Gangaa & Badho Bahu (Maha Sangam) 3rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hissar
Ganga arrives with her family at the dharamshala, and finds the mnager of the place arguing with them and another woman with hr blind kid, and behaving rudely, and refusing to let them stay despite having made the payments. gangba argues while they try to thwart her off, by threatening her not to meddle in their matters. but just then, bado arrives and tries to talk to them. they deny her too, but when she introduces herself, they immediately comply, and hurriedly get to arranging ganga’s stuff. bado formally introduces herself to ganga, and they happily meet. bado also introduces ganga and her family to her own. she tells ganga about the immense miraculous powers of ghunghat waali maat whose fame is known to everyone from all ends. ammaji is highly influenced.

she and bado discuss their issues, and both get emotional. just then, lucky comes, and bado intoduces him too. meanwhile, they leave. ganga and ammaji go to the darbaar to catch a glimpse of the maata. it turns out to be prabha, who is here to trap illiterate villagers along with her son, yash. ganga and ammaji join the crowd, as yash starts talking grand about the miraculous healing powers of ghunghat waali maata, in her sadhu attire, so that he is not recognised. one after one, the paid people come and pretend to be handicapped and then she miraculously healing them. the villagers are easily befooled and mesmerised, along with ammaji. ganga however smells foul. she goes bachstage, where yash is flirting with young girls, and then finds the people coming out having received money for their pretentious act. ganga is apalled, and then finds an elaborate video set up. one of them stops her and asks why is she snooping around and before she is caught she rushes away from there. she tries to tell this to ammaji, but she refuses to believe saying that she senses conspiracy everywhere. meanwhile the maata continues to show one miracle after the other. bado too is highly expectant that she shall get her blessings and her marital life shall improve. she is about to seek blessings when ganga stops her, and gets atop the stage with the blind boy, and asks the maata to cure this boy, and then they shall all give her as much chadava as she needs. prabha fumes inside the ghunghat and yash is aghast to see her yet again. they wonder how to stop this commotion. she finally gets up and tries to heal the boy. but then she pretends to be dizzy and fakes an unconscious attack. her disciples rush to her and whisk her away. a wild commotion ensues. ammaji retorts at ganga for doing this and not believing hence the miracle not happening. she then turns to bado who is equally tensed too, wondering what to believe and what not.

Meanwhile, inside, yash and ganga are furious at ganga, who they curse that she cant let them live happily. they decide to kidnap her to teach her a lesson, and taking advantage of ammaji’s blind faith. her goons pick up krishna and gaga and tie her up. but they dont know where to keep her, so for the time being, they put her in the back of lucky’s jeep. lucky asks them to get lost. they have no option but to leave away. he also gets into a scuffle with yash. he drives off rash. MEanwhile, ganga and ammaji notice that krishna is missing, and they rush out frantically. ganga notices lucky’s jeep carrying away krishna, gagged and tied up. she screams helplessly, but he whisks away oblivious of krishna’s presence, and ganga’s screams. Ganga hurriedly rushes inside and tells bado that she herself saw lucky taking the girl away. bado asks her to calm down citing that there must have been some confusion and they shall find krishna. she is distraught. they get to searching.

Meanwhile, lucky, while driving, is cursing why he took up this maata assignment, when he hears muffled sound, and is shocked to see krishna. he quickly ungaga her, and then after initial hesitation, she explains everything, when she realises that he didnt kidnap her. he is about to take her to safety, when he is attacked by prabh’as goons who try and get on him and her. but then bado comes at the eleventh hour, and together they thwart off the goons. ganga hurriedly rushes to krishna, and is relieved to see her. meanwhile, lucky and bado eye each other tensedly. they begin to return back. the goons tell prabha that they lost krishna and she got away. prabha and yash are disgusted.

Backstage, ammaji turns to yash, oblivious of his true identity, and hopes that he shall urge the maata to help her find her granddaughter. after much deliberation, he agrees to help her out. at the stage, yash and prabha decide to make an example out of ammaji. he announces to the audience that maata shall help ammaji find her grand-daughter. they find lucky and bado along with krishna and ganga, returning back. he announces that maata has pointed in the same direction and all clap and cheer in applause. yash beckons lucky and bado to come and seek blessings. they comply. she blesses them to be happy always. lucky gets tensed and walks off. bado comes down and meeta ganga and asks her to be happy always. ganga smiles and hugs herr, as bado asks her to think and take decisions straight from the heart. the screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.

Precap: The ghunghat waali maata aka prabha gives ammaji a medicine, saying that is this is given to her son in the night, then his disease shall be cured definitely. ammaji hurriedly complies, while prabha thinks that this shall not cure him, but send him to his death.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Very disappointing Mahasangham episode. How is it possible that Yash is always able to escape from prison… Too many loop holes in the story and honestly writers has lost the plot .

  2. bhavaniasapu

    Yeah…. All of them being lawyers and doesn’t know that yash escaped from jail… Even judge sahab also doesn’t bother to know…. Disgusting… Waste of time for maha episode….

  3. Hi Pooja and Bhavani, exactly my thoughts too. I fast forwarded most of it. I somehow struggle to grasp the concept how Ganga & Amma Ji failed to recognise Yash voice when he was promoting lady in red veil magical powers? It wasn’t that long ago he tried to harm Krishna.

    I’m just waiting for revamp to take place, if it doesn’t improve then I won’t be sitting on my couch stuffing my face with junk food. Bad enough i’m eating junk food whilst watching junk t.v lol 🙂

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