Gehraiyaan …the depth Chapter 1

Gehraiyaan …the depth
Chapter 1


Boarding on the Air India flight and fastening the seat belt after taking her seat no. 16A her attention goes towards the scene outside. Through the window, Staring the wheels of other flights taking-off and its incomparable speed with which it was moving took her mind to a roller coaster ride. Her mind get filled with lots and lots of thoughts.She wonders how her life had taken a U-turn in just 20 hours or was it an insidious process whose results had been displayed yesterday morning.
Thinking all these she closed her eyes being unable to keep them open and a drop of tear escapes her red sunken orbs which once used to have enchanting beauty.

I wanna Thank all the readers who read the prologue and I am so much grateful to the ones who commented and encouraged me …..

So readers what do you think…..
Who is the girl?
Whose life took a U-turn?
Why she is crying?
Why she is so depressed?

Plz tell ur views about this chapter. …

Stay tuned??

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  1. Nyc dear

  2. Sus


  3. Kitkat

    awesome plot dear…. let that girl b ragini n the pair should be raglak…..

  4. Nice

  5. it SWASAN or raglak?

  6. Nice. Please make it raglak.

  7. Seebu_s

    nice prolongue…would love to read on swasan?

  8. Interesting and Raglak plzzzzzzzzz

  9. Nice make it ragsan

  10. Simi


  11. nice…n i think this suits for swasan..all the best..continue soon

  12. interesting…swasan?

  13. Asra

    awesome dear…Make it raglak….

  14. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read on swasan

  15. IQRA222

    awesome chapter
    and i dont mind whether it is raglak or swasan as i will read both one

  16. Saeedah

    I think that girl is Swara and make it swasan please. Awesome!

  17. nice prolongue..swasan..?then i’m in?

  18. A.xx

    amazing and hope it’s rags xx

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