Gangaa 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Court
The proceedings start and evrbal arguements begin in full flow. sagar’s lawyer starts pointing out one example after the other of ganga’s recklessness, and she feels she is losing ground. sagar is tensed at ganga’s plight. he demands for some private time with his lawyer but the judge denies it, saying that there has been enough time before the session started. ganga takes over, and begs to present her first witness zoya, who shall tell the truth about the jewellery. The judge grants the permission, while zoya takes her stand tensedly. ganga asks her to tell them all clearly how she got the jewellery and who gave it to her. zoya remains silent. ganga asks her not to be tensed, while zoya eyes the family apprehensively. finally she speaks up, ganga

is hopeful. b ut she is shattered, when she says that she doesnt have any idea about this, and doesnt know which jewellery is she talking about, as she never handed them any. the judge asks zoya to descend down. ganga is shocked. zoya doesnt look at her in the eye. ganga tells the judge that her major witness backfired. she asks for somemore time, to extract more evidence. the judge denies any more time. she is tensed. he then declares that today’s proceedings arent enough for arriving at a conclusion, but its been enough to characterise ganga and that ganga hs been reckless and they have heard numerous examples, and its clearly evident, that sagar doesnt have any experience of raising a child,m and hence it cant be said for sure, whether he shall raise krishna better. he says that whats paramount is krishna’s happiness, and hence the right to it goes to krishna only, who she wishes to stay with, her mother or her father. all are shocked to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji is tensed about the judge’s decision, when maharaj comes and finds her like this, and asks if she is okay. she doesnt respond and rushes to sagar’s room. she asks sagar to go and meet krishna right now, and tell what she has to say, before ganga distracts her into taking her name. she asks him to go and get her to say his name, as they cant let go of krishna. he says that he doesnt need to do anything. she insists. he calms and makes her sit down, and gives her water, while she is restless. he asks her not to bother much, as krishna shall take his name and asks if she trusts him, and soon she shall be with them. she resignedly complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
As she eyes krishna playing video games, ganga remembers the court session, zoya’s betrayal and the judge’s deciwhy. ganga says that the judge shall ask some questions and she has to respond, but doesnt divulge much. she asks her to say whatever she wishes to. krishna is about to be put to sleep, when the doorbell rings. ganga tucks her in and then opens the door to find zoya. zoya comes in looking shattered and distraught, and says that she is extremely sorry and tries to again instigate her against sagar, but ganga slams the door shut on her face. zoya says that sagar scared her with a death warning, while ganga doesnt respond. she starts fuming outside, getting frustrated, she thinks that she thought she would be able to handle her, but even if she doesnt, zoya doesnt care, as she did manipulate as much as she needed to and instigated both ends, as much as she had to, and now the court’s decision remains to be heard.

The next morning, while krishna is playing, niru comes and she is excited. ganga comes out too. he gets her chocolates and she is tensed, saying that she cant have them on weekdays, as per ganga’s rule. he asks if she complies to everything that ganga says. she says that she follows all the rules, even if ganga isnt around. he asks if she knows why isnt she at school. she says what ganga told, but how she didnt tell the questions. he is proud about ganga’s integrity. he then tells krisha why is she summoned in the court. she says that she wishes to have them both and wants to stay with both of them. he says that he too wants that, but she needs to be very careful of her decision of whatever that might be. he tries to emphasise the importance of her decision and makes her realise it too, as one wrong move and everything is ruined. he asks her to find a way, that fulfills everything. she asks how is that possible and if she can choose both. he says that he cant say and she has to decide for herself. she says that she has grown and become mature, and is intelligent too like ganag, hence needs to take a good decision. he then takes his leave asking her to be careful, and also tell ganga, that he came. krishna is scared, as niru walks out.

Scene 4:
Location: Court
Outside the court, ganga is shocked to know that krishna knew from niru, and asks what should she do, as she wants them both. ganga composes herself and says that she should follow her heart as thats never wrong. she then asks krishna to place her hand on her heart and try and listen to her response. krishna complies. while ganga is paying the auto fellow, she spots sagar and krishna goes rushing. she gets skeptic when she finds them chatting animatedly. she rushes upto them, and then while he eyes her tensedly, she takes krishna and leads her inside, while he remains tensed standing outside.

The court proceedings begin. All wait in anticioation. as krishna comes in the witness box, the judge asks krishna to tell who she wishes to stay with, her mother or her father, asking her not to be tensed. all wait with bated breaths. she rememebrs sagar telling her that if she chooses her mother, she would only get her, but if she chooses her father, she would get both her parents. ganga and sagar tensedly wait for her answer. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Ganga pleads to the judge to let her speak to her daughter krishna for sometime, before he gives his decision. the judge denies asaying that kirishna chose to be with her father, out of free will, and hence, she shall live with her father father only. as ammaji tries to take krishna away, she tries to reach out to ganaga, who is meanwhile held in by lady constables, trying to wrench her away from krishna. a frustrated krishna reprimands sagar, that he had said that if she chooses him, then she could have both of them living together, then why isnt she be allowed to be with ganga, and take her with them. all are tensed, as ganga is taken away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. bhavaniasapu

    Missed today’s episode… After reading the written updates…. Felt like surely getting a heart attack in the coming episodes… Can’t see a mother separated from her child… Dadhi y so rudely snatching the child whom she named as illegitimate child…. Sagar looks completely disturbed in the court scenes… Painful episodes…

  2. Wow, super fast update! Thanks Rimjhim.

    About time Ganga shut the door on Zoya’s face. I will be watching this episode tonight.

    1. Lssahata

      Im agree, we dont hv miss today epi.
      I wanna know how zoya face.

