Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 18

Hey guys I’m back, after soooooooooo long so good to be back again and so sorry for not posting or commenting on ffs, I have holidays like for a week from today so I will be posting my episodes regularly from now, hope you like this epi,I gave double updates last time, if you missed it this is the link

Here goes the 18th epi
Om and gauri reach the restaurant,
G – excuse me can we have a table
Waiter – ma’am we have only the couples table free upstairs rest everything is booked (planned by Shivika and ru)
O – it’s OK we will eat there only Gauri I’m really hungry
G – OK come
The Waiter showed them the table upstairs, it was something like this

Gauri started eating, but she found out Om was struggling to eat because he burnt his right hand, Gauri took a spoon of pasta and put it in his mouth, he was shocked for a moment
Om – Gauri what are you doing
G – helping my friend, friends help each other right
Om – but
Before he could tell anything there was a spoon full of pasta in his mouth, Om was just staring at her and was mesmerized by her looks.. Sathiya plays
G – (shaked him and bought him to reality) Om it’s over so can I eat
O – ya
G – while eating the sauce fell on her nose
Om started laughing
G – y are u laughing ??
O – because you are looking like a small hamster with a red nose ??
G – u (so she puts sauce on his face also) haha now u look like a long haired creature
O – really, he puts sauce on her cheek,from his left hand hahaha now a red colored hamster
Scene 2 at the same time
S-after so many days I’m seeing my brother happy
A – ha vo toh hai ab shivaay kuch order Kare bahut bhook lagi hai
Scene 3
Om – Gauri smile,
He took a picture
G – Omkara! Give me the phone
O – if you want take it
She started to chase him and they had a Tom and Jerry, chase and at last Gauri fell over Om, they had a eyelock…Gauri was lost in his doe shaped eyes…. Ishq hua from aaja nachle plays ???
Scene 4
O – Gauri
G – ha?
O – get up its hurting,
Her hand was on his hand
G – so sorry, show your hand, are you OK?? She blows air at his hand
O – I’m OK but let’s clean ourselves first OK
They finish there lunch,
O – let’s go
Gauri she got a call from her mom, She picked it up and she missed a step and boom she was on the ground (this is the accident) and Om who was busy on his phone shouted
O – Gauri are u OK,
blood was coming from her forehead she fell unconscious and was in his arms
O – Gauri are u OK, open your eyes
He carries her to the car
Scene 5
Oberoi mansion
Shianiru were already there and had called the doctor
Doctor checked Gauri and sprinkled water on her face
Dr – nothing to worry Mr Oberoi, a small wound she will be fine, I have given her a pain killer
Scene 6
A man is shown, get ready Mallika sharma, wait and watch. He laughs evil ??
Hey guys that’s all for today, sorry for short late updates regular updates from today pinki promise, please give me your feedback, pls comment positive or negative, silent readers please comment
Saku dear awsm ts, veru akka I read all the parts awsm, including ws, loved your writing and Kiya I read your ff too and Hey renima your back loved the dbo epi and waiting for August for your new ff

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