gehra ishq / krazy konnection (episode 1)

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Shemish and ragini are crying looking at the door where as sanlak dp and ap are standing confused right then one of the person at the door speaks
person: sir…………
all look at him and sensing that shekhar is not in a position to speak sanskar moves in front
san: yes what do yo want
per: well sir we have come to give this to mr shekhar gadodia
he points towards the coffin yes there are four army officers standing
he points towards the coffin yes there are four army officers standing with a coffin in their hand
per: may we

san:(confused) but……..why????
per: sir sammie…………..
shekhar composes himself and stands
she:(chocked voice) please get it in
they nod and move inside and place the coffin in the leaving area where as the others follow them
per:(placing the coffin in the living area) we’ll take your leave sir
shekhar nods and they move
after they leave shekhar moves towards the coffin with slow step he kneels down a caresses the coffin where as ragini is standing stiff with tears continuously flowing down her eyes with laksh and sanskar on her either side and shomi she is just standing black like a lifeless body looking at the coffin
skehkar looks at shomi and moves towards her hold her hand and gets her near the coofin and makes her sit
she:(cupping shomis face)(crying) shomi………ha……hamari shona……..she broke her promise……..she broke it
she:(cupping shomis face)(crying) shomi………ha……hamari shona……..she broke her promise……..she broke it
seeing no response in her he shakes her hardly

she: shomi kuch bolo speak dammit………speak
still getting no response he takes the glass kept on the table and splashes it on her which get her back to her sense shomi looks at shekhar with wide open and questioning eyes
she:(crying) chali gayi………….our shona left us she broke her promise she cheated us
he caresses the coffin yet again………this gets shomis attention towards the coffin she looks at it its like someone is slowly killing her next moment she hugs the coffin and starts crying loudly such was her breakdown that everyone in the mansion where stunned and had tears in their eyes though they where still confused as to why they where crying
sho:(crying) shona……….shona utt na please bacha…….tune maa ko promise kiya tha na ki wapas
aagi…………..shona utt na….utt……..dek maa baba are crying utt bacha
she looks at ragini movers towards her holds her hand and gets her near the coffin

sho: dek shona your ragu has tears in her eyes she is crying tujhe pasand nahi hai na toh utt scold her ask her to stop crying bol utt na……….(looks at ragini) ragu tell your shona to get up (wipes her tears) im not liking this joke of her (shouts) ask her to wake up and stop this prank (shakes her) bol………..
ragini just nods her head in no and burst out in tears finally trying loudly showing her pain she hugs shomi and both are crying while shekhar is sitting leaning his head on the couch crying silently right then
voice: ragu maa baba……………
all turn listening to the voice a find a girl in her 20s standing wearing a blue grey pant coat and tie with a sky blue shirt black shoes her coat consist of full medals proficiency badges a name plate and other badges her hairs are tied into a bun and a cap on her head she has no make up on expect for khol in her big hazel shaped eyes we all know its none but our swara
sanlak ap and dp are stunned looking at her while shemish and ragini finally have a smile on her face and tears running down their eyes

ragini immediately runs towards swara and hugs her tightly such was the force of the hug that swara stumbles backwards and was about to fall on the floor when some1 holds her from behind and makes her stand properly and stands next to her swara looks at the person who helped her stand smiles and blinks her eyes to him and hugs ragini back with lots of love by then shemish also move towards swara
swara looks at her parents and smile
swa: maa baba

she tries breaking the hug but ragini does not allow her infact hugs swara even more tightly
swa: ragu…………
but ragini does not respond

she: ragini beta shona ko chod we too wanna meet her

rag:(childishly) nai (tightens her hold on her sister)
swara smiles at her sisters antics and and shakes her head spreads her arms asking her parents to join them to which shemish immediately comply and join the hug they break the hug after good 5 minutes but ragini does not she is still hugging swara
she:(composing himself) shona your alright then this coffin……….what was that
swa: woh baba actually that coffin has one of our officer shivs body he is an orphan thats why i asked them to take the body home and when they went home the officers where informed that you people have come to maheshwari mansion taking the address they came over here………..(looks at ragini) ragu bacha mujhe chod na im going no where you chocking me

rag:(childishly and shouting) nai nai nai…………
maheshwaris are surprised seeing this shade of ragini because the girl they knew was shy reserved and spoke very less where as shemish knew that ragini always behaves like this when swara is around so they did not reat as they were used to it
swa: acha okay fine stop screaming in my ear
she: par shona why dint you come along with them
swa: i had work baba……………par wait why were you guys crying and whats happen to her (looks at ragini)………….dont tell me you guys taught i was in the coffin
sho: toh what else could we do and those people dint even tell us

