..Yaa Payback..

He is taller than me..He slides his hands on my waist and I put mine on his chest..It’s nothing romantic except the music…We were just moving on the sync of music…Why can’t his touch create any havoc in me?? Where is that feel now??

I saw Maya standing on my side emitting fires…Her b*t*hes are laughing at her..NOW TAKE THAT……

“That was lovely…I wonder…”
” Excuse me…I had to look swara..”
I interrupted him and ran from there because I know what’s coming next..He is going to ask for a date…

Shona was dancing madly…I chuckled..My throat dries and I gulped a glass of water from the tray placed near me..It tasted different…

My head spins and a sudden urge to vomit came…I ran to the washroom..God’s sake I found it…What happened suddenly?? My head is paining…Go back to Swara now..

I stopped as I heard the conversation from the side of the washroom..
” What the f**k are you saying..There are 13 glasses and where did 1 go…Who took that…”
The guy was shouting at the waiter…I peeked…It’s the same tray from which I took water..

“But’s just water..I ll get another”

The waiter said frightened..

“Shit!!! It’s not water you idiot..It’s spiked drink for us…You missed one…”
WHATTT???? I DRANK IT….I HAD THE SPIKED DRINK…..That explains my situation now…
I ran to the washroom again to vomit….

A/N: Now it’s time for some hot and steamy chappies???…Hey I love to write those???

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