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Hi friends I am christy. I am going to write an os on gaurika.i hope everyone enjoy this…
In my os omkara blames gauri when she returned to oberoi mansion from kaali takurs haveli. so gauri leave from oberoi mansion.

Story starts….?

Now om is angry on gauri because she is the one created all problems.(os is same as in DBO).
Om : you married kaali for cheated kaali and come here for take money from us jhanvi go and stops him but he is not listening her. You and kaali kidnapped chulbul . I want him now.
Gauri: hey just listen to me I have to tell you something.please listen to me. Om
Kaali enters
Om: kaali if anything happens to chulbul you have to pay for it.
Kaali : if anything happens to him I have to pay it right om.
He put knife on gauri’s neck. And gauri shocks.
Om: why did you take gauri.she is not included in chulbul and kaali ‘s games.
So leave her that is good for you kaali ..
Kaali: so you didn’t tell anything to him gauri.okthen let’s see what happens…
He puts gauri in his car and drive away. Omkara follows kaali..
Kaali drives car to a hilly area. And stops car where a cliff located…
So omkara stopped his car..

Kaali pulls chulbul from the car she shouts omkara ji. Please help.
Om : chulbul don’t worry I am here..
Om looks for gauri but he didn’t see her.
Om: kaali where is take gauri from the house .then where is she??

Kaali pulls chulbul and removes her wig and specs.Omkara get shocked.He asks gauri, how dare you.. you fooled me, my family. You betrayed me.. I accepted chulbul as my friend but you broke my trust. Because of you Takurein died, there was enemity between me and kaali thakur. Gauri cries..
Gauri tells all truth to Omkara that because of kaali Takurein died, kaali forced her for the marriage…
Omkara gets shocked hearing the truth. Omkara says Sorry gauri I misunderstood you… I hated you without knowing the truth, I scolded you, then also you don’t say anything against it, you saved my life, my mother’s life, you were there for me in all my bad times , Sorry Gauri. Gauri and Omkara cries…
Kaali says Wow… and comes towards Gauri. What a beautiful love story… Happy endings… But I don’t like happy endings.. Gauri if you are not for me i don’t let you be for others… Because of you I got much hate from people… I don’t leave you Gauri…And pulls gauri from the cliff…
Omkara gets shocked and pulls away kaali and runs towards Gauri..Gauri falls down from the cliff… Kya hei tujko rab bulaaye…. plays…. Kaali laughs hardly…
Omkara comes near kaali and beats him hard. Omkara goes down the cliff and finds Gauri he runs to hospital with gauri. Saatiya plays. They reach hospital and omkara shouts doctor . Doctor comes checks and rushes her to the ICU. Omkara sees Gauri through ICU window. Doctor checks gauri’ s pulse and try to regain her heartbeat through CPR. She doesn’t respond. Doctor comes and says omkara that they can’t save her life… Omkara gets shocked.. He says that doesn’t beleive in God but now God please save Gauri and rushes to her… He cries and says Gauri please wake up… Please wake up for me… He cries and his tears fall on her forehead… She started to regain her heartbeat… Omkara smiles..and hugs her.. Doctor rushes inside and nurse puts oxygen mapon her nose.. and asks omkara to be outside… Omkara goes outside smilingly​… He recalls his and Gauri’ s marriage and their past moments… Gauri gets conscious… Omkara hugs her and whispers in her ear I love you Gauri….. She smiles..

Hope you like this. all eggs and shoes are accepted
Thank you pls do comments and give suggestions for a better writing next time.

If you think that I have stolen anybody’s story please inform me

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