gehra ishq / krazy konnection (intro & author’s note)

Hola guys this is alahna some might be knowing me and some might not so for those who dont know me let me introduce myself im alahna malik i was a writer in this forum but left abruptly i have written 2 stories though both are still incomplete one is “the way you make me feel” and the other is “realisation exoneration acceptance” well one thing i can say is i got a lot of love from people on this site which was overwhelming and i know due to my sudden disappearance some of you might have got angry on me which is totally justified but guys i had my own reason. Okay now coming to the main point why am i posting / telling you people all this well that is because past 1 month or so i have been receiving a message everyday and only one line is written in it “Di please post your story we are missing you” well i dont know who sends me that message because you have mentioned your name only thing i know is that you are younger to me and you are 3 people i dont know how you guys managed to get my cell number anyway now kiddos listen to me carefully i cannot post those stories because i myself have lost a touch on them an d accepting some else i mean the other other reader to remeber either of the stories would be stupidity i guess and you guys can understand that even if i post either of the stories its gonna be a waste of time and energy for me because we guys know no remembers the story soo im really very sorry to disappoint you people but i cannot post those stories please forgive me
But but but im not that bad that you guys have been sending me message every single day and i leave you guys just like this by that i mean that not those stories but i would be posting another story its gonna be a real short one im on a weeks vacation now soo i would be completing the story within this week and to my other readers first of all sorry guys and secondly i promise i would complete this story at any cost so i hope you all are okay with it and would like the story and ya one more thing i would be posting 2 stories i’ll give you the titles one is “GEHRA ISHQ” and the other is “KRAZY KONNECTION” its gonna contain the character sketch and the first part of the story soo i want you people to go through it and tell me which story do you want me to post alright i hope you guys \can do this little work for me i wiould be waiting for your reply do comment and bistore your love once again on me

Shekhar and shomi gadodia have 2 daughter whom they love alot swara gadodia and ragini gadodia both are twin sister but extremely opposite to each other swara is elder to ragini by 5 minutes shekhar is a business man where as shomi is a house wife
Swara gadodia : 26 years old elder daughter of shekhar and shomi her sister ragini is her life can do anything for her but at the same time irritates ragini a lot a bubbly full of life girl a dare devil to be more precise she is an air marshal by profession she reached the post at a very young age and is very dedicated towards her work has been out on a mission from past 3 years and has no contact with her parents or sister ever since she referred as sammie or sg by every person at her work place and shona by her loved once
Ragini laksh maheshwari : 26 years old younger daughter of shekhar and shomi married to laksh maheshwari 9 months back is the total opposite of her sister is a shy and reserved girl is a chef by profession but at present is a housewife since she is 3 months pregnant loves her sister alot and is waiting for her since 3 years with a hope that she will return soon
Durga prasad and anupurna maheshwari are parents of sanskar maheshwari and laksh maheshwari dp is a business man where as ap is a house wife
Sanskar maheshwari : 28 years old elder son of dp and ap is a business man by profession a fun loving guys who believes in living life to the fullest just like our swara is not yet married is waiting for his soulmate
Laksh maheshwari : 27 years old younger son of dp and ap husband of ragini loves her a alot and is also a business man by profession
the maheshwaris know nothing about swara dp knew skehar as he was his business partner from 1 year and also knew that he had another daughter but never asked him about it and the gododias never mentioned about swara infront of anyone because one she was on a secret mission and the other they had no guarantee that swara would return alive since she was on a very risky mission

