Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 10

Hey guys I’m back with another episode,I am busy with a function but wrote it for you guys, here is the link for the previous epi Click here for all episodesepisode-9
Here goes the 10th epi

Scene 1 – car

Om s pov
She is so beautiful, her helping nature, so kind
Om heart – you should appreciate her,
Om s mind – what are u saying Om concentrate on your work, no you can’t trust her she looks like that remember riddhima, she was such a cheat,

Om s heart – no Om how can you think like that if she was a cheat, she wouldn’t have helped the kid, you’re her friend right being a friend you should not mistrust her right
Om s mind – you know the result of trusting some girl right Om
Ya you are right Om told his mind
Om s heart – what will happen if you just appreciate her atleast you can appreciate her right
Om s mind – no you should not do that
Om heart – no you should

Om s mind – no you should nt
His mind and heart started fighting
Om – no!!
Gauri – (she stopped the car at the side) are you OK, drink water (she made him drink water)
Om – staring at her) I’m OK you don’t worry
Gauri – pakka are you OK
Om – ya I’m OK, don’t worry, you are so helpful, you are very kind
Gauri – thanks…
Scene 2 orphanage
Gauri – om it will take some time is it ok

Om – it’s OK, no problem
Bindu – hi Gauri, kaisi ho
Gauri – everything is going on fine right all problems solved, ya and one more thing this is Raju he is going to be in this orphanage from now on he is going to stay here, Raju from now on you will stay here OK
Raju – thank u didi
Gauri – ab jao khelo tumhare liye kitne saare friends hai dekho jao, formalities I will do it now , Om is it OK if it takes some time, Om (om was playing with the kids, she smiles)
Bindu – ma’am who is that

Gauri – oh I forgot to tell about him, he is my friend Omkara
Bindu – oh, ma’am these papers
Gauri – ya OK, she signs it
Anjali – didi aap bhi khelo na please
Gauri – OK chalo

Scene 3

They play with the kids, they have tied the cloth on Gauri s eyes she was about to catch Raju, but due to the ball there she slips and falls on Om and her her cloth on her eyes come out……they have an eye lock… o sathiya plays, Om and gauri realise there position and they both stand up
Gauri – I guess it’s getting late we have to go right Om
Om – ya
Gauri – bye Raju
Raju – bye didi
Om – bye Raju
Raju – bye bhaiya

Scene 4
They told bye to the kids and came back to the car, Gauri was driving the car
Gauri – your paintings are just awesome, how do you do those paintings yaar it’s just awesome…
Om – thanks
Gauri – who is your favorite actor
Om – James Bond
Gauri – Hindi actor please ?

Om – srk
Gauri – oh sharukh khan, my favorite actor is salman khan,?? he is like just awesome,……… and she keeps talking (om was just staring at her ????) By that time there destination arrived, Om we came get down, hello
Om –( disturbed by Gauri) ya OK

Scene 5
Gauri – so this is your site, would you like to see the corn fields,we can pick corn too it’s very nice will you come please
Om – oh nice, OK I’m coming
They see the corn fields while taking out the corn, a thorn gets stuck in her hand
Gauri – ah,

Om – Gauri, are you OK you should be careful, look a thorn has gone inside it’s very dangerous, he takes out the thorn.. (he takes out the thorn out of her hands, she holds his left hand tightly with her right hand…. Sathiya plays, Gauri smiles at his caring nature) is it paining I took out the thorn (Gauri nods no)
Gauri – thanks,
And they eat corn ,

Scene 6
Gauri was about to get in to the driver seat, just then Om stopped her
Om – I’m driving the car you have a hurt and you must be sleepy to right, so now let me drive
Gauri – this is such a small hurt and gauri sharma doesn’t get hurt Bcoz of small things,
Om – OK fine but nothing will happen if you don’t drive now take rest, Now we are getting late sit down OK

Gauri – OK
Gauri soon dozes off to sleep,
Om – Gauri so what do you do in your NGO, Gauri
(he sees her sleeping on his shoulder)
Om s pov
Aww ?? she looks so cute while sleeping,
(and they reach sharma house)
Om – Gauri wake up your house
Gauri – she gets up oh sorry

Om – it’s k, u were tired bye
Gauri – bye
Screen ends on Gauri s face

Precap – ishq pe hoga yakeen ishq hojane ke baad!!

Guys, so hope you liked this epi sorry for late update but please understand I’m a bit busy, shoes and tomatoes accepted, pls comment, silent readers please comment, and guys can’t believe ten episodes are over so thanks to all my readers, vanisha, verna, bk Maha, criz, saku dear aka sreyanvi, sreenandana.suresh, renima, Kiya, palak, meera, nitika, khyana, niriha, manya pv, shiv, charitha, nikita jai, hepsibha, chandni, shraddha, anshupriya, hope I have not missed anybody s name, Guys thank you so much for the support keep supporting, love ya guys, c ya soon, tc ????

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  1. Amazing. Om’s heart mind debate was cute

    1. Rasika

      Thanks nitika… Keep reading ☺

  2. Renimarenju

    Wow….i really liked this one dear…heart vs mind was really difficult 2 portray and u did complete justice 2 it….that’s the speciality of omkara and i can feel it well through this episode…i could say this is really gud and day by day u are wondering every one with ur ff’s episodes…rikara scenes were a treat 2 read and i enjoyed it a lot…..Really praiseworthy episode….I loved it….waiting for next..bye…love u

    1. Rasika

      Thanks renima.. And glad u liked the rikara scenes and Om s heart and mind comvortsation, love you too… Keep reading ????

  3. Yashu

    Hii dear….actually I m die hard kunal lover….nw recently even a gaurika lover…i was reading some random ffs on gaurika n found urs’s too…..i read all the ten episodes….u write brilliantly yaar….n esp i love ur each n every gaurika scene….eagerly waiting for nxt episode…

    1. Rasika

      Hi yashu, thank you so much for the compliments… Keep reading ??

  4. Dhar

    Awesome episode

    1. Rasika

      Thanks dhar… Keep reading ?

  5. Verna

    Wow.. I loved Om’s pov superb dr

    1. Rasika

      Thanks…… ?.. Keep reading

  6. Awesome…’s heart-mind debate was superb
    If possible update soon

    1. Rasika

      Thanks vanisha… Keep reading ?

  7. Rasika its superb yaar. .
    Om’s heart- mind debate..what a thought…….
    Full update was awesome….
    Loved RiKara scenes..
    Nice precap….
    Post nxt prt asap…
    All the best dear…

    1. Rasika

      Thanks meera… Keep reading

  8. Niriha

    Awesome ???loved it

    1. Rasika

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  9. Kiya

    Its a lovely epi dr…. Amazing….

    1. Rasika

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