swa: maa…………no wonder yeh pagal mujhe nahi chod rahi hai
rag: shona hum pagal………..joa im not speaking to you (tightens the hug)
swa: aahhhh ragu do wanna kill me
lak: ragini leaving her you choking her
swara looks at laksh and smile while laksh to smile back on the other hand sanskar felt some different kind of feeling in his heart looking at swaras smile
rag: nai she is my sister i’ll do whatever i want no one can tell me anything
the guy who saved swara: sammie sir has come

swara turns her head towards the entrance a man in his 60s comes in…………………..swara tires breaking the hug but in vain having no alternative she salutes the person in front of her with one other while her sister is still in her embrace and her one hand is wrapped around her
the man looks at swara and smiles
man: i can understand sammie
swa: sir…………..
the person is air chief marshal………….he moves towards shekhar
man: i must say mr gadodia you have a real brave daughter
she:(smile) thank you sir

man: soo sammie shivs body
swa: yes sir it there in the living area (points towards the coffin)
the man nodds and ask few people to take the coffin along with them she: par shona you said he does not have a family
man: mr gadodia it is true as well as false might be god dint give him a family from birth but we all are him family and when Sammie told us about her decided that she would take up his last rite but we all too want to do something for our brave soldier thats why im taking his body along with me……….okay now i’ll take your leave samar (the guy who saved swara from falling imagine him to be aham sharma) lets go
samar: yes sir
swara nods and the man and samar leave
dp: arey till when are you planning to standing at the entrance

she: haa…….shona chalo
swa: ji baba…………..ragu chal
ragini breaks the the hug and holds swaras hand tightly and starts walking towards the hall while the others adore their bond
voice: SG
swara and every1 turn and find samar standing at the door
swa: samar
sam: need to speak to you……a minute
swara nods

sanlak look at each other
san: SG
lak:(whishpering to sanskar) bhai she is SG “THE AIR MARSHAL SG”
sanlak look at swara and are trying to digest the fact that she is sg about whome the whole country at present is speaking about
swa: ragu (makes her sit on the sofa)(cupping her face) im coming in a minute
rag:(hold her hand) par shona

swa: bas 1 minute
ragini nods and leaves swaras hand swara goes toward the door where samar is standing and starts speaking to
sam: …………………..
swa: hmm ok
sam: ……………………………….
swa: we’ll see when time comes

sam: ……………………………………
swa: okay i’ll be there dont worry
sam: fine then bye
swa: bye
samar hugs swara tightly to which even swara reciprocates because he is her close friend sanskar sees them hugging and feels bad and unknown rage within his self he feels like someone is piercing his heart he tightens his fist to control his anger
swara breaks the hug

sam: chal i’ll see you soon take care
swa: u too bye
samar smiles and leaves while swara come to the hall
she: shona yep dp ji aur ap ji hai ragini ke……………………

swa:(interrupts) ragu ke mil and fil………….
shekhar nods
swara goes towards dp and ap
swa: namaste uncle namaste aunty
she bends and takes their blessing………………………both happily bless her
dp ap: khush raho
swara moves and stands infront of laksh

swa: and u must laksh my ragus hubby (looks at sanskar) and you are sanskar laksh jijus brother
both nod and swara smiles
she: par shona how do you know them
swa: come on baba i need to keep atleast this much information about my family na……….ha i know i was not here but that does not mean that i dont anything
lak: you are SG i mean air marshal SG
swa: yup…………

lak: you are serious papa (shekhar) shona is SG
she: ha beta shona is SG thats the reason we dint tell anyone about her………she was a mission soo……………

swa: so ma baba and ragu were asked not to speak about me to any1 thats why they mentioned about me
shemish walks towars swara and hug her swara too hugs them she looks at ragini who is sitting with a angry face on the couch swara breaks the hug and walks towards ragini
swa: kya hua ragu swara
all look at ragini while ragini turns her face

swara cups raginis face and makes her look at her
swa: ragu
ragini jerks swaras hand and starts walking away from her while laksh holds ragini hand
lak: kya hua ragini why are you walking away
rag: i wanna go to the room and rest im feeling tired
lak: par all of a sudden
ragini removes lakshs hand from hers

rag: please laksh
she walks off from there
all are standing confused when shemish start laughing loudly getting every1s attention towards them while swara is giving then an unbelievable look
dp: arey shekhar ji why are you laughing………………..
san: ha uncle all of a sudden why are you both laughing
she: shona now toh you gone

all look at swara
swa:(irritated) baba……………………(signs) i cant believe she is going to be a mother
all again jerk and look at swara

ap: how do you know beta you have been out from 3 years right
swa: ha aunty i have out for 3 years but i got every single detail about my family so knew whats going on in whose life
she:(teasingly) waise shone now how are you gonna handle the bhookam that’s gonna come
swa: baba………………..par abb maine kiya kya that she is angry on me
sho: who tune jane how would we know

swa: arggh fine……………..aunty can you please tell me where is ragu room
ap: ha beta laksh sanskar take her to ragini
they comply and swasanlak start walking towards raglak room
san: soo air marshal huh………….
Swa:(looks at sanskar and smiles) haan

