Gangster ki girlfriend (episode-1)


Hiiii friend
im venni
it is my first ff..hope u guys like it..

It was dark night,on a road one boy was running behind one man,finally the boy catches that man nd beats him,that man tried to run,but that boy takes his gun nd fires him..that man collapsed on ground.. then that boy hears some one screaming,that boy turns nd sees one girl was screamed seeing that murder..that girl wears blue jean nd white crop top,due to fear she closed her eyes tightly..that boy was mesmerised seeing her….her friend came nd drags that girl..that boy tried to follow them..but he missed….

The girl thinking about that incident and says how cruel he was,how could he kill that man..plz god punish him for his deeds…
Then she saw shadow near her balcony. . .she moves towards balcony,suddenly someone pulls her nd covered her mouth with hand. . .she was shocked nd scared to see that person. . .

Screen freezes on that girl shocking face. .
Guys guess who is that girl and boy.??

Hope u guys like it…

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  1. Rafeee

    superb dear…. i hope its ragsan

  2. Ragsan or Raglak may be .
    Anyways superb .

  3. Love it….i think it is raglak

  4. if its a storry?

  5. Tulina

    Obviously my swasan…..??????????

  6. Silent_writer

    Intresting dear

  7. Ragsan/raglak !!
    Please ragini must be the girl, male lead is your choice

  8. Fairy

    super awesome intro dear…
    waitng for d nxt part eagerly!!!
    d grl is eagini r8 … 😉
    lets see who’ll b d boy…
    keep rockng n stay blessed dear.. 😉 😉 😉

    1. Fairy

      i mean i hope d grl is ragini 😉

  9. Kakali

    Nice start…dear..
    is it SWASAN FF/SS/TS?

  10. Cutiie

    awesome but plz swasan

  11. Cutiie

    only swasan as pair plz

  12. Superb and Raglak plz plz plz

  13. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it Raglak…Its a request…

  14. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear….i hope it is ragini

  15. Tamanna

    Awesome…. Hope it’s swasan….
    Please update soon

  16. Innovative

    Nice start. I hope it’s Raglak! #finger crossed

  17. Kristen

    Awesome choose pair whatever want but plz don’t mess with pair like ragsa or swalak i don’t like these pair

  18. Lila

    Superb…really hoping it’s Ragsan

  19. Akshata

    its so damn interesting, update soon

  20. Ragz_teju


  21. Awesome,,, Ragsan onr Swalak i don’t mind…

    1. i meant Ragsan or Raglak….

  22. Different n interesting

  23. Astha

    Hi venni….. Hope u remember me……
    Superb intro…… Liked it very much. Waiting for the next part…. Hope the girl is Ragini…. The boy…. If its sanky then awsm if its lax then its cool… Whoever it is waiting for next epi.?

  24. mou(swasan lover)

    nyc.swasan plz

  25. Raglak onlyyyyyyy…

  26. Ragsan plzzzzzzzz……..

  27. want ragini

  28. Swasan plzzz

  29. Sanjanaagrawal

    Swasan plzzzzzz….. if not swasan then plz swalak ….

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