Gayu’s New Love (YRKKH) [episode 3]


Hi guys, I am back with another episode of Gayu’s new love, although it was meant for 20 yes’s on my last episode’s comments and I didn’t get 20 but still I decided to carry on because I today I was feeling very nice.

Yeah, and one more thing, Krystle D’Souza gonna play the role of Krittika.
The link for last episode is Episode 2

Gayu: “How can Kartik do this to me, maybe what I considered as my nightmare was real, Kartik did meet Naira on the cafe, and Kartik loves Naira not me, everything I dreamed about Kartik and me will never turn true”
Gayu cries and goes to her room and shuts the door.
[On the road] Naksh sees Tara, while driving the car on the roadside, he stops his car and Tara sees him too. Naksh also sees someone beside Tara.
Naksh: “Tara, you, where have you been”
Tara: “Hi Naksh, how are you?”
Naksh: “Who is this with you?”

Tara: “He is Jay, my husband”
Jay: “Hi, nice to meet you, and what is your name?”
Naksh: “I am Naksh Singhania”
Jay: “Tara, lets go we are getting late”
Tara: “Bye”
Tara and Jay goes, Naksh gets emotional and angry he gets in the car, he drives really fast, his car’s brakes get fail, and the driver front of him, horns but soon crashes with each other, and Krittika was in the other car, Krittika and her driver doesn’t get injured but Naksh gets lots of injuries.

Krittika: “Driver, what have we done, lets get him to hospital”
Driver: “Madam, you should check his phone, look its here, maybe we could call someone at home”
Krittika: “We will do it later, first we have to get him to hospital.
They rush to hospital, Krittika calls at Singhania House.
Akshara receives the phone,
Krittika: “I don’t know who I am talking to but someone in your house had an accident, who is called Naksh, please come to Metropolitan Hospital”
Akshara drops the phone
Kaveri(Bhabimaa): “Bahu, what happened”
Akshara: “Duggu had an accident”

The scene shifts to Hospital
Akshara and the whole family comes rushing
Krittika: “Are you the mother of Naksh?”
Akshara: “Yes”
Krittika: “I am very sorry, I was the one whose car crashed with your son’s car”
Akshara: “Its okay”
Krittika: “Thanks, and don’t worry Naksh is okay”
Akshara: “Thank god, how did you know he is okay and how did you now his name?”
Krittika: “Actually, I was the one who did Naksh’s operation and after regaining consciousness he told me his name and to phone his family members”

So what did you think of today’s episode, I decided to cahnge the title of this article, because it has Gayu, Kartik and Naksh’s love so guys please suggest a new name for this article.

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  1. Sarayumane

    Please update quickly

  2. nice episode and dont worry about comments di (hope u dont mind) , many would have read and not able to comment . ur ff is just wonderful di . carry on and pls dont stop ur ff .

  3. my heart belongs to u . how is this title

  4. Its naksh’s love story

  5. Keerthi_pratyusha

    Wat abt “A LOVE OF LIFE TIME”

  6. Sayed tarannum

    Superb episode di…itss amazing keep writing. ..and the new name of this ff can be” yrkkh love mistry ”
    Have a nice day tc

  7. Title could be : new love stories and no karan gayu scenes, no kaira scenes but it was nice

  8. Hey suhana66 the episode was great loved it can u continue the episodes everyday . I love ur ff . “Once a upon a time “… how is this title..

  9. Nice episodes but upload daily n long episode

  10. Suhana66

    Sorry guys for updating after ages, I don’t get that much time to go to Telly Updates and submit an article and it takes a bit time to think of the plot so I am very sorry

  11. Awesome episode… Dr. kritika will be naksh’s love…very interesting

  12. I can suggest you a name . Love can happen anytime .

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