San: don’t you get scared when you leave your house I mean………………….
Swa: I can understand what you are trying to tell but you know I love my job I don’t get scared but there is one thing I know whenever I leave my house I have no grantee that I’ll come back but at the same time I know how many people are sleeping peacefully without any fear since they know someone is there who is fighting for the country and that happiness over powers very other feeling
Sanlak look at swara they are quite impressed by her pov
By then they reach raglaks room the trio are standing at the door and look at ragini who has her back towards them sitting on the bed swara signs and moves in she goes and kneels down in front of ragini and cups her face
Swa: kya hua ragu…………….why are you angry on me

To which ragini jerks swaras hand and turns her face to the other side both sanlak are standing at the door and enjoying the antics of two sisters swara sits on the bed in front of ragini
Swa: atleast bata toh ragu what happen how am I suppose to know why you are angry on me huh
But ragini gives no reply she is totally ignoring swara swara shakes her head and turns it she look at sanlak who are standing at the door and an idea pops in her mind
Swa: dekh ragu you better speak to me know warna I’ll tell all you secrets to laksh jiju and sanskar later don’t blame me huh

Swara looks at ragini with hope but gets disappointed seeing no reply from her turning to sanlak
Swa: jiju come na I’ll tell you know your wifes deeds in childhood
Sanlak come and sit on the set

Swa: you know jiju apki yeh jo wife hai na she was such a cry baby and a complain kid she use to cry for every small thing and ha that habit has still not changes she is still a cry baby (ragini looks at swara with an angry face) and pata hai no matter use to happen she to run to maa and her first dialog would maa dekho shone ne yeh kiya maa shone ne who kiya har waqkt she use to complain about koi baat iske stomach mai rehti hi nahi thi…………………………
Sanlak have a smile on their face the trio look at ragini who trying her fullest to ignore them engrossed in her phone
Swa: aur pata hai…………………………………

But swara stops speaking in between looking at ragini ragini took out her earphone attached them to her phone and puts them into her ears though she does not on them now that was more than enough for swara she looks at ragini and then stands up

Swa: acha fine you don’t want to speak to me na then be it mujhe bhi tujse koi baat nai karni jaa rahi hoon mai tu baith enjoy with you phone
With that swara walks out of the room sanlak look at each other then ragini laksh removes raginis earphones
Lak: kya that yeh ragini……………..she is trying to speak to you from such a long time and you are ignoring her

Ragini too had not accepted this kind of reaction from swara she was not actually angry on swara she was pretending to and seeing her walk away ragini had tears in her eyes threatening to flow out sanskar looks at her and stops laksh from saying anything further
San: lucky bas……………………
He nods his head in a no and gestures him to look at ragini laksh looks at ragini and keeps quite ragini wipes her tears and walks out of the room followed by sanlak

Meanwhile here in the swara come out of the room and starts walking towards the hall
Swa:(to herself) I know ragu this is only way to make you speak to me if I would have walked out I know how stubborn you are you would not speak to me but im as well you sister I understand you every antic soo now see how you yourself will come and speak to me

Swara reaches the living area and looks at shemish dp and ap sitting together speaking something she slightly turns her hjead a little and watches ragini moving out of her room she has a smirk on her face and starts acting according to her plan

Swa: maa baba (shemish look at her) lets go home please……………………..
Ragini who heard her sister stops right there looking at swara while tears cloud her eyes

Ap: kya hua beta aise achanak
Swa: kuch nai aunty actually who im dam tired soo I wanna rest bas isliye
She: thik hai beta lets go (to dp) abb hum chalte hai Namaste

Dp: Namaste
Swara goes and touches ap and dps legs turns and holds her parents hand and starts walking when ragini comes and holds swaras hand and pulls her

Rag: kisse puch kar you are going huh…………….
Swara frees her hand from raginis gripo and turns towards shekhar
Swa: baba someone was not speaking to me then ask her why did she come
Ragini turns swara and holds her ears eyes having unshed tears

Rag: im sorry shone please don’t go………………..i was just acting to be angry please don’t go
Swara removes raginis hand from her ears and hits her head slightly
Swa: pagal mujhe pata hai that you were acting and I too did the same thing soo how was it ragu
Rag: haww shone
Swa: acha baba now im really tired I wanna rest chal mai tujse kal milte hoon………………….baba chale
Rag: nai na shone please stay here only

Swa: nai ragu……………..
Rag:(to dp and dp) ma papa ji please app log bolo na ask her stay back
Ap: haa ruk jaye na
Sho: par hum kaise
Dp: ruk jaye shekhar ji waise bhi raat ho chuke hai aur bacho ko bhi acha lagge ga

