Gayu’s New Love (YRKKH) [episode 2]


Hi guys I am back with the episode 2 of Gayu’s New Love and I am very pleased with the comments and still I could not decide who will play the role of Karan.

Gayu wakes up from sleep with a serious shock and thinks whatever happened with Kartik and Naira was just nightmare.
Gayu: “Thank god, it was just a dream, nothing else.”
On the other side, Karan talks to Akshara.
Karan: “When I met Gayu, she was really stressed and decided to take her with me to her house”
Akshara: “You did the right thing, Karan, I fed her some Stress-free tablets and soon she will think everything bad happened to her was a nightmare”
[Maheshwari House] Kartik: “Is Naira gonna say yes or not, I am very scared, and if she says yes, what about Naksh, he won’t let me meet Naira”
Then, suddenly Kartik receives a call and it was Karan.
Kartik: “How did you get my phone number?”
Karan: “I can do anything if I want to”
Kartik: “Why did you call me?”
Karan: “Can’t I even call my brother?”
Kartik: “You can, but you have to tell me the reason first”
Karan: “Don’t you wanna meet Krittika didi(Kartik’s sister)
Kartik gets speechless and remembers his childhood where Krittika, Karan and Kartik plays in a garden and Krittika sits on a swing and Karan and Kartik pushes her.
Karan: “Kartik, where were you lost?”
Kartik: “I was remembering our childhood memories”
Karan: “So meet us on the mall”
Kartik: “Yeah, sure”
Important Notice: Krittika is going to be Naksh’s love interest.

[Singhania House] Akshara remembers how Naira and her got re-unite, {To see how Naira and Akshara gets re-unite please have a look at YRKKH 8th August 2016 episode}
Akshara: “I really want those moments with which we both missed”
Naira: “You are right, Mumma”
[At the mall] Kartik enters the mall and soon crashes with a girl and realises that it was Krittika, they both hug each other.
Krittika: “Where have you been, I missed you so much?, tell me…”
Kartik: “I am sorry Kittu di, but I had to”
Krittika: “I understand”
Karan: “Now I could live those moments, with you Kartik”
Krittika, Karan and Kartik hug.
[Singhania House] Gayu: “I don’t know what I saw in my dream is true, I am scared”
Soon, Naira enters Gayu’s room.
Naira: “Have you had a good sleep, you slept for ages an you didn’t even talked to me after returning from Papa’s office”
Gayu: “I-I am sorry, Naira”
Naira: “It’s okay, you don’t have to say sorry”
Gayu pretends to smile.
[At the mall] Krittika: “Enough of tears and crying and let’s have Pani Puri/Gol Gappa, the mall has the best Pani Puri/Gol Gappa”
Kartik: “Yeah, lets”
[Singhania House] Naira gets very tensed about Kartik’s proposal.
Naira: “I’ve never expected that, I mean he used to hate me now he loves me, I can’t just disappoint him, he did so much for me and my family”
[At the mall] Karan: “I afraid, it’s time to say good bye, Dad called me to come home”
Krittika: “Bye, Kartik”
Kartik: “Bye Karan and Kittu di”
[Maheshwari House] Rajshri calls Kartik.
Rajshri: “You are back, I had some work with you”
Kartik: “Just tell me”
Rajshri: “Actually no one is home so can you take me to Akshara’s house”
Kartik talks to himself and says “in this excuse I can meet Naira”
Rajshri: “Did you just say something?”
Kartik: “I said sure”
[They both go to Akshara’s house.] Everyone greet them.
Kartik: “Where is Naira, I can’t see her anywhere, I know she might be on the dance room, I should check”
[Kartik goes to the dance room at the same time Gayu goes to the dance room to find her lost earring Kartik reaches there first then Gayu, Gayu sees Kartik and hides] Kartik: “Have got an answer for the proposal”
Naira: “Which proposal”
Kartik: “Where I said that I love you”
Naira: “I n-need more time for thinking”

So guys what did you think, if you think I should continue please say “Yes” on the comments.
I need maximum 20 “Yes” to continue.
And guys please think a actress who can portray the role of Krittika(Naksh’s love interest)

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  1. Suhana66

    The actress Sonarika Bhadoria gonna play the role of Krittika.

  2. Really so nice continue

  3. Sayed tarannum

    Superb. ……episode…..keep writing dear

  4. Yes please continue

  5. Yes
    I think Krystle Dsouza will able to play kritika’s role

    1. Suhana66

      Yes, she will be better, why didn’t I thought of her.

  6. yesss and ya sonarika bhadoria is a good choice to play naksh’s love interest . carry on and update next episode soon

  7. Sethidisha002

    yes u should continue coz i wnt to see naksh karan and kartik love story together

  8. Yes and how about sanjeeda shiek for kritika

  9. Yes and krystle dsouza for krittika and maybe shakti arora for karan

  10. Suhana66

    Okay, Krystle D’souza will play the role of Krittika

  11. yes
    it was very nice

  12. Yes. I agree with krystle and sonarika both r awesome in their own way . Continue writing the ff . It is getting interesting day by day

  13. Yes I want

  14. Yes its superb plz continue

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