Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 12

Hey guys I’m back with another khidkitod episode, I’m super happy bcoz of the mahasangam epi, I love the obro moments Shivika moments but I don’t like omie being rude to Gauri , and I’m so happy for svety being out of om life but also sad cuz bcoz of her there was romance (fake romance) but still, and I hope buama is positive, do drop your views about the mahasangam epi , and this is the link for the previous episode s if you have missed All Parts here

Here goes the 12th episode
Scene 1 – xyz place
(Gauri, the girl and Om escaped)
Gauri – puffing and panting) thank you so much Om ji, I don’t know what I would have done without you
Om – no its OK, how did you get stuck here
Gauri – I will tell you later but first we have to make this girl reach her home, she was separated from her parents, We have to find her parents
(they search here and there, but didn’t find them, suddenly the girl runs to her mom, the girl
Girl s mom – thank you so much we were so worried for her (to om)
Om – actually the real credit goes on to Gauri she only saved
Gauri – no its OK, he also helped me you should be careful, I saw some goons taking her in the name of chocolate , so I followed them, and found this girl
Girls mother – thank you so much (she gives money to her)
Gauri – nahi aunty mujhe koi paiso ki zaroorat nahi hai, mujhe kuch nahi chahiye
Girls mother – par beta tumne hamari kitni madad ki
Gauri – nahi aunty ji iski zaroorat nahi agar dena hai tho unko do jisko iski zaroorat ho. she pulls her (girls cheek) agar kisi stranger NE tume chocolate diya to mat lena OK, or ye lo ladoo sankarji ka nam yad kar ke le lena.
Girl – thank you didi
Gauri – bhaiya ko bhi thanks bolo
Girl – thank you bhaiya
Om – thanks kehni ki koi zaroorat nahi, sweet heart be careful bye
Girl – bye (and they leave)

Scene 2 –
Om – I will drop you
Gauri – no its OK I will go
Om – how will you go?
Gauri – by auto
Om – auto, no need you come with me
Gauri – par aapne meri bahut madad ki me aapko aur pareshani me nahi dalna chahti Hu
Om – you told me as your friend na then friends me no formalities
Gauri – OK come let’s go
Om and gauri leave in the car

Scene 3 in the car
Om is driving guys
Om was thinking in the car about Gauri how she risked her to save a girl s life that’s all, his heart screamed you like her right Om told Om s heart
Gauri – can I ask you a question ha so you are a artist na… she keeps talking about him
Om – so if you are so interested in my art you can come to my art gallery tomorrow
Gauri – really, thank you so much
Om – what is there to thank we are friends so we can share things with each other
Suddenly the car stopped
Gauri – what happened, why is the car not starting
Om – I don’t know (there’s some technical problem)
Gauri – OK let’s get down, let’s ask for a lift

Scene 4 near the car
Suddenly she sees the goons the same goons which kidnapped the girl she immediately pulled Om to the other side of the car, Om due to the sudden force fell on her, they have an eye lock.. Music plays.. Om realises, her chain gets stuck to his coat, he removes it and they get up they were feeling awkward, finally Gauri speaks up
Gauri – are u OK, actually vo those goons which you fought were in there car I guess they were following us so I pulled you
Om – oh it’s ok but it looks like they are behind us right now
Gauri – kya??
They turn around, they look on shocked

Scene 5 (at the same time)
Mallika – jhanvi kaisi ho, voh tumhari madad ki zaroorath hai
Jhanvi – ha bolo na, tum meri friend ho
Mallika – vo actually can Gauri stay in OM for 3 weeks, if you don’t mind, bcuz I’m going abroad for 3 weeks,is it OK
Jhanvi – Gauri can come there is no problem, she can stay here

Scene 6
Goons – hands up (he points the gun towards them) you were trying to fool us now see what I will do

Precap – Gauri in OM

So sorry for the late update actually guys I had typed it but I forgot to save it and it got deleted I had to type again and I will update the next part tomorrow and guys the love confession will happen in just few more episodes so stay tuned, please silent readers feel free to give your comments, please comment, criticism accepted… the reading guys, bye c ya ???

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