After much insistence shemish and swara decide to stay back ragini takes swara to the guest room where she gets dressed in blue jeans and yellow long top she wears a shawl around her neck and simple studs ties her hair into a high pony and moves out while everyone are waiting for her at the dining table seeing swara sanskar was mesmorised he never felt these kind of feeling till date all ths was very new for him but at the same time he was also enjoying these new developing feelings in him after dinner the elders go back to their rooms and sleep while the two sisters spend time with eachother speaking and pulling eachothers leg a little while later ragini moves to her room while swara goes to the kitchen and gets herself a cup of coffee taking the mug along with her she moves to the garden a sits on a betch over there enjoying her coffee and cold breeze when a voice brought her ack

Voice: not sleepy
Swara turns and finds sanskar standing behind her with a smile on his lips when swara was busy enjoying the beauty of nature sanskar who was in his room came towards the window and saw swara he then walked off into garden to speak to her
Swa: haa woh bas im not habituated to sleep early soo
San: soo can I join

Swa: sure why not
Both get seated beside each other they sit in silence for a few minutes which sanskar breaks
San: you love ragini a lot don’t you
Swa:(looking at him) yes I do after all she is my little sister

San: just by minutes
Swa: I know but still she is younger to me and I have some responsibilities towards her……………….just like you love your brother
sanskar understands what swara is trying to tell him and smile

San: soo miss swara gadodia since ragini is younger to you and is married when are you planning too im sure you must be having someone in your life
Though sanskar said that he was felling immense pain and was praying to god that she tells she has no one is in her life
Swa: well then I too can ask you the same question mr maheshwari you too are elder to jiju why dint you get married
San: well that’s because im still waiting for my soulmate to come
Swa:(smiles) soulmate huh……………….not bad im sure you’ll find her soon

San:(in mind) hmm I know and think she is sitting right next to now
San: soo now you tell me
Swa: well then my answer im not ready for it as of now I still have lods of work to do once I get done then will think about it I guess ((in mind) when i don’t want to get married then whats the use I anyway cannot tell him anything soo better avoid)

San: hmm……………………but one day you have to get hooked right
Swa: hmm ((in mind) and I know that day is never gonna come in my life)
They both sit together speaking for hour knowing each other forgetting time and everything else swara sees sanskar yawning a little
Swa: I guess we should sleep now its getting quite late
San:(sleepy) hmm haan
Swa:(standing) good night sanskar
San: good night

Both go to their respective rooms and dose off
Okay guys soo done with another part im sorry could give more swasan scenes and I know what I gave was also next to nil but in this part I wanted to show the bond between two sibling be it sisters or brothers we all share special bond with our siblings don’t we no matter how much we fight with them at the end we are always with them in any situation and ha don’t worry next part will give more swasan scenes I hope you like this part soo why do think swara thinks that she is never gonna get married what happen is she hiding something if yes than what how will it affect swasan life……………. Lets see 😉

When the mf and gf were busy admiring swara a voice brought them back to their sense
Voice: arey dp why are you all standing over here come fast its getting late and you know right I even need to leave for a meeting
Dp: ji sharma ji we are coming

Mr Sharma was a famous business he was gonna deal with the maheshwaris and this deal was very important for them mr Sharma leaves from there where as everyone get busy thinking as to what they should do know finally dp thought of a solution he knew what he was going to do was not right may be but he also knew that it was not wrong it was the best decision he could taking with these thoughts in his mind dp moves towards swara and stands in front of her
Dp:(cupping swaras face) shona can you do something for you dp uncle
Swa: ha uncle tell me what can I do for you
Dp: shona get married to sanskar
Swa:(shocked) what????

Every single soul present there was shocked no one knew how to react swara removed dps hand fromher face and moved back she collided with her dad she looked at him who was looking at her equally shocked
Dp: please shona
Vir:(angry) yeh app kya keh rahe hai do you even understand what you are asking her to do
Swa:(holding virens hand) pops chill……………………(to dp) dp uncle what are you saying……………you know I cant do what you are asking me

Dp: just give me 5 minutes shona I’ll explain everything please
Swara looks at her parents and then dp who is looking at her hopefully she nods her head in a yes he holds her hand and takes her into the room and closes the door while the others move towards the window they can see everything in the room but could not hear anything
Mean while here in the room dp closes the door and starts speaking to swara

Dp: shona sanskar had to marry today but his bride ran away leaving a letter behind that she does not want this marriage and that she love someone else you saw na shona there are soo many politicians business men if this marriage does not happen then everything will be ruined

Swa: I understand dp uncle but this is no solution to it……………… getting married to sanskar will complicate things more for now might be everything will be settled no one will question you all the guest will leave happily but after that me and sanskar will we be able to live together happily will we actually have a future just think about it uncle…………………..just for these people you cant ruin your sons life na

Dp: no shona im not asking you marry sanskar just because of this people I would never do that I don’t care what they think about me you know shona the first time I saw you I wanted you to be my dil I wanted you to get married to sankar from before because are the perfect partner for him but when I came back to india things had changed here all wanted sanskar and Tanya to get married and sanskar liked her a lot as well that we that we were somehow related having no other option I unwillingly had to agree for this relation but trust me you were my first choice for sanskar

