Geethaiyin Raadhai (A RagLak FF) Episode 2

hi guyss…I’m so happy today because i can watch ishqbaaz, shakti and naagin on tv…. I’m so happy and excited…. and here is the episode….

Orphanage Home,

next morning, the taxi came. ragini took her bags and stuffs and gets out of her room. pushkar and other came in her way. ragini looks on.

“good luck,” pushkar said. ragini smiled and takes his blessings. pushkar gives and puts his hand on ragini. ragini got teary eyes. “wait, don’t cry” her friends in the home came to her. she smiles and hugs them all.

she got out after that and puts her all the stuffs into the taxi. she got in and looks at home and all the members. she waved her hand. they all waved back. the driver starts to drive and she goes.

the driver came to a apartment. ragini got out and looked at the aprtment. she gets bags and walks to the house. she came infront of the House’s door. she reminisces a flashback.


flashback ends. a old man opens the door and stares at her. “are you new here?” he asked. ragini looks at him and nodded. “don’t make noises here, okay?” the man said. ragini again nodded. he closed the door ,making more noises. “hmm, he made sounds, asking me not” ragini thoughts.

she unbolts the lock and got in. she looks into the house and get surprised. “wow,” ragini said and got in. there are furniture and tv already kept and looked so clean. she puts the bags down and looks around the house.

“OMG, it’s perfect,” ragini screamed in excitement. she then remembered what the old man said and puts her hand lips. “keep quiet,” she said to herself. she walks to her room and lied on her bed. “such a wonderful home,” ragini excited.

“I’d thanks durga prasad when I see him” ragini thinks and goes to take her bags. she cleans her dresses into the cupboard and finished her work.

At college,

a big college is shown. there are so many students there walking left and right and in hurry. some seniors are shown sitting in the lawn of college. they were talking and laughing with each other.

there are some girl passing by. the seniors calls them and rags them. ragini came there very conservative. she looks at the seniors and looked scares. she walked by the side. the seniors looks at her. “hey, girl. come” one of the senior called him.

ragini looked scared and walks to him. ragini gulped and winked her eyes very fast. “hey, look. she is doing like actresses” the senior make fun. ragini looked on. they teased her. ragini looks calm.

“do you have no sense at all?” the senior asked. ragini get anger and looked at them. “hey, look. she looks like she’ll everyone here” they laughed together. ragini sighed deeply and walks close to the senior who is teasing her. she looks at him.

DASH!!! everyone looks at the seniors side. they looks shocked. ragini slapped the senior. the seniors looks around and felt ashamed. ragini looked so angrily. the seniors looks at her.

“how dare you?” the got slapped – senior came to her. ragini pushed him away. “are you thinking that you’re over smart? or girls will got scared for you? don’t ever think me as on of the girls, do you understand? ragini said. she yells at him. they looked at her. the other students claps for her bravery. ragini walked away from there.

the seniors looks revengeful at her. “hey, don’t worry. we’ll show her who’re we.” the other senior tells to the got slapped – senior. the seniors walks away from there.

ragini got into her class after the bell rang. the pupils there starts to clap for her. ragini smiled and sat on a seat. beside her, meher is sitting. meher looks at ragini. “hi, congrats for your bravery. keep it up” meher said. “thanks, and hi” ragini said.

“and anyway I’m meher” she introduced herself. “oh, I’m ragini” ragini said. they shaked their hands and mingled with each other. the other friends of meher such as tanvi, twinkle and sonia got mingled and shares a moment of friendship. they looked happy.

laksh is coming to college with abeer. they reached the college and looks at the seniors who are friends. “what’s up, guys?” laksh asked. the got slapped touching his cheek and in thoughts. “why is he looking like this?” laksh asked.

“a girl slapped akash.” the senior named, pradeep said. “what are you saying? is it true, akash?” laksh asked. he nodded. “hmm, then I should meet her” laksh thinks….

Precap ? laksh saw ragini. he mesmerized. next, laksh bet a challenge with his friends.

so guys here is the episode… and keep wait to know the challenge… it’s very important…. bye… tomorrow is Ashiqui ff…

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