Gayu’s New Love (YRKKH)

Hi guys, I am back with another YRKKH article.
Today’s article is about Gayu’s love (Not Kartik).
In my last my article “Do you like love triangle twist in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” I suggested about adding a new character for Gayu called Karan, who might be Kartik’s(Gayu’s current love) brother or twin brother.
So this is how they meet;

Gayu’s car breaks down when she was going to the office, and in the same place Karan’s car breaks down,
Karan: “Oh no, the car is not working, driver what hapened?
Driver: “Sir, the car is broken, and I can’t fix it”
Karan: “Let me get out side and help you”
Driver: “Sir, I can see a girl, I think her car has broken down.”
Karan: “Oh hello, Excuse me, can you hear me Miss”
Gayu: “What, stop disturbing me, my car has broken down”
Karan: “Mine too, Miss come here, maybe I could help you”
Gayu: “Hi my name is Gayatri, but people lovingly call me Gayu”
Karan: “Hello Gayu, my name is Karan, Karan Kapoor”
Gayu: “Where are you going, maybe you could hire a taxi”
Karan: “I am going to Singhania House for business work, because my dad is Singhania’s business partner, wait, why am I telling you this”
Gayu: “Did you say Singhania House, that’s my home.”
Karan: “So can you help me, please?”
Gayu: “If you insisting, okay, I should call a car from home”

[Gayu calls at home]
Gayu: “A car is coming on its way”
Karan: ” Thank you very much, and how about you are going to the place you meant to go?”
Gayu: “Don’t worry about me, another car is coming to pick me as well”
Karan: “Oh I can see the car, bye and thank you”
After coming to the office Gayu also meets Naira.
Gayu: “What are doing here?”
Naira: “Actually I was missing Papa, thats why I decided to visit the office”
Gayu: “Ok, come with me”

Then in the office Kartik writes a note saying to meet Naira at the cafe near the office, but instead of Naira, Gayu finds love note puts the note on her desk. Kartik realises that Gayu has the love note and goes to her desk to talk to her and finds the love note and thinks Gayu didn’t read it gives it to Naira.
Naira: “What does the frog wants now?”

[Singhania House]
Akshara: “Kids you are back, anyway meet Karan, our business partner Mr. Kapoor’s son”
Gayu: “I already know him”
Akshara: “I know, you told me on the phone”
Naira: “Nice to meet you”
[Maheshwari House]
Rajshri: “Kartik, do you have any work”
Kartik: “No, why?”
Rajshri: “Actually I went to the airport and brought some Prasad(sweets) for Akshara, can yo give them to Akshara”
Kartik: “Sure”
Kartik goes to Singhania house and gets shock by seeing Karan.
Akshara: “Oh hello Kartik, meet Karan our business partner’s son”
Kartik: “Auntie, Prasad, Rajshri gave them for you”
Akshara: “And Karan, this Kartik, our business employe”
They both greet each other.
Karan: “Can we have a business talk outside”
Akshara: “Of course”

They both go to the garden
Karan: “Kartik, you, where were you? I didn’t see you for years”
Kartik: “Karan, I am sorry, but please don’t tell anyone that we are brothers, please, I am very happy with this job and family”
Karan: “Okay, I promose to not to tell anybody”

[The next day]
Kartik waits for Naira at the cafe, Gayu sees Kartik and was about seat on Naira’s place when Naira shows up seats there, they talk, Gayu feels upset and seats on another table hears Naira nad Kartik’s conversation.
Kartik: “I really want say something to you”
Naira: “Say it then, stop wasting my time”
Kartik: “I really, I really love you Naira”
Naira: “What are saying are saying, are crazy?”
Kartik: “I am crazy for you, Naira”
Naira: “I-I need time for thinking”

Gayu gets very heartbroken after seeing this and gets very emotional and doesn’t know what to do and the rain starts.
Gayu: “Why god always does bad to me, first he took away my parents and now took away my love and should kill myself right now, that would be better because this world is not good”
Gayu tries to jump from a cliff and Karan rescues her.
Karan: “What are you doing, sucide, don’t you know what that make your family feel”
Gayu: “No I should die because of him(God), firstly he took away my parents from me and now he took my love”
Karan: “Don’t die just because your love decieved you, you can always find a new love”
Gayu: “Maybe you are right”
Karan: “Now change your clothes, because your family might doubt you”
Gayu: “I don’t have new clothes”
Karan: “You can buy some from a shop”
They both go to a shop and buy some clothes for Gayu.

So guys what did you think of the story and Karan leave commments below to share your thoughts and ideas.


  1. Suhana66



    Sorry for the mistake in Rajshri’s line
    I wrote: Rajshri: “I went to the airport and brought some prasad for Akshara,
    and it was meant to be temple instead of airport.

  2. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    very nice dear , I like gayathri on the show, I always wanted an ff on gayathri , happy that u brought a pair for gayathri . update next episode soon

  3. prasad mulik

    Yes but twin brother hoto accha matlab 2 kartik ek Naira ka & dusra gayu ka love triagle zyada dikho

  4. Suhana66



    Thank you guys I will update the next episode soon as possible
    And please guys suggest some actors to play Karan’s role, maybe actor who is on their 20s

    • Arshi


      |Registered Member

      How about parth samanthan….

      Or….. sammy in kaisi yeh yaariyaan.. he will be perfect match…

      Or else….. have u seen itna na karo mujse pyar…ranvir.. elder son of the main lead couple… i forgot his name.. i think its ranveer….

      And yaar its toooo gud… i also like gayu.. her soft nature… she s quite pretty

  5. Suhana66



    I am sorry yrkkh,
    This is just my imagination and it will never showcase on the TV because the TV will only showcase the writer’s idea not mine.

    • Suhana66



      Is it Arjun Bijlani, yeah Parth and Arjun could be a great choice but they can’t be Kartik’s twin brother instead they could be Kartik’s elder brother

  6. khushboo

    Hi OMG this is such a good scenario! I love YRKKH AND I think that if it was a twin gautam rode would match or perhaps varun kapoor…………… (he played the role of danny vyas in saraswatichandra and the younger brother of gautam rode) but if it wasnt a twin i would loveeeee to see pearl v puri….!!

    But anyways this is sooo good and please carry these on!!

    Love from the UK! Xxx

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.