Swa: but thing changed na uncle he had to get married to someone else no me………………….. u said na uncle that you pay a dam about what people think then why do you want me to marry him

Dp: because I know him shona though I love all the childrens of the house equally but somewhere sanskar has a special place for himself he is very impulsive in making decisions those think before doing anything and I know today if he does not get married he will ruin himself I know him bacha I know him (slightly crying) im doing all this for my son I know I may sound selfish but please bacha help me only you can save only you can make him responsible pleasea father is begging for his son
Saying so dp folds his hand in front of swara and kneels down seeing this swara too sinks down to dps level and stops him and looking at dps this condition the entire mf and gf are in a state of shock but since they cannot hear anything they are not able to understand as what exactly is happening
Swa: please dp uncle don’t do this for me you are just like my dad please

Dp:(wiping his tears) soo you will marry him na shona
Swara is in a dilemma thinking what to do dp sees that and speaks to her
Dp: I know bacha what you are thinking but I promise no will stop you for anything you can live your life the way you want to no will tell anything that is my promise and I know how much your career means to you and I’ll make sure no one comes between it but please agree you said n aim like your dad so think that your dad is asking you something wont you give him that I know what im asking is a big thing but please do this for me

Swa: (thinking) okay……………….
Dp: sach thank you much princess thank you
Dp hugs swara tightly he then parts the hug and goes towards the door and opens it mf gf and swara parents come inside
Dp: swara is ready to marry sanskar
This shocks everyone sanskar looks at swara while swara too looks at him and then turns her eyes from him jeeren come towards swara

Vir: shona bacha what is all this you don’t have to do all this just because they are asking you for this I know you are not ready for marriage then why
Jee: haa princess don’t do this because of some fore
Swa: nahi maa pops im doing this with my will I know dp uncle and I trust him I know he will never ask me todo something which is not good for me
Vir: but what about rithvik
Swa: I’ll handle him later pops

Jee: are sure you want to do this shone
Swara nods her head in a yes
Jee: okay princess we know you will never do anything wrong and if this is your decision than we have no problem go ahead we’ll support you
Vir:(cups swaras face) even im with you y little angel
Dp: I know all this is happening very fast and I sure you must have thought a lot about you daughters marriage you’ll do this you’ll do that but……………………but I promise you one thing your daughter will know stay like my daughter I promise I’ll protect her from everything now she is my responsibility
Viren nods his head in an okay dp and viren hug each other parting from the hug

Dp: swara aur sanskar ki shadi hogi sanskar go and sit in the mandap and the others as well lets go
San: bade papa……………..

Dp:(ordering tone) sanskar
He bows his head and keeps mum
Ap: par ji yeh…………………
Dp:(interrupting) hum ne jo kehna tha keh diya I want no question just do as I say

All keep mum and move towards the hall few minutes later swara comes she is in the same dress in which she came the only thing is she has her duputta on her head and its covering her face with another red heavy work duputta on her head the rituals begin finally they take vows around the scared fire then sanskar ties nuptial around swaras neck and fills her hairs with vermillion finally pandit declares them husband and wife but the fact was both swasan were not happy with it two strangers who knew nothing about eachother were forcefully married and tied in a life long relationship together all the other guest have food and leave now only mf gf jeevan and swasan are present they sit to have their food while swara sits with her parents who are pampering their princess feeding her with their hand finally having done now it time for them as well to leave to their house swara moves towards her parents but a sudden pull stops her she turn and looks at her dupatta entangled with the pink cloth on sanskar she forwards her hand towards him but sanskar makes no move seeing this swara moves towards him and removes the pink cloth from his shoulder takes it her hand and moves towards her parents
Swa: maa pops you guys leave now…………… both are here for a long time and maa you even need to take your tablets soo go now

Jee: but shona
Swa: maa I’ll meet you tomorrow pakka but now leave
Finally jeeven leave blessing their daughter for bright future after they leave swara moves towards dp
Swa: dp uncle I want to stay alone for sometime soo can I leave now I promise I’ll come back after sometime

Dp understands swara situation and allow her while others are surprised by dps act
Dp: sure bacha
Swara moves and picks her clutch which is placed on the chair she looks at everyone once and moves out of the hall

Dp: we should as well leave
All comply and leave without any further question they reach home after some time all get settled in the living area everyone is lost in their own thoughts thinking about all the events that happen few hour ago all had questions in their mind who is swara how does dp know her and what not
Time ticks by and now it 9 past 30 minutes in night and swara has not yet turned up while dp and rp are in their respective rooms sanlak adarsh and rajat are sitting in the garden and the ladies of the house that is ap sujata parineeta ragini and uttara are seated in the living area speaking to eachother and childrens of the house are already asleep

