gaurika marriage with all rasams (intro)

Hello friends christy here .. How are you ?
sorry not updating ek villian…i will post it as an Os.
so friends i have no idea to what to do and today i got some idea about gaurika’s marriage.
what do you think?? with all culture tradidtion and rituals..
hope you like iit..
so can anyone help me ..

that can you tell how many rituals are there in north indian marriage that is mehendi, sagai so much are there so can you tell me
being an keralite i ‘m not famaliar with those things in northindian marriage
and our episode is with how much rituals are there.
each episode will shows each rituals

so do you like it nor not .. i don’t know
I feel like very interesting to write so…
this ff is according to your wish ..

this is about gauriks’s marriage and plot is upon the rasams. i have no idea about it how much rasams are there
if you like it please do comments

yeah u can throw egg and tomatoes not for omkara and gauri..its for me
because of my this type of writing i don;t think this you agree this plot lets see…

dank ku for reading this please do comments
can you send all rituals to my pm.

with regrads christy

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  1. Fenil

    Let me do comment !!
    I read it when its published but i was not interested that time but seeing no comments thought give comment.

    Shoes stealing (joote do paise lo)
    Ring finding ceremony

    1. Radhika.k

      Bhaiya apko hi comment karna chahiye!!IBcoz u r a very experienced bhagoode dulha!!!!I still remember sab log kitne tayariyaan kar rahe the uss dhin!!!Aur aapne bhaag ke shaadi karli!!!!

      1. Fenil

        Hello Radhika !!
        Really i m experienced person , bhagte woh hai jo situation face na kar sake.
        koi ritual reh toh nahi gaya na ?

    2. Radhika.k

      Mere hisaab se main rituals aapne bata diye!!!I think these rasms r ok!!
      Bhaiya,mera voh matlab nahi tha!!!Aap nahi aaye isliye sab log were angry!!!Sorry if u took it too serious!!

      1. Fenil

        I know it.
        U also know i didn’t take anything seriously sab chalta hai hum sab ke beech:D:D:D:P:Pkya bolte ho!!

    3. Radhika.k

      Yaa sab chaltha toh hai!!But kabhi kabhi i feel that others may take wrong!!Aur aap aise nahi ho!!So its fine,chaltha hai!!

    4. Criz

      Thank you bhaiyya

  2. Radhika.k

    Hii christy!!!Its good that u r writing a new story with a new plot “Rasams”!!!!As fenil said those r the main rituals which they do in North-indian marriages!!!Hope to see u start writing the FF soon!!!!All the best dear & i’m eagerly waiting!!!

    1. Criz

      Thankyou radhu i will post ff soon after my exam..

      1. Radhika.k

        Take ur time dear!!All the best for ur exams!!!

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