Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 17

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Episode 17
Oberoi mansion
Scene 1 Gauri s room
Gauri – maa curtains bandh kardo aaj me office nahi jaa rahi, Om saw her sleeping, she looks so innocent he said to himself, then he realized what he said, and closed the curtain so that Gauri can go back to her dream land. Suddenly her phone alarm was ringing so he turned it of and gauri held his hand and was mumbling something, saathiya plays.. he tried to free his hand but he couldn’t, so he waited for sometime and slowly he placed her hand on the pillow and went out of the room
Scene 2 hall
Om saw ru, ru sab log kaha gaye, koi nazar nahi aa raha he asked om, papa mom, choti ma aur papa aur Dadi, chandigarh gaye he aur, shivaay bhaiya aur Anika bhabhi shopping gaye he aur mein apne friend ke ghar ja raha hu, bhaiya bye,plan successful in mind , OK bye, kamal hai sab log bahar gaye he sirf me aur Gauri gar me hein, dal mein kuch to kala hain,
Scene 3
Gauri got up and took a hot shower and wore her white palzzos and a full arm black colour collared kurta, with a pony tail and a long golden colour earnings with a drop of pearls at the end she finished her pooja and was about to go out “chuha” she screams and went out of her room and hugged Omkara who was listening to music from his ipod and was passing by, Om was shocked Gauri r u OK, please don’t go, the mouse please don’t go, I’m here only don’t worry Gauri was mesmerized seing him opening his hair, in his t shirt and faded jeans…. Ishq hua from aaja nachle plays, Gauri it went, thank God
Scene 4 at the same time
Shivika and ru were watching it in there TV at shivaay s office, by the cctv cameras, how romantic told Anika, apne bhai Ko dekho shivaay kitna caring hai, aur ek aap bhi hai akdu, toh meri biwi Ko kal se romance ka bhukar Chad gaya he toh he comes near her he was about to go close to her when Rudra fake coughed bhaiya pehle in dono pe concentrate karle dekho wo yaha nahi dikh, Maine kaha ta billuji Ko camera thik se fix karne ke liye ab ham kaise dekhenge, cam 2 par dekh, ha ab dikh rahe hai.
Scene 5 Oberoi mansion
Mujhe bahut bhook lagi kuch khane ke liye hai kya, umm I Can make pasta for you, OK I will help you come, no help you sit down OK,
Scene 6 shivaay s office
Ab mujhe bhi bhook lagi hai, tumhe abhi khana hai asked Anika ha bhabi bhook lagi hai to hum bahar jayenge na aur yaha billuji rahenge he na shivaay, aniru hi fi, and shivaay angry gave angry look, we can see from our mobiles too told shivaay, OK so we 3 are going OK
Scene 7 Oberoi mansion
Om while taking out the vessel his hand burnt, Om she shouted look what you have done she drags him makes him puts his hand under running water, Om look s at gauri, she keeps on scolding him and he was just adoring her cute angry face,… music plays… sathiya plays…. She snaps her finger he doesn’t reply, she pinches his other hand aa Gauri what are you doing, you were not replying that’s why, vaise you should be careful, Now there is nothing to to eat let’s go out, I know a very good restaurant, I’m driving the car OK chalo let’s go

Precap – accident of Gauri

That’s all for today hope you liked today’s epi, and sorry for the late update, Bcoz of exams, bye guys, c ya soon, do comment, criticism accepted

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    Its to cute Rasi.. Excited for the precap.. Post soon..

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  6. Awesome…. Loved it
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    Missed so many parts of this ff ….read all in one go

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