In the hall
Suj: jiji pata nai where this girl is going to be 10 in some minutes and she has not yet come
Ap: haan till now she should have come she should know that being a girl its not good to out for a long time
(okay soo mf and gf have a little old thinking and many many rules for girls be it their daughter or dil dp too was the same but changed some years back due to one incident now he is quite free but never said anything to his family as he already knew their mentality as he taught it was difficult for him to change their mindsets and yup sanlak adarsh have modern thinking)
Pari: ji mummy ji par do you know how papa ji know swara

Ap: I did ask him but he dint tell anything
Suj: pata nai what her parents have taught her she just got married instead of being here god know where she went
Rag: mummy ji kya hum dinner laga dey
Ap: nahi ragini inn hone kaha to wait till that girl comes
Right then dp come

Dp: swara has come kya
All stand looking at him
Ap: nai ji she has not yet come
He nods and sits on the couch thinking where swara and gone and hoping and praying for her to return safely

While here in the garden the brothers are speaking to eachother
Lak: bhai are you okay
San: haa lucky………………it good that we found out tanyas truth before what if she would leave me after marriage

Lak: hmm right
Ada: but who is this swara
Sanskar gets the image of swara in his mind listening to adarsh he some kind of sensation in his tummy listening to swaras name
Lak: ha papa was speakingto her like he knows her from long………………and the bond he shared with her I never saw papa like dad with us
San: true I myself was amazed at the bond they shared

(now you all must be thinking how come sanskar is soo cool well that’s because sanskar is still a little immature it hust his ego that Tanya left his for someone else therefore he made his mind that it is good that she left him hence he is quite cool now)

While the brothers were speaking to each other a car enter and stops infront of the house which gets their attention they look at it and find swara getting down from the drivers seat she was still in the same dress and had a cute backpack of cream and grey with baby pink color on them which she was clutching tightly she was still looking extremely beautiful and cute sanskar was lost looking at her listening to the voice of the car dp along with the entire mf comes out seeing swara dp was immensely happy he immediately goes to her and hugs her tightly
Dp: where were you princess I was soo worried
Swa:(breaking the hug) im sorry dp uncle I totally forgot about time……………(looks around and finds them staring at her) sorry
Dp: its ok bacha lets go in

Swa: my luggage
Dp calls the servants and asks them to get swaras luggage when swara was about enter the house when dp stops her
Dp: sanskar come over here and anupurna do I have to tell that your dil has come home and you need to welcome her

Ap nods and asks parineeta and ragini to arrange everything to which they compile finally ap does the ritual swara kicks the rice and places her legs in vermillion water and enters the house with sanskar beside her they reach the hall where dp introduces swara to everyone

Dp: hmm princess I introduce you to everyone (starts pointing at people and introduces them) this is anapurna my wife sanskars badi ma this ram my younger brother sanskar dad she is sujata rams wife that is adrash my elder son that is laksh that’s parinneta adarshs wife and thats ragini lakshs wife this is uttara sanskars younger sister daughter of our house and her husband rajat and well the kids they are sleeping I’ll introduce you to them tomorrow hmm and that’s sanskar your husband you know (swara looks at dp and nods) and for you all (holding swara by her shoulder) she is swara
While dp was introducing swara to everyone swara just passed a smile to every to everyone while all the others were just staring at swara without any emotions on their face

Dp: chalo lets have dinner now
All men sit down and start having dinner while the ladies of the house are serving them dp pulls a chair and makes swara seat on the chair next to him and asks her to have her dinner which was surprising for everyone but no one opened their mouth finally having done with dinner swara spoke to dp
Swa: dp uncle were is my room I need to freshen up these clothes are too heavy

Dp: haan uttara take swara to sanskar room go
Uttara complies and takes swara to sanskars room on their way swara tries speaking to uttara
Swa: hi im swara your uttara right I must say you have a beautiful house

Uttara does not reply to her she drops her in sanskars room and meaves swara finds it weird but ignores her thoughts goes towards her bag picks her clothes and moves into the washroom she comes out after a few minutes wearing a white night suit the shirt has full sleeves and has mickeys print on it and so does her hand her hair were left lose with water droplets falling from them she had no assesories on other then her mangalsutra swara was looking extremely cute she looks around to find all the youngsters seated in the room in different place she looks at tem and moves forward thinking to atleast speaking to them while sanskar was totally lost in our princess

Swa: hello……… swara I guess since we are going to stay together we ourselves should introduce each other though dp uncle introduced us

She looks at them but everyone ignores her
Swa: what happen you guys are not speaking anything
They yet again ignore her and start speaking among themselves swara looks at them and feels extremely bad because this is the first time that someone has ignored her she then moves out of the room while the others smile seeing that though sanskar fell back but he just ignores those feeling
Few minutes later uttara was pacing in the room thinking all the youngsters were planning different ways to irritate swara why they themselves dint know but they did know one thing that some where they were jealous of her jealous of the bond she shared with dp while pacing uttara goes towards the window and sees something which kinda shocks her

