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Gaurikara – a love story (an ff by rasika) Episode 1


Hey guys I hope u like this ff I wrote this ff at 3 am in the morning due to the dogs barking nxt to my house.
So here goes the first epi

Scene 1
Sharma house – a girl is shown sleeping on the bed hugging her teddy
Gauri- Ramu kaka close the curtains today is Sunday.
Ramu kaka – (servant of the sharmas) Ji madamji
(at that time Mallika enters and tells him to leave the curtains open)
Mallika – Gauri get up beta it is 10 am.Look sweety (a golden retriever)also got up
Gauri – it is Sunday mom let me sleep
Mallika – OK finebut then don’t scold me that I didn’t wake u up for going to your dance Academy
Gauri – I totally forgot, OK Ramu kaka where is my coffee
Ramu kaka – ji madamji abhi laya
Gauri- oh fo Rama kaka I have told u so many times to call me as gauri
Rama kaka – theek hai Gauri beta
Gauri- ye huina bath, good morning sweety
(cuddling him)
Ramu kaka – ye lijiye Gauri beta
Gauri- apki coffee sabse best hai, Acchakaka apne sweety Ko kkhana diya
Ramu kaka – ji beta
Mallika – OKnow get ready otherwise u will be late.
Gauri – OK ma

Scene 2
Oberoi mansion – a man is shown sleeping with red puffy eyes and disturbed face
Anika – good morning om,
Om –( getting up from the bed) Bhabhi aap, good morning,
Anika – OK now go get ready, billuji wanted to talk to u
Om-ok bhabhi
Scene 3 shivika room
(shivaay is looking at the mirror and getting ready)
Shivaay- good morning my Anika!
Anika- (our smart Anika had already got up and had put a pillow)
(Shivaay was abt to open the bedsheet when)
Anika -Boo!!
Shivaay – (starlted) u got up so early surprising
Anika –haha billuji u lookso funny when scared
(shivaay holds her through her waist tightly)
Anika-(shocked) what are u doing shivaay (blushing)
Shivaay – settling scores my dear, Now bcoz u scared me, I want my gift
Anika – , leave me shivaay I have a lot of work to do
Shivaay- I don’t like wives who do a lot of nakre
Anika – OK fine
Anika was about to kiss shivaay on his cheek
Rudra – ahm, ahm if billi and billas romance is over bhaiya can we make bfast
Shivaay -OK I’m coming
Rudra – OK bhaiya
(after rudra left Anika kissed shivaay on his left side of his cheek,and left blushing,sshivaay smiled at her antics)

Shivaay s pov
My Anika, she looks so cute her eyes her plump lips,ttadi,her eyes the way she blushes
(his thoughts were disturbed by om)
Om – what happened shivaay (teasing) thinking about bhabi
Shivaay- ya
Om -really shivaay
Shivaay – realized what he said, no just anyway I had a work for you u have to crack a deal worth 25 crores with the sharmas
Om -OK shivaay
(As rudy enters the room)
Rudra- bhaiya ab yeh sab cchodo, I’m feeling very hungry
Shivaay- OK om I will tell u the details after breakfast

Precap- obro moment , shivika romance, gaurikara meet

Hey guys I know I will get very less comments but it’s OK if u like this epi pls comment. And if u don’t like this ff u can criticize.

  1. Nice..

  2. Awesome

    1. Rasika

      Thanks keep reading

  3. Verna

    Wow.. nice part dr.. tat too on my Om and Gauri.. keep writing

    1. Rasika

      thank u verna sooooooooo much …….keep reading

  4. nice one dear..

    1. Rasika

      thank you nikitajai….keep reading

  5. B.k.maha

    Its really amazing dr… Sry dr I don’t know about this ff… That’s why I late… Superrrrrrrrrrr…. Keep going…. But I really hurt that dog for waking my dr so much early and also I love that dog because of it we got this beautiful episode… Waiting for next episode egarly… Especially gaurika’s meeting….

  6. Rasika

    thank u soooooo much maha , its ok and thank u so much for the concern ,and im glad that u liked the episode ,will post the next epi tomorrow …….love ya keep reading

  7. Hepsibha

    Nice start I love gauri …waitng 4 next update

    1. Rasika

      Thanks… Keep reading

  8. Nice epi…continue dear …nd post nxt 1 asap..

    1. Rasika

      Thanks… I have posted the next few… Keep reading

  9. Very nice…..

    1. Rasika

      Thanks… Keep reading

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