Does the generation leap in TPK interest you?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki had the exit of Ankit Bathla some time back when the show took a leap. Dhruv’s character was replaced by Jatin Shah. The show introduced the young children of Thapki and Bihaan. The track revolved around the leads and children. Bihaan had lost his memory, which he regained by Thapki’s efforts. Unfortunately, Bihaan will be seen dying in the show. Lead actor Manish Goplani will be leaving the show. He left a remarkable impression on the viewers as B for Bihaan Pandey.

There will be high voltage drama with Bihaan’s death. There will be a death scene of Bihaan, which shocks the Pandey family. Bihaan gets shot by Amma mai’s hands. He dies in front of the family. The family goes through a tough time. Thapki and Vasundara shatter on seeing their beloved Bihaan leaving them. Vasundara loses her temper and goes to kill Amma mai. Police intervenes and stops Vasundara. Vasundara slaps Amma mai and gets her anger out on her. Police arrests Amma mai. Thapki will be losing her husband, while Bani and Tina will lose their father. The show will be getting a 15 year leap. Jigyasa Singh will be playing double role, that of Thapki and her grown up daughter post leap. The new track will be around Thapki and her daughter’s lives. There will be new entries of love interest of Bani and Tina. Does the generation leap in TPK interest you? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. The cvs has already made useless leaps..
    The story-line becomes worst.. It doesn’t interest at all..!
    Cvs destroyed Thapki & Bihan’s role which are the magnetism of the show..


    Manish we lobe you so much..
    Dil s bagvaan ji s hum
    MANYASA mangte h..
    Ek baar begvaan ji n hume mud dia tha or aaj bjm aap s mangte h..
    Dekte h aap ek sache chahne walo ko mitna intzaar kervate h..

  3. No never
    Techinally they ended the show by killing bihaan
    They have done injustice to bihaan’s character
    Not interested in this crap show anymore


  4. i want generation leap to happen becoz story will be somthing different from now (i hope)and also intresting,bt definitely i will miss bihan soooo much,i want bihan back to the show

  5. Aren’t Bani n Tina twins n if so, Jigyasa aka thapki will be playing dem n their ma thapki damn 2 confusing. Just bring new actors or ended cause i am tired of ma n daughter lukalikes

  6. No I’m sure to say no one will watch tpk after bihaan death.the tpk CVS I’m damn sure to say u will face thr consequence ..trp rating of tpk will be less…the 15 years leap is useless

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    very very not interest. leap and leap again,very annoying. I love the story Thahaan in normal condotion and very hate your twist, very painfull my heart. Hate you Thapki’s writer…..

  8. Haslinda Palimbunga

    I am very not interested in the next generation Thahaa. I love Thahaan, just Thahaan, return my Thahaan love story, pure love, pure and sincere …. Love you Thahaan …. beautiful story of love more than Romi and Juliet love story ….

  9. We had no problem with leap but killing off the most favourite character Bihaan who was the heart of the show is annoying and nobody will watch this crap without Bihaan Pandey. It was better that they would have ended the show on a happy note but the creatives are immature to show better plots, they don’t even know how to attract viewers. They gave a tragic end to Thahaan the most lovable jodi by all….Utter nonsense…

  10. Can’t say.Hope their daughters would not be spoilt like in other serial.In every searial after leap one would be spoilt n other one gud.If the track is same then am not interested.Let’s just hope for the best.

  11. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………. after Manish leaving the show i will never watch this crap show again ,because he is tehe reason so i am not intersting in this al all .good bye tpk

  12. most of People watch tpk only for thahaan & their chemistry ,if Bihaan will not their then surely tpk will lost thier viewers .I have already stopped watching
    no Thahaan no tpk

  13. We want THAHAAN..

    JIGYASA k opposite sirf sirf MANISH chahi..e
    ager koe or bech m aya to JAAN S JAEGA..
    Ye ek craziest fan ka wada h..
    kuli chetavni or Mr. Aap ese dhamki bhi smj sek t h..
    jo okarna h okar l..


