Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 13

Hey guys I’m back with another episode, hope you like it, your response, support and encouragement makes me write this episode as I told I would update it yesterday, just 1 day late forgive me , guys if you have missed my previous epi this is the link

Episode 12

Here goes the 13th epi
Scene 1 near the car
Gauri and Om give each other looks and gauri winks at om
Gauri – kill him it’s ok, he troubles me so much, he makes me do so much of work, even his mom is like Hitler
Om – oh hello kill her she troubles me so much, leave me, kill her first
The goons get confused, and the goon shouts
Goon – stop it otherwise I will kill you both
Gauri – leave me kill him first

Om – kill her
(and they again started fighting and the goon shot a bullet in the air, suddenly Gauri shouts police and they both run together but Om trips and falls down Gauri holds his hand….. Music plays and they run together)

Scene 2 – some place in the forest
Gauri – are you OK
Om – ya I’m OK don’t worry, I called khanna for help

Gauri – ohk
There was a snake behind Gauri so Om pulled her by her waist, they have an eye lock…… sathiya plays, they realise their position and before Gauri could move away he pulled her again by her waist and signals her that there is a snake she gets scared and hugs him, they realize there position
Om – it’s gone
Gauri – oh k, your head it’s bleeding (she takes out a band aid an puts it on his wound)

Scene 3
(they were waiting, she sees some bike)
Gauri – Om ji we can go from this bike, anyway that khanna also has not come
Om – but we just can’t take some bike and go, I don’t know how to ride a bike
Gauri – it would be of some goons, let’s go it will be fun and I know how to ride a bike, and we don’t have any option so come fast an there is no network also

Om sits behind Gauri and he holds the back of the seat… she was talking about something and Om was just lost in her beauty, when she suddenly increased the speed and told him to hang on as there were goons behind them, Om due to the sudden force bumped to her and almost hugs her and they finally got rid of the goon due to Oberoi security system manager khanna, and she finally stopped the bike

Scene 5
Gauri – thank you so much khanna ji
Om – thank you so much khanna
Khanna – it is my duty sir, thank you so much ma’am,
Om – khanna will drop you, it’s already late
Gauri – OK

Scene 6 in the car
Gauri – so when should I come to your art gallery tomorrow
Om – 10 am
Gauri – vo actually.. Kal
Om – kya hua tum nahi aa sakti
Gauri – vo mein thodi busy Hu tho 11 am aa sakti Hu na
Om – ha kyu nahi… bye
Gauri – and I’m so sorry bcoz of me you had to face so many difficulties
Om – I told you na it’s ok we are friends
Gauri smiles
Gauri – OK bye
Om – bye

Scene 7 sharma house
Mallika – aa gayi, itni late
Gauri – haa ma’a, lambi kahani hai
(Sweety barks she pats it’s head)
Mallika – I wanted to talk you
Gauri – haa bolo na
Mallika – Voh I have to go to dubai for 3 weeks so you will have to stay in OM, no ifs and buts, ramu kaka also is going to his village
Gauri – oh k
And she thinks about the incident s and dozes of to sleep, she thinks about Om, she felt something different towards him maybe love, no it can’t be she brushed away her thoughts

Scene 8
Om was thinking about Gauri his heart was melting towards her but he is taking time to accept it, is it love?

Precap – Gauri in OM

Hey guys hope you liked this epi, stay tuned.. Keep reading, please comment positive or negative. Bye???

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    Its amazing Rasika.. Love it..

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    It’s beautiful rasika
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  9. its awesome…gauri in OM?
    continue soon

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  14. Rasika dear, fabulous ff. Write next ff as soon as possible.
    Loved it. In dbo, Gauri is nyc but boring. But in ur ff she knows bike riding.
    I hope Om realises his love for Gauri and Gauri 2.

  15. Criz

    Hello rasika kaise ho? i lost my network and finally got it after a month so i can’t post my ff and i delayed reading of your ff. so sorry its very episodes.and i m reading your ff fast so i can’t comments rest of your episode well i decided to review your all episode. wonderful episodes each and every day keep writing dear post next episode as soon as possible
    with regards

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