Utt: bhai come over here fast looks whats happening
The others in the room move towards the window and see swara walking along with dp in the garden with dps arms around swara both were speaking something well they were shocked because 1 dp is a person who sleeps early and 2 what if she tells dp that they were ignoring her
Mean while here after moving out from the room swara was moving towards the garden dp sees her and follows her here swara comes and gets seated on the bench in the garden when dp keeps his hand on swara shoulder she turns and looks at him and then turns again dp gets seated beside her
Dp: what happen princess you out at this time is everything alright
Swara just keeps quite does not tell anything

Dp: wont you tell me princess………………..what happen
Swa: nothing is alright dp uncle no one has spoken to me from the time I have stepped into this house even when im trying trying to make relation with other speak to them get things sorted they are just ignoring me you tell me uncle if this is gonna be the situation then how will I manage to survive over here

she then tells the incident that happen in the room how everyone ignored her dp understoodbwhat exactly was the problem knowing his children while well

dp: acha so that’s why my princess is soo upset huh
swara nods dp stands and makes swara stand and starts walking along with her wrapping her in his arms
dp: you know shona tell all are jealous of you
swa:(looking at dp)(confused) jealous???

Dp: haan bacha till date I have never spoken to anyone like I speak to you that’s why and also because your totally new you know I can tell you right know they all must be sitting together and planning something or the other to irritate to and trust me they are worst than devils when they all are together and to handle them you need to became the swara I met who changed my way of thinking I know this is going to be a little difficult but i know you can do it huh

Swa: I’ll for sure now lets see how they handle the original me enough being good to them
Swara looks at dp and winks to which dp laughs and pulls her cheek
Dp: waise princess what about rithvik how are you going to handle him I know its going to be impossible
Swa: don’t worry uncle I’ll take care of that

Dp: okay now challo it quite late go sleep
Swa: hmmm good night
Dp : good night
Seeing swara and dp move inside sanskar and the others move away from the window though they saw them but hear nothing
Pari: arey yaar what were they speaking could not hear anything

Rag: haan and did you see papa ji was laughing with her
Utt: god knows what magic she has done on bade papa all my life I have never seen bade papa like this
Ada: that I agree I too am seeing a totally new shade of papa
Lak:(looks at swara backpack which was kept on the couch) you guys remember she was holding that bag soo tightly im dam sure it must be having something important why not check it might be we might find something against her

Ada: right lets do it
Laksh picks the bag and gives it to ragini while she tries opening it but it does not open she then gives it to pari who tries and then uttara one by one all try opening the bag but it just does not happen and all are wondering why the hell aren’t they able to open the bag now finally the bag is with sanskar he too tries opening it but in vain
San: yaar why the hell isn’t this opening

Lak: we all tried but are not able to open a bag seriously
Right then ragini sees something and moves towards the bag
Rag: laksh ji sanskar bhaiya there is something on the bag
She takes the bag and moves the bows a little and there were tiny tiny disc she was gonna touch it when a voice stops her
Voice: stop don’t touch that

They turn and find swara at the door swara who had come to room saw them with her bag and shouted immediately stooping them she rushes inside aand tries to take the bag from ragini but laksh takes it and raises is so that swara does not reach it
Swa: listen laksh give me my bag

Lak: why whats soo important in it huh
Swa: just give it
She tries taking the bag from him but he throws it to adarsh she then goes and tries to take it from him he throws it to rajat then to pari followed by uttara and then ragini swara was going towards all of them trying to take her bag back but in vain finally ragini throws the bag to sanskar swara stands in front of sanskar and tries taking the bag
Swa: give me my bag sanskar

Sanskar raises his hand anmd the bag on top
San: haan toh take it who is stopping you
Swara looks at him and hold his hand and tries taking her bag but since sanskar was taller then her she was not able to but sje does not give up and keeps trying in this process she moves close to sanskar while she is holding his shoulder and jumping trying to take her bag her hot breath falls on this neck sending shiver down his spine he was lost looking at her when uttara shakes him getting him back to his sense
Utt: where are you lost bhai

San: no where
Utt: acha give me the bag I’ll open it
Sanskar gives the bag to uttara swara moves towards her but the other come in front of her and block her away
Swa: uttara no don’t do that…………………move let me go
But they block swaras way

Swa: sanskar stop uttara…………….uttara don’t do anything arey yaar stop her else she will get shock
All laugh listening to her but the next minute they hears uttara shouting they turn and look at her who has fallen down with the bag shivering badly all move toward her swara to comes
Swa: I had told you guys to stop her but……………….
All look at swara they take uttara and make her sit on the bed swara takes her bag and moves behind them the elder dint wake up because they were in deep sleep
Pari: uttara are you okay