    1. Mansak

      kudrat i will also help to murder him who will be opposite to jigs except manish
      as i am also craziest fan of both of them
      we both sisters will kill him together
      p phor pakka wala p phor promise

    2. Mansak

      and one more think kudrat become a member of tellyupdate
      we will chit chat together

  14. Leap again now without manish stop this ridiculis show just tell me from thahaan love confesstion how many episode we could see our cute thahaan happy together ?u could ask fans to how to end the show anyway cvs will not listen to fans request

  15. Nursyam J. Ladong

    not like the next generation. But I’d want to ask: what the Bihan character died Because Manish want out of this serial or indeed bihan character in the storyline should die? If the story Bihan characters must be die, why not make a story about a happy family thahaan and in the end make the story in such a way, in a way that interesting and touching, then turn off the character Bihan? why too hurry and die very miserable?

  16. We want manasaya not to be seperared…u CVS always spoiling our thoughts …better tpk writers get training from other serial story writer .which blo*dy gave u post ..CVS downdown
    ..end the tpk soon so u can avoild getting slipper beating from all tpk fans

  17. Nursyam J. Ladong

    But if Manish own wishes would come out of this series, of course we have to respect his decision, but why should turn off Bihan? Ankit Bathla also out but the characters Druv do not die. Why not find another player who is the same chemistry or even exceed Manish? But this option may be a bit difficult for manyasa lover but is there any other option? we may not impose its will on Manish, is not it?

  18. Nursyam J. Ladong

    but these are not important anymore, the story has been running, Bihan Pandey had died. All audience deplored a story from the beginning is very interesting but because it is managed by the writer with strange way of thinking, a good story be shattered …. if cvs and TPK team want to hear a bit of advice from the audience, then maybe this story will be very beautiful and memorable people all over the world ….. very regrettable ..i only hope this serial to be continous, not off air ….althought , this impossible…



  21. definitely trp of serial will set record of this show.
    With thahaan=highest
    without thahaan=lower than lowest

  22. Big boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. No no no no no no no no no no never we hate leap …I think cvs is addicted to leap ? He killed my hero what he want more hate u cvs ⚰️??
    and tpk is nothing without Manish ??
    Manish please come in new show can’t wait to see you in new role ?❤️

  24. It’s daily routine for indian dramas

  25. Simrank

    I want thahaan manyasa and manish plz god somehow make him return

  26. boring leap with looklikemother daughter worth to see it oly time pass

  27. Instead of bihan shraddha shud have died she is d most disgusting character in tpk

  28. I think jigyasa will play as Tina and thapki

  29. RANdomfANCreationz

    I already stopped watching this show when they began with the leaps too many leaps already if they don’t know how to bring the story ahead they should end it. Good decision by Manish to quit the show. And it’s so true that the only factor that made this show alive and popular is thahaan aka manyasa’s chemistry. I just loved their chemistry. One of my all time fav pairs. One of the best pair of Indian tv serials but with one of the worst storyline, the concept of the stammering girl yes Thapki still stammers but now it is highlighting unnecessary problems instead of stammering. After leap I think it will be more interesting if Jigyasa plays the character of Bani rather than Tina , as Bani looks more like her Mom but her character is more like her dad so it would be interesting to see jigyasa doing another character instead of the same type of character since Tina’s character is quite similar to Thapki. And they should rope another actress to play the role of Tina, and please don’t spoil bani or Tina. And hire an actor who will have an awesome chemistry with Tina that will be the only factor which may save the show since it will be a bit hard for manyasa fans to see another hero opposite jigyasa but yeah there can always be a try. But the best solution is just end the show and idk why makers aren’t doing so even the trps aren’t that great quite surprised the channel still didn’t off air this show? But yeah this show is no less than sasural simar ka ??? the only thing that saved this show was thahaan’S chemistry and nothing else since they already sidelined the main concept of the show

  30. I was a big fan of this show but I already stopped watching this since Bihan lost his memory. I don’t know why I read this Thapky sinopsis episode and I think the story is getting worst. Just END this Show or bring Bihan alive. This show doesn’t make sense anymore

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