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Prabha and Ratan sit down to have breakfast. Madhvi calls out for the kids to join them too. Mehri tells her that Ganga left for some place early in the morning itself. Everyone is confused. Amma ji knows that Ganga hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Maharaj ji shares that she looked worried too. Yash tells everyone that Ganga’s plan failed so she is bound to be worried. Her team was practising on the same song on which we are going to perform. We registered it first in our name so Ganga’s team cannot dance on it. They will have to back down. They cannot participate anymore. Maharaj ji asks Sagar about the songs. They were different initially right? Last night you and Yash were talking that your teacher changed the song. Prabha saves them by saying that teacher can do anything. Madhvi too is

confused as to why the song was changed suddenly. Amma ji tells everyone to focus. Prabha tells Yash to eat as he looks thin. An irked Amma ji replies that he is eating. Everyone smiles.

Ganga comes to school but all the girls stay away from her including Neha. Bulbul remarks that they only supported this widow. I knew that she is not what she appears to be. It is time for class. All the girls go inside. Ganga enters last. The girls don’t let Ganga sit next to Reena. Bulbul asks Reena not to be friends with them anymore if she still wants to be with Ganga. Bulbul calls Ganga a cheater. You think we will forgive you? No! No one here will talk to liars or cheaters anymore! The girls affirm. Reena changes her seat. Bulbul points out that she doesn’t even deserve to sit with them in the class. The girls support Bulbul. Chaya calls Ganga smart and a liar. We were fools that we fell for her words. Bulbul smiles and sits down. Ganga sits alone. She looks at Reena who looks down immediately. Ganga runs out of the class. She runs out in the school playground. She joins her both hands to look at the sun like she always used to. You know Bappa that I am not a liar. I dint cheat anyone. I cannot do it yet everyone is blaming me. what should I do Bappa? I dint do anything!

Ragubir has made Chandan a lead dancer along with Sagar. They needed two lead dancers so he chose him. Chandan is sure they only will win. Can I go to stage to get the trophy? I can do anything. Raghubir tells him that they will see this later. Chandan leaves. Sagar comes to ask him Sir why he chose this particular song. Raghubir gets curious. Sagar shares with him what happened yesterday. Raghubir instigates him all the more. Did you cheat with Ganga? Sagar denies. Raghubir calls her a liar. How can I take their son for us! Sagar falls for his words. Raghubir advices him that winning is the most important thing in life. No one likes to lose. Sagar nods. We only will win. He leaves.

Ganga thinks that they will lose if they don’t do anything. Badi Madam’s dream will fail if we don’t participate at all! What should I do? Her Bappa asks him what she cannot understand. She gets happy to see him. He kisses her on her forehead. She seeks his help. All the girls are calling me a liar. I dint do anything wrong but they are refusing to believe me. Bappa knows it too. How did you forget that you are Ganga which makes her own way! Ganga gets thinking. She looks up but cannot see her Bappa there. Bappa said that Ganga finds her own way. It means she does not need anyone! She runs back towards the class.

Ganga starts practising alone. All the girls come there too. Bulbul taunts her again. Are you mad to dance alone? Ganga knows that they all don’t trust her. I dint cheat or lied to any of you. It is up to you if you don’t want to believe me. I only want to say that you back down now then you will cheat with your school which is wrong. I wont do it or even back down. I will participate in the competition even if you don’t support me. She resumes her practise. Reena removes her shoes and joins Ganga. All the girls follow suit except Bulbul and her gang. They leave from the room. Reena stops the song. We cannot dance on this song plus we don’t have a teacher too. What will we do now? Ganga assures her that they will do something.

Sudha’s brother has come to take her signatures on the property papers. She refuses to do it. Ganga comes there. She tries to talk to Sudha about the dance competition but Sudha does not let her complete her sentence. She starts scolding Ganga right away. Pishi Ma takes her inside. Sudha’s brother calls her greedy. You only want a few white clothes. You need nothing else. I will get you anything that you want. You got unlucky in life. Your present life is finished. Do something good for your next life atleast. No intelligent woman will do it. Sudha signs on the papers. Ganga finds him bad. He is talking so rudely to her. Someone stop Sudha Bua. Sudha tells her brother that she did what he wanted. I will not even come to you if I need anything in life. I will stay away from you. Sudha comes in a room and cries. Pishi Ma comforts her. Sudha is hurt by her brother’s words. A widow is just a widow. She has no parents or brother or sister! Pishi Ma tells her to be quiet but Sudha refuses to be quiet anymore. We all have been quiet since always! She picks out letters from Pishi Ma’s bags. You caress them at night before sleeping and close your eyes tight so no tear falls down from your eyes. Your kids are well settled in abroad but don’t care about how you are living here without them. Even Mamta keeps quiet. She dint tell anyone about her evil BIL who killed her husband and then misbehaved with her. We widows have a long life but cannot say anything to anyone. we are humans but worthless. She suddenly notices Ganga.

Ganga tells Sudha that she wont sit quietly and will neither let her stay quiet anymore. You all too should not stay quiet anymore. Why should you? Tell the world your story! Let us show your story to everyone through the competition. People can only know it if we will tell them.

Precap: Bhagyalakshmi and Ganga’s Mahasangam promo!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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