Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 9

Hey guys, so sorry for being late, I was in my native now, so I couldn’t post, and now I’m not well, I got up 5 took my medicine and wrote this and as per last epi many people preferred love marriage, it will be a love marriage ,and it will take a few more episodes for me 2 write OK so now let’s get into the story

Scene 1, sharma house
Om enters the house
Mallika is doing aarthi of goddess durga , just then Gauri comes she sees her mom doing aarthi,

Gauri s pov
Hey sankarji aaj bacha lo, idea, she was wearing a long black kurta with jeans.
She stands nxt to Mallika and she gave her why are you late look and gauri gave her a sorry look and she starts singing o sherowali…….
Just then Om enters

Om s pov
Such a sweet voice,…she has
They finish the aarthi
Mallika – Omkara please come inside,
Om – ya sure
Gauri gets a call and she goes upstairs
Mallika – Gauri,hamare mehmaan Ko prasad do
Gauri – ek minute ma aai, she doesn’t notice Omkara, (she doesn’t see Om, cuz she was talking on the phone, namaste uncle ji

Om pov
Fhat the whuck! Do I look like a uncle (lol), my hairstyle, she doesn’t remember me
Gauri – oh so sorry aap,mujhe laga ki aap
Mallika – u know each other
Gauri – we are friends also, maa, I only danced with him remember we met in the party, right Om
Om – ya
Mallika – oh good, Gauri go and get prasad
Gauri – thik hai ma
Mallika – ghar me sab kaise hai, kalyani aunty kaisi hai
Om – sab thik hai, aap kaisi hai,
Mallika – I’m fine
Gauri gives the prasad to om, by mistake her hand touches om’s hand they have a cute eyelock…. O sathiya plays… Gauri realize s and stands up, Mallika noticed everything
Gauri – sorry
Om-it’s k
Mallika – Gauri mujhe bhi thoda prasad dho
Gauri – ha, she gives it to her and goes and put the plate, she starts smiling

Scene 2
Gauri pov
Why am I smiling, but he’s so cute, he is so handsome, baal thode lambe hai but it’s ok, omg Gauri what are you talking about, he is just your friend, me bhi na, she told herself

Scene 3
Mallika signs the papers, even Om does
Mallika – don’t forget to register it, I will send Gauri with you to see the land, today she has some work there right
Gauri – ha thik hai, I’m going with him
Mallika – bye

Scene 4
Om goes to his car,just then Gauri comes with her black sedan Gauri was wearing her brown color sunglass, and Omkara was wearing a black colour sunglass (like dbo)
Om – u are going to drive
Gauri – ya, any problem
Om – no its OK
(there was an awkward silence in the car, Gauri broke the ice at last)
Gauri – if you don’t mind can I ask you a question
Om – ya
Gauri – u are a painter na then y are you doing deals, I’m just asking if you don’t want to tell it’s ok
Om – It’s my personal matter, so I don’t like to share abt it, don’t feel bad ok
Gauri – it’s ok

Scene 5
Traffic signal
(just then a boy knocks the door)
Boy – didi ye phul le lo na
Gauri – she gives 500 Rs to him, ye lo poora le lo, umm tumhara naam kya hai
Boy – mera naam raju hai
Gauri – what does your father and mother do
Boy – I don’t have parents
Gauri – , u go to school?
(just then all the other car s honk)
Gauri – chalo car me bheto
Raju – par didi
Gauri – chalo jaldi
Raju sits in the car
Gauri – Om u don’t have any problem right, I have to go to that orphanage, owned by our foundation, so I will drop him there
Om – it’s OK, (he likes the helping nature of Gauri)

Scene 6
Mallika talks to Dadi, conversation muted
Screen ends on Mallika s face

Precap – idk

Sorry for the late update, Guys, hope you understand, c ya soon ????

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  1. Nice build up

  2. Renimarenju

    Thanks for sending links 2 me dear….I loved the cute pairing of omie and gauri and i enjoyed it…This is actually better than the real DBO show.,….it’s nice 2 see om and gauri caring 2 each other , this was short and sweet….And thanks for understanding my view on previous epsiode also….Really nice 2 read….this one….thanks a lot

    1. Rasika

      Thank you so much, this means a lot…. Keep reading

    2. Rasika

      Thank you so much, this means a lot…. Keep reading…. ???

  3. Verna

    So cute.. I’m waiting for their confession day and wedding.. and take care dr.. also check my WS in DBO page

    1. Rasika

      Thank you verna dear, thanks for the concern…… It will happen soon… I read your ws… Keep reading ??

  4. pls write in english

  5. Shreyanvi

    Amazing one dear….loved it…post not part soon..

    1. Rasika

      Thanks sreyanvi aka saku… Sure… Keep reading ??

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