in the hall
the men are discussing something about business and the ladies are sitting a lil away from them and chit chatting when laksh on the tv and keeps a news channel
reporter:finally after 3 years our brave air force have finally come back home after a long tiring mission (camera focuses towards the air army moving out with smiles on their faces)
here in mm ragini and shomi start walking towards the television with tears in their eyes where as shekhar also has tears in his eyes
news reporter: well all can hear only one name from every single person moving out yes its none other that our air force marshal SG the 26 years old who lead this mission to success
ragini:(with tears in her eyes threatening to flow out any minute) laksh please increase the volume
the maheshwaris look at ragini and then shekhar and shomi with surprise seeing tears in their eyes
rag:(shouts) laksh sound
all are shocked looking at ragini shouting the girl who never raised her voice in front of anyone today was shouting on her husband that too without a reason
rag:(again shouts) laksh sound
getting no reply from laksh she moves towards him snatches the remote from him and increases the volume which brings the maheshwaris back to their sense from shock
reporter: lets speak to the officers to know about the mission
she stops two officers and speaks to them
reporter: hello sir would you want to tell us the experience about the mkission and how does it feel to be back home and would want to tell us something about sg
officer: well its a great relief to be finally back home after 3 long years and about the mission we dont have the permission to speak about it but would tell only one thing that if it was not for sg we would not have come back alive
another officer: i totally agree sammie was with us at every step we took guiding and supporting us and as of the mission then we are sorry we are not allowed to give any information about it
reporter: thank you sir
both the officers leave
here shekhar shomi and ragini all have tears in their eyes as well as smiles on their faces and are prond of their daughter and sister respectively
reporter:well we all heard what they wanted to tell these are brave army who have come back after wining the war but we also have those brave officers who could not make it here today those brave officers who lied down their life protecting us and our country
the camera again focuses where some army officers are getting coffins which have the dead bodies of some of the brave soldiers
reporters: but our question still remains unanswered where is SG
here shekhar shomis and ragini’s heart beats are racing at the speed of light
reporter: has SG returned safe or……………………..
ragini drops the remote and sits on the sofa with thud completely lifeless ahere as shomi starts crying bitterly sitting on the floor
shomi:(crying) shekhar meri shona……………..mujhe meri shona chahiye………………….(shouts) SHONA
shekhar:(crying) kuch nai hua……………….nothing has happen to our shona she promised us she’ll come back nothing has happen
he walks towards shomi and bend keeps his on her shoulder and assures her
the maheshwaris are completly confused looking at the trio they are not able to understand anything still ap and dp go to shemish and try to console them while laksh goes to ragini
laksh(cupping rags face) ragu………ragini dekho mujhe (shakes her) ragu speak up damit dont sit like this
shakes her again which jerks her she looks at laksh and then sanskar who is standing next to laksh and then she looks at her parents who are crying bitterly in dp and ap’s embrace she stand and walks towards her parents kneels down and cups her maas face
rag: maa kuch nai hua………..nothing has happen to our shona please stop crying you know na she does not like seeing tears in your eyes and if she finds out that you are crying tho you know how much she will get angry and shout on me please maa papa please stop crying nothing has happen our shona will surely fulfil her promise she will definitely come back she wont break her promise to me
shomi immediately hugs ragini tightly still crying and shekhar too joins the hug the trio are hugging each other tightly while the maheshwari keep looking on when sanskar finally breaks the silence
san: ragini shona kon hai
ragini breaks the hug wipes her tears and stand makes her parents sit on the couch gives them water and turns towards sanskar and the others
rag: shona meri behen hai…………….
all the maheshwaris look on shocked
sanlak ap:(shocked) behen
rag: ha behen my sister my twin sister our shona
san: why did you tell us about her before
lak: why did you hide it from us
rag: we dint want to but we were forced to
lak: forced???
san: forced par kyun and why are aunty and uncle crying
before ragini could speak anything there was a knock on the door the servent opens the door and then
servent: sir there are few people who have come they want to meet shekhar sir
dp nod and looks at shekhar…………shekhar wipes his tears and moves towards the door followed by dp and sanlak
the scene at the door makes shekhar shocked it looks like someone pulled the ground from his feet he sits down with a thud on the floor while dp and sanlak try to understand whats happening looking at shekhars state ragini and shomi followed by ap rush towards the door the scene they see makes them shocked as well tears start flowing from their eyes
so what do you think they have seen which made them shocked why are shemish and raginin cryin…………has something really happen to swara or………………..