Utt:(shivering) shock……….
Swa:(arrogantly) I did warn you na sweetheart but no you dint want to listen to me soo very good you face the consequence soo from next time don’t you dare touch any of my thing else it will be worst that this and this goes for all of you all as well don’t mess with me you have no idea what I can do
All look at swara in shock the girl whom that taught might be timid here was standing in a completely different avatar

Swa: and haan im dam tired today soo if you guys leave the room I would wanna sleep (looks at sanskar) and you mr sanskar maheshwari we would be sleeping on the bed alternate day I sure due to all the rituals you must be tired so for today you can sleep on the bed I’ll manage on the couch
Swara goes and sits on the couch with a pillow quilt and her bags while the others are looking at her with wide open eyes she takes her bag and places her finger on one of the bow and then removes her cell from her pocket and keeps it on her bag a minute later her cell gets connected to her bag with the disc and then it processing starts it checks for swaras eyes and heartbeat and then asks for the password swara types something and hr bag opens with a click sound she takes some tablets and gives it to uttara and closes her bag again
(since I told you guys swara is a techno freak soo this is small example of it its something she has invented whats wrong in imagining na)

Swa: here have them you will feel better
Placing them on the bed side table she moves towards the couch she places her bag and her cell on the table in front of the couch adjusts the pillow and lies down on the couch covering herself with the blanket
Swa: good night sweet dreams guys and sanskar please switch the lights off
Swara turns and falls asleep a little while later all come out of shock and move towards their respective rooms and fall asleep without talking about anything sanskar lies down on the bed looks at swara and a little while later he falls asleep
Next morning

Swara wakes up and find sanskar sleeping she takes her clothes and move into the washroom changes into them and moves out of the room and ten the house about an hour later swara comes back meanwhile here few minutes later after swara left sanskar wakes up and looks at swara but not finding her on the couch moves towards the washroom but finding that empty as well he thinks might be she already went down to help other he too gets freshen up all the ladies are preparing for the morning pooja when the dp and rp enter the hall while sanlak adaraj are descending down the stairs right then swara to enters the mansion all looks at her with wide eyes swara is wearing a black pant a little below her knees and a grey sweatshirt with sport shoes and earphones around her neck she looks at everyone and smiles then looks at dp
Swa:(joyfully) good morning dp uncle

Swara runs down the stairs and hugs dp tightly while dp to reciprocates

Dp: good morning princess you woke up soo fast
Swa:(breaking the hug) fast I woke up late today dp uncle (pouts)

Dp: no problem princess now go and get freshen up quickly themn we will have our breakfast together huh
Swara nods and runs to her room all wre standing shocked looking at dp they taught he might scold swara for the clothes she was wearing but nothing as of such happened with dps voice they get back to their sense and start the puja and then all move towards the dining here was too gets dressed in dark blue jeans white tee and pink coat she has pushed her sleeves by which they have become three forth she wears watch in one hand and a delicate bracelet with SR curved in it in the other leaves her hair open and applys vermillion but due to her fringes it gets covered does minimal make up and her maglasutra is also cover by her tee she wears her wedges matching her clothes picks her backpact and moves out of the room speaking to someone on the phone while she is descending down the stair every1s attention is pulled towards her she looks like a cute college girl to them sanskar is lost in his wife cuteness and beauty and is starring at her completely forgetting his surrounding while swara still speaking on the phone walks toward the dining are

Swa:(on phone) just hold on for a sec (to dp uncle) dp uncle I need to leave its really very important (she gestures him something through her eyes)
Dp:(understanding what swara said) okay princess but atleast have you breakfast and then leave
Swa: no dp uncle I’ll get late and also I need to check on everything
Dp: nothing will happen

Dp pulls a chair and keeps it neck to his chair and and makes swara sit on it
dp: you sit over here and do whatever you wanna do by them I’ll get you gone with your bf
Swa: but………..
Dp: no but vat now do your work let me do mine

Swara nods and takes her ipad from are bag connects Bluetooth to her ear and continues speaking to the person shje was speaking before and doing something on her ipad while dp feeds swara her breakfast while all the other have freezed to their placing looking at the scene in front of them finally having done with her breakfast swara stands to leave when ap stops her
Ap: where are you going its you first day in this house and according to the ritual you need to cook today
Swa: I understand aunty but I need to leave know Im sorry
Ap: you cannot go anywhere

Swa: im sorry oncve again aunty but I cannot stay and ha as far as the ritual is concerned I need to cook something na then I promise after coming back in the evening I’ll pakka cook something
Dp: let her go anapurna
Ap: part ji
Dp looks at ap and she keeps mum

Dp: you go bacha
Swara becomes happy and pecks dps cheek and runs out telling bye while dp laughs
So stopping over here what do think will happen next no one in the family accept dp seem to speak to swara how will she make her place in every1s heart will she be successful in it what plan will sanlak and others make now to irritate swara how will swara face them and most importantly how will swara fall in love well lets 😉

coming to the comments
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