Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) episode 11

Hey guys so I’m back, I’m a bit busy so please understand, so sorry, I was stuck like how to write but now it’s clear, again sorry for late update guys here is the link for the previous epi if you have missed

Here goes the 11th episode
Scene 1
Om was driving the car, back to Oberoi mansion, he was thinking about Gauri, their first meet, her caring nature, a smile crept on his face, he parked the car, still thinking about Gauri. (Rudra enters)
Rudra – hi o y are u so late, bhaiya NE to kaha tha ki aap 2 3 ghanto me aa jayoge par aap abh aa rahe hai phone bhi nahi lag raha tha , (no response) o? (shivaay enters)
Shivaay – where were you Om?
(no response, lost in the thoughts of Gauri)
Rudra – (in Om s ear) ooooooooo!!!!!!!
Om – realizing, y are u shouting,
Rudra – u were not responding
Shivaay – vaise Om kaha khoye hue the tum? Y are u so late your phone also was not reachable, what happened of that deal
Om – vo shivaay, my phones battery was dead and that deal was successful, and I was with Gauri, we saw the fields the site so it was late
Shivaay – Gauri if I’m not wrong she is Mallika sharma s daughter right
Om – ya
Rudra – oh bhaiya vahi jisne aapke saath dance Kiya, ??
Om – umm ha vahi
(jhanvi enters)
Jhanvi – Om why are you so late now go eat dinner go
Om – OK,

(let’s go)
Scene 2 Sharma house
Mallika – Gauri you came, y are u so late
Gauri – vo ma vo sab bad me bataungi par ab mujhe bahut bhuk lagi hai
Mallika – thik hai chalo
She eats her dinner
Gauri – ma’a actually we saw the fields, collected corn so thoda late ho gaya,, she yawns ab chalo good night bahut thak gayi Hu main, sweetie also is sleeping (she caresses sweeties fur)
Mallika – thik hai chalo, (she kisses her fore head) good night ????
She looks at the moon thinking about Om
Gauri s pov
He is so different he is rude at times but suddenly becomes friendly and caring, he is handsome but his eyes told me he has gone through some pain, she think s about him and dozes of to sleep ???
Scene 3 Oberoi mansion
Om also think s about Gauri and dozes of to sleep??
Scene 4, morning
Om was sleeping when shivaay saw Rudra he woke up Rudra first
Shivaay – Rudra tum yaha kyu so rahe ho
Rudra – bhaiya sone do na ???
Shivaay – Rudra uth varna me tumhare protein shake powder chupa doonga
(listening to protein shake, he got up with a jerk)
Rudra – bhaiya nahi,
Shivaay – I told you so that you get up look at the time now get up,
Rudra – bhaiya aap bhi naa, vaise even o is sleeping, I will wake him up
Shivaay – no don’t wake him up after so many days he is sleeping peacefully
Rudra – OK
(they both go out)
Scene 5 sharma house
Mallika – Gauri utho, ye ladki bhi na!
(Gauri s room upstairs, Mallika opens the bedsheet and finds pillow s)
Gauri – surprise
Mallika – arre wah itni jaldi uth gayi tu voh bhi tayar hoke??, vaise kal subah mandir jana hai, aur inaugural party bhi hai yaad hai na
Gauri – haa ma sab yaad hai, kal vo din hai jo mai kabhi bhi nahi bhula paungi, she becomes teary eyed ??
Mallika – Gauri don’t cry
Gauri – ya mom I’m strong, and strong girls don’t cry, OK
Mallika – where are you going
Gauri – temple, to tell the pujari

Scene 6
Gauri goes to the temple and comes back while coming back, she sees a small girl being kidnapped, she follows the girl
Gauri – beta you come with me don’t go with him I will take you to a safe place
Girl – didi!
suddenly somebody from behind ( a goon) sees her,
Goon – oye ladki, what are you doing here, alone ha, you look so beautiful, Goon 2 – what a figure, let’s take her we will get a good amt
She hits the goon with a stone
Than she sees a group of goons coming there???
Scene 7 chemical factory
Gauri calls some number, as she was panicking ??
Om – hello Gauri,
Gauri – Om ji please save me there are goons behind please help me ???
Om ya first calm down, how did you get stuck there, I’m coming but tell me where are you
Gauri – near a chemical factory, near Lord shiva temple that day we met come fast please ?
O – OK I’m coming
Goon 1 and 2 find Gauri and the girl hiding the girl hides behind Gauri,
goon 1 – trying to act smart with us
goon 2 – how dare you now see what we can do

Goon 1was about to touch her he fainted bcoz of our hero Om hit him with a rod on his head, Omkara kicks the 2nd goon ?
Gauri – tum theek ho na she asked the girl
Om – Gauri you here what happened are you OK
Gauri – I’m fine, it’s a long story but now we have to leave this place
Last epi s precap, Hey guys I typed this in a very sleepy mode, please forgive the mistakes and I’m getting very less comments, I swear I try to update fast, but I’m busy hope you understand, please comment, silent readers feel free to comment, negative or positive it’s ok please comment, c ya soon, take care bye ???

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