Swara Roy: 24 years old is a MD final year student studying in USA washington she is the only daughter of jeevika and viren roy and belongs to a higher middle class family her dad is a chatted accounted and mom is a teacher her parents trust her completely and know that their daughter will never do anything which would hurt them and support her in her each and every decision she is smart and brave girl lives her life on her own rules bubbly and childish at time but can handle any situation very smartly lives with her bestie cum childhood friend rithvik in us since she was 17 and visits her parents few time a year and also helps rithvik with his business and a techno freak
Rithvik: son of a rich business man and one of the youngest and leading business man in usa 30 years old love swara alot and is too protective about her considers swaras parents as his parents after the death of his parents 8 years back he considered swaras family as his
(will reveal more about rithvik when time comes)
Sanskar maheshwari: 27 years old is a business man works with his father uncle and cousin brothers a fun loving and cool boy also a little careless in nature tends to take life too easy and rushes while making decisions an impulsive person does not think twice about anything and think that he is in love with his to be wife
dp mahehswari: head of the mahehwari family is very strict in nature one of the leading business man of india no one has the guts to say no to him in his family every single soul in the house is scared of him
the maheshwari family consist of dp his wife ap and their childrens adarsh and laksh adarsh 30 years old is married to parineeta 25 years old and has a 7 year old son vishal and 4 years old daughter priya laksh 27 years old is married to ragini 22 years old and has a 3 year old son ayush rp is dps younger brother he is married to sujata and has 2 childrens sanskar and uttara utaara 21 years old is married to rajat and has a 2 year old daughter asha
laksh and ragini had a love cum arranged marriage in which sanskar helped them sanskar is 1 month elder to laksh and sanskar is engaged to raginis cousin and raginis parents are shekhar and shomi shekhar is also a well known business man
the maheshwaris are very scared of dp they never go against any of his orders no has ever seen him smiling to be more precises but one person has seen a completely different shade of dp which is of a fun loving person who loves his family a lot and its none other than our swara now whats the relation between swara and dp how do they know each other
there is a big wedding hall which is shown completely decorated with flowers and lighting there are many guest present near the wedding archer (mandap i guess) which is beautifully decorated and guy is sitting there waiting for his bride
pandit: call the bride now
brides mom: lado (ragini) go get tanya
ragini nods and leave to tanya room she reaches the room and knocks on the door but gets no reply
rag:(knocking) tanya………… tanya open the door they are calling for you come fast (knocking) tanya………….
still no reponse she keeps knocking the door when suddenly the door opens she walks inside the room and searches for her cousin but does not find her she moves out of the room and starts searching for her in the other rooms terrace and all the other places where are cousin could possibly be
mean while here in the weeding hall a couple of around 40 to 50 years old are standing together speaking to each other when a girl in her 20s walks towards them she is wearing a beautiful baby pink and sky blue colour lehenga with beautiful pair of dazzling earring matching her dress bracelet in one hand watch in the other she goes and stands behind the couple in between them and hugs them from back both jerk and turn to find their daughter who was looking nothing less than an angel behind them the man embraces her tightly and picks her up from the ground and twirls her the girl too hides herself in the hug clutching the person tightly
man: shona mera bacha…………….
yup the girl is none other than our cute princess swara and the couple are her parents jeevika and viren
swa:(laughing) papa…………..
swara is still in her dads arms jeevika looks around and finds every1 staring at them
jee: viren shona ko utaro sab dek rahe hai and i too want to meet my daughter viren keeps a pout and finally places his daughter back on the ground swara looks at her dads antics and pulls his cheeks and gives a peck on his cheek
swa:(pulling his cheek) aww pops you look soo cute……………(kisses her dads cheek) i love you
vir:(kissing swaras forhead) i love you too my princess
jee: mumma ko bhool gayi na (pouts)
swa: haaww you think its possible maa ki your shona forgets you……………….nope not possible not in this life atleast
swara pulls her mom in a bone crushing hug
swa: i missed you maa
jee(breaking the hug)(cupping swaras face) i missed you too my lil angel
jeevika pecks her daughter cheek and again hus her tightly
vir: bas bas no more varna princess your mom will get a flood here crying
jeevika breaks the hug and playfully hits viren at which swara chuckles looking at her parents then viren pulls the two important ladies of his life his wife and daughter into a hug get again
all the other people who saw the trio were amazed at the bond the trio shared the maheshwari too were surprised and the youngsters of the family were also a little jealous looking at the trio because they never shared such a bond with their parents but all in all none of the maheshwaris saw swaras face because her back was towards them
(okay soo jeevika and viren were one among the guest who had come to attend the marriage)
pandit: make it quick call the bride fast why is it taking soo long
the pandits voice yet again brings every1s attention towards the marriage for what all the guest had come
right then ragini comes running breathing heavily she composes herself and walks towards laksh
rag: laksh please get everyone in the room tanya is not in her room i have searched for her every where but cannot find her
laksh looks shocked at ragini and then moves towards dp and whispers in his ear
lak: papa please come with me need to speak something important
dp: par laksh………
lak: papa please
dp nods and walks with laksh they move a little far from the hall
dp: what happen laksh
suddenly he looks at ragini
dp: arey ragini bahu what are you doing over here pandit ji asked you to call tanya na then why dint you come
rag: woh papa ji…….woh woh
dp: kya woh woh speak up
rag: i cannot find tanya anywhere i searched the entire place but she is no where to be found
right then they hear a voice: kya………
they turn and find the groom along with the entire maheshwari family the brides family and shemish standing
lak: sanskar……..bhai woh
(okay by now im sure you all people might have guessed that the groom is none other than our cute sanskar)
dp looks around and finds the guest looking at them
dp: bas not here every1 lets go to the room i dont want to create a scene here lets go
all nod and get into a room
in the room sanskar is sitting on the bed with is head buried between his hand with laksh and adarsh on his either side while some the other member arfe seated some where and some standing
sujata is seen crying while ap is trying to console her
suj: (crying) she destroyed ………… destroyed my sons life what are we going to do now soo many guest are waiting outside what are we suppose to tell them………such a lot of humiliation
dp: bas enough now keep quite
sujata keeps mum
dp:(to brides father) if your daughter was not ready for the marriage then why did she say yes now what are we suppose to do so many business man as well as some ministers have come what are we suppose to tell them
brides father: im sorry dp ji but i dont know what happen to her suddenly she was happy till yeaterday but today pata nai what happen
right then uttara notices a paper near the bed she picks it and starts reading it which pulls every1s attension
im sorry ma papa but i cannot do this marriage i wanted to tell you all about this yesterday itself but i did not get a chance and was all scared that you might not listen to me and force me to get married to sanskar thats why im leaving dont try searching for me because you are not going to find me because by the time you find this letter i would have gone from here im sorry sanskar but i can marry you bevause i dont love you hope you understand and have a good future ma papa i would want to tell you people one more thing that i love rohit and im getting married to him i know you might be angry now but im sure with the passing of time you people will understand me im sorry once again bye tanya
all looks at sanskar who is now sitting completely emotionless
ap:(to brides parents) if tanya love some 1 else she should have told us before but did she do chi such a shameless girl
here tanyas parents are crying while ap sujata and rp are continuously taunting them
dp: okay enough now………now we need to think of a way to get out of this mess
dp turns and looks at swara and her parents passing by the room from the window he immediately rushes towards the door and opens it while all the other look at dp and also move towards the door
in the corridor
dp:(shouts) shona………. bacha
swara turns and looks at dp immediately a smile forms on her lips she turns towards dp and hugs him tightly
swa:(running towards dp) dp uncle (and hugs him)
while dp to embraces her tightly while the entire mf is shocked looking at dp hugging an unknown girl where as swaras parents are confused as to how swara knows dp
finally swara breaks the hug
dp: shona how come you here
swa: woh kya hai na dp uncle my holidays started and i was missing my ma and pops alot and when landed here in india i found out that they have come for a wedding so thought why not surprise them coming here itself
dp: oh acha

