Geethaiyin Raadhai {A RagLak FF} ❤ Episode 1

hi guyzz. I’m Athira here with the very first episode of GEETHAIYIN RAADHAI… i hope you enjoy it.. and thank you for comments… keep comment and let me know how much you liked the episode….

Orphanage home,

a postman came into the home. he looks for people there. “sir, anyone is here?” postman yelled. “yes, I’m here” a voice came. postman looks on. a man (incharged of home) came infront of him. “what’s the matter?” pushkar asked. “an envelope for.. ” postman reads the name and said “ragini,”

“oh, give it,” pushkar takes it. “okay, bye, sir” the postman said and walks out. pushkar opens it and reads the letter. it’s a admission letter. pushkar looks surprised and smiles happily. a girl passed by him. “deepti, call ragini” pushkar said. deepti nodded and walks upstairs.

Ragini was shown, in her room. she was wearing a tops and a jeans. she is praying to god. “hey, god. please let this dream come true” ragini pleads to the god.

“hey, ragini. sir, is calling you down” deepti said. ragini turned to look at her. “why?” ragini asked. “don’t know” deepti said and walks away. ragini gets up and stands still. “why sir called out me?” she thinks and walks to the stairs.

she saw pushkar while bends down. ragini noticed pushkar let out his spectacles and got boggled up. “if I’d done anything wrong?” ragini thinks and let herself down.

ragini came to pushkar and stands. “hi, sir. good morning” ragini greeted. “hmm” pushkar nodded… pushkar gives the admission letter to ragini. ragini takes it. “what’s this?” ragini asked. “read it yourself” pushkar said.

“okay,” ragini sighed. she reads the letter and gets happy. pushkar sees it and smiles. “it’s admission letter, sir” ragini said. she jumped in happy and ran to say it to all. “hey, I’ve gotten a admission in college” ragini scream. the whole people came to her.

ragini screams it again and again. pushkar came to her. “stop it or you’ll get tired” pushkar stops her. ragini smiles. “i just can’t, sir. I’m so happy today.” ragini said.

At road,

a dhaba is shown, some student came there and sit. “hey, get ready to enjoy the race” a student says. “ofcourse” other student says. “guys, what you’re thinking in who’ll win?” another student asked. “definitely lakshya alias lucky” the student said.

“of course he will. he has lucky in his name” another students said. they all looked at the road. the motor bikes starts to come. “there” the student tells. the others in the dhaba saw it. the motorbikes passes very speedly. “lucky, lucky” the students starts to cheer.

lucky’s bike is in lead among the other motorbikes. his face is not shown because of helmet. they came to the finishing line. the students cheers. lucky passes the line and won. he takes out his helmet. he looks handsome. abeer came to him and high fived.

“superb. it was fantastic. hurray” abeer said. “thanks,” lucky said and smiled. the other men in the challenge came to him and gives the money of bet. abeer takes it from them.

“lucky, okay. the bet money is here” abeer said. “okay, let’s use it whenever we want” lucky said. abeer sit on the bike and ride away.

one of the racer lookd at him going. “I’ll noy leave you, lucky” he thoughts and looked angry.

lucky and abeer came to lucky’s house. they got in and walks to the room. DP came there. lucky’s smile fades away. “what’s so special?” DP asked. “nothing” lucky said and walks away. DP looks sad. abeer sees him. “we won a bet uncle” abeer said. “okay ” DP said and walks away.

lucky came to his room and looks frustrated. abeer came to him. “lucky, what happened? why you talked to uncle like this?” abeer asked. he puts his hand on lucky. lucky jerked it away. “why I want to be a good and loving at him? is it how he was with me when i needed him more?” laksh asked.

abeer came to him. “i know that. but you should forget it” abeer said…”i just cannot” laksh said and pulls out his drawerr. he takes out a photo. “see it. my mom who left me on the age of 8.” laksh shows it to abeer. abeer looks on. “i know” abeer said.

“what you know? do you know how many days I’ve desired for my dad’s love. but he…” laksh said. abeer consoles him. laksh cried looking at his mom’s photo. “i miss you, mom” laksh said. abeer looks sad for lucky.

At home,

ragini is in her room packing her stuffs to move out of the home. she remembers the cute moments there. pushkar came to door and stands. ragini saw him and cries. “I’m going to miss you, uncle” ragini said.

pushkar consoles her. “don’t cry. it’s not good to cry.” pushkar said. ragini wiped her tears and looks at him. “I’m scared thinking about outside” ragini said. “don’t worry. outside will be a friend for you” pushkar said. “i hope so” ragini said.

ragini goes to pack her stuff. she got her parent’s pic and smiles. she puts it into the bag and turned around. she looks at pushkar. “sir, can i ask you something?” ragini asked.

“yes, you can.” pushkar said. “that.. i want to know about my sponsor.” ragini said. pushkar looked worried and shocked. “no, ragini. i cannot tell it to you” pushkar said.

ragini looked on. “plz sir. it’s the last request” ragini pleaded. pushkar looked on. he looks at ragini. he sighed and takes out his spectacle. “okay, I’ll say.” pushkar said.

ragini waited. “his name is Durga Prasad a multi billionaire” pushkar said. ragini looked boggled. “but, why he is helping me?” ragini asked. “don’t know why. but he said not to mention his name to you” pushkar said. ragini looks boggles up. pushkar walks away from there. ragini sat on her bed and thinks it.

Precap ? ragini gets mingled with her new mates. lucky came to college and got to know the message about new girl on college.


enjoy guysss… bye… tomorrow is Ashiqui ff update….

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