Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 21

Hey guys it’s so good to be back sorry for not posting my ff and commenting ,if you have missed the previous episodes this is the link

Episode 21

Scene 1
G – “ab kya karenge phone tho gaya ab hum ghar kaise jayenge hey sankarji ab kya Kare kuch toh rasta dikhaiye”( now what will we do,phone also is gone god please show us some way)

O -“philhal shankarji kehthe hai ki agar hum yaha se nahi jayenge tho hum bheeg jayenge”( for now your God is telling me that if we don’t go from here we will get drenched)

G – “kyu ? Koi paani phenke aanewala hai kya “( is somebody going to throw water on us)

O- “waha dekho “( look there)

G -“chi chi waha tho koi washroom ja raha hai chi chi kya dekh rahe aap omkara” ( somebody is going to washroom there,disgusting what are you looking at omkara )

O – “smacking his head,waha nahi ” ( not there)

G -“phir kaha “( then where)

O – “pehle sun toh lo”( listen first )

G – “sorry ab boliye bi”( sorry,speak)

O – * no response * signs to see on her shoulder ”

G – “kya? Jab bolne ka mouka diya aap baath nahi kar rahe Ho ,aur agar hum baath kare aapko problem hai,hum kare kya,aur ishaara kyu kar rahe hai “( when I give you a chance to speak you won’t speak)

O – “tumhare kande pe “(on your shoulder)

G – “oh ye coackroach ”

She takes it near Om

O – “gauri isse phenko ,mere pass mat le aana”( don’t bring that near me)

G -” omkara singh oberoi ek coackroach se dar gaya ,haha ”

O- “gauri tum theek nahi kar rahi ho,”

G – “haha”

O -“gauri waha dekho chooha ”

G – “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh ”

She leaves the coackroach

She hugs om

G- “vo gaya na mujhe choohe se bohut dar lagta hai please mujhe mat chodho “( it went right,I’m really scared of mice)

She realises and again trips but she ended up in those strong pairs of hands,She gets captured in those brown orbs,saathiya plays

It started raining ,there eyelock was disturbed by a honking of a car

O- “thank god shivaay sent the car or else I don’t know what we would have done”

Scene 2

In abroad mallika was tensed

M- “ye gauri phone kyu nahi utha rahi mujhe usse bachana hoga,I hope meri bacchi theek hogi,mujhe use kal ke kal yaha aane ko kehnA hoga ”

Scene 3

A man comes out of the car that is none other than khanna

O- “gauri chalo ”

They sat in the car
G – “thank god ,vaise tum ne kab bade bhaiya ko call kiya , tumhara phone ki battery tho dead hogayi na”

O – “vo mere phone mai ek tracker hai tho usse shivaay ko pata chal gaya hoga ”

G – “oh k”

Scene 4
Car stopped

G – “why did you stop the car”

O- gauri calm down , khanna where are you taking us

K- vo shivaay sir ne orders diya hai ki main aapko yaha chod du aur unhone ek parcel diyA hai

O- why?

Scene 5

By that time gauri was feeling really thirsty so she went near the table and drank the orange juice which had alcohol

G – chodhiye naa, this is such a beautiful place maybe he had some work

O- par gauri dont you think this place looks like its only for couples

G- so what you are so hot,you can be my partner for today

O – are you drunk

G – no im not drunk,im fully in my senses see

O- khanna,

G – what khanna khanna,tumhari biwi hai kya aise chilla rahe ho

By that time khanna went away leaving the parcel

O- dal mein kuch toh kala hai ( somethings wrong)

He was disturbed by gauri who was shouting

Scene 6

O – gauri lets go home

G – mujhe dance karna hai,chodho naa ,lets dance drink this juice its very tasty

O – gauri I don’t want it

G – good boy peelo naa

O- gauri I said no ( sternly ) this has alcohol

G – kya humesha nandi bail jaise seen nikhalthe hue rehthe ho kabhi toh sweet bano na meri candy ki tara

O – gauri lets go

G – mujhe nahi jaana mujhe dance karna hai she dances on engine ki seeti from the movie khoobsurat

Finally omkara turns of the music being fed up of her antics

G – ye kya kiya,vaise vo chodo,kya tumhari koi gf hai

O – nahi

G – you are my friend right,to ye pee lo na and she made him drink the juice

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