swara slaps her fore head and hold dps hand and moves towards her parents
swa: come na uncle i want you to meet my parents
swara stand in front of her parents still holding dps hand
swa: ma pops this is dp uncle and uncle they are my parents mrs jeevika roy and mr viren roy
jeren: namaste
dp: namaste i must say you have really intelligent and cute daughter
vir: thank you soo must
swara smile and turns towards dp
swa: by the way dp uncle what are you doing over here
dp:(pulling swaras cheek) woh kya hai na my cute shona its my nieces marriage so me being here is obvious na
swa: oh so now i get it itna sara tam jham soo many people that too such high profile people sab isliye because it is the great mr DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI’S nieces marriage i should have known pagal me
dp:(hitting slightly on swaras head) badmash
and dp side hugs swara on the other hand the maheshwaris are shocked seeing this side of dp and are also trying to see the girls face that see swaras face because they have not yet seen her clearly
when suddenly a guest come and interrupts them
guest: arey ap ji come fast pandit ji is calling for you all
ap: ji we are coming
dp turns and looks at his family who are looking at his swara tilts her eyes a little and look at dps face which clearly shows tension
ap: ji what do we do
dp walks towards his family
dp: pata nai im not ale to understand anything
swara turns
swa: kya hua dp uncle any problem
finally the mf and gf look at swara clearly all were memorised looking at her and sanskar immediately felt butterflies in his stomach and an unknown kind of feeling
so stopping this also here what what do think will happen in future what will happen to sanskars marriage what is the connection between swara and dp how will swasan become a pair how will they fall in love

So guys like i promised i have posted 2 stories now choice will be your which story do you want me to post read decide and do comment i want the same love that i got earlier and ya decide a little quickly because only after reading you comments i will be able to start writing the next part
do give you feedbacks good bad both welcomed

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  4. Please yaar don’t discontinue ur ff…I till remembered ur both ff….I tot ur still not well….at least complete the the short story “The Way You Make Me Feel” you told it will be only 15 episode. U already finished 5 chapter…..Please continue dat one…. It’s my humble request

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