  3. It would be better if Zoya is exposed completely. Otherwise she will play tricks to separate saga again.

  4. thanks for quick updates..Sad for the forthcoming episodes. No big changes on the track. Zoya still dominating the scenes. rupting saGa relationship. feel pity for this pathetic serial.There is no room for improvement. nothing gonna change.

  5. Now time for challenges…sagar challenges ganga to take a challenge… He asks her to come to chatur sadan, live with them and prove that she was a good mother rather than sagar a good father… Ganga accepts the challenge and enters the sadan… So sagar and Krishna plans to bring her back… Time to get zoya to get exposed…

  6. Krishnaa

    ganga will also go to chathurvedi house. krishna will pretend she is ill and ganga will rush to chathurvedi house. sagar will deliberately provoke her so that she agrees to stay in chathur house for a week. there will be a special episode on this saturday. i hope the upcoming episodes will show more about the main leads rather than the antagonist.
    Good for zoya in today’s episode! I hope she gets a lot of slaps and punches!

    1. Hi Krishna, what time does it air on Saturday &TV? Thanks. 🙂

  7. Ganga is really an amazing personality. She doesn’t ask krishna to tell her name in the court. Just told her to say what ever she likes. Really great. Writers please don’t degrade her personality by showing her blinly following Zoya.

  8. Yes Suhatha Ganga did a great thing but telling Krishna to listen to her heart. Sagar did opposite . Telling Krishna is she choose him she will have both . Of course a child who wants to be with both her parents will say him. I did not expect that from Sagar.. as for Amaji she is ruthless.. taking a child from her mother. They have been living in the same town for 7 and she never bothered to see Krishna once and now Krishna is everything.

  9. Hi Everyone,

    Yes, I thought it was very graceful and right that Ganga did not influence or persuade Krishna, instead encouraged her to listen to her own heart and do what she feels right.

    I think Zoya will rapidly be unfolded, now that Krishna will move into the Chaduvetri household. She will learn of Zoya’s number of faces and will plan with Sagar to expose her. Not only to Gangaa, but to the rest of the family. I think Sonu will sell her out, especially when Sagar/Krishna recognises his van, the number plate, as Sagar went to save Krishna.

    Or perhaps, it could be Gangaa who recognises the vechicle and eventually putting two and two together. Already, Sagar looked shocked when he learnt in court that it was Zoya who gave the jewellery to Gangaa and Zoya denied. Sagar is already aware of her maniupulative behaviour, quickly expose Zoya so she can make swift exit.

    Precap, i find disturbing, how Amma ji pulls Krishna arm away from Gangaa towards her – ‘she’s mine’, What a hyprocrite though! She called Krishna illegitmate child and did not make effort to know her or acknowledge her, now because proven she is blood, she is hers!

    I can see Madhvi being really kind towards Krishna though. I just hope they do not make Juhi negative or Surpiya. But you know what, once Zoya bad character leaves…someone has to fill the shoe. Who will it be?

  10. Hi Summer
    Anmaji is such a hipocrite. I also think that Sonu will shop her and Krishna in her cute little detective way will have some sort of proof. Would like to see Ganga slap her hard.

  11. Amaji did not take Krishna away from Gangaa. Gangaa pushed her away by her irrational acts. Please don’t be emotion about Mother Daughter relationship. Krishna is not safe with
    Gangaa especially when Krishna needs education, accommodation, medical management. Krishna is been suffocated by Gangaa in the name of love. Gangaa needed Krishna for security.

    1. Hi Precious,

      Maybe not, but according to the short snippet of precap, it was seen Amma Ji taking Krishna away. However, having said that, ever since she learnt Krishna’s true paternity, she has always been keen and eager to take Krishna back to her mansion, to complete her family. She didn’t care for Ganga’s feelings, as long as Sagar is happy – thats all that mattered.

      Not once did she ever put herself in Ganga’s shoes to even try and comprehend the emotions and hurt Ganga went through. Niru had it right when he was reasoning with his Mother.

      On the other hand, Sagar still loves Gangaa and he wants his family to be reunited. He recognises his mistake and he truly want to make amends.

      Pooja, I’m with you there. I thought it was quite cute when Krishna put her shades on and her mischievous little face. A slap for Zoya is too easy. She needs to witness the whole family coming together, reunited happy and harmonious, that will eat her up! lol

  12. True… Whole family including Ganga has to come together and round up zoya just as they did to omkar… Really felt bad for what happened to Ganga in the court and how she returned to home and feeling all of sudden a blank page of life…. Once she told to sagar that he has to use his brain instead of heart in dealing with a case…. Now its her turn to use her brains instead of heart and win her krishna… Save her from evil zoya…. Other than this nothing for now in the story track…

  13. Well said bhavaniasapu,, if only Gangaa had used her brain and put her ego aside, the famil would have been unit again.
    Instead of accusing Amaji, was she not the one who brought Gangaa back to the house and introduce Gangaa at the wedding as the Chadruvedi Daughter in law?
    As any one thought what it would be like for the family, when Gangaa was found to be pregnant and Sagar not aware that he was the Father. Gangaa stopping the wedding and walking out of the home on the wedding day.
    Gangaa should have stay and proved her innocence”No it’s not like Gangaa. Her ego, self esteem and respect , she lost it .
    Blaming every one except herself is Gangaa.

  14. Amma ji opinions of Gangaa changed when Gangaa saved her life from the phoney preist. Amma Ji was going to sacrifice Ganga’s life in order to ward of evil eye and bring happiness to Sagar’s life. But when Amma Ji learnt the truth about the phony priest, she felt guilty and realised her mistake. Ganga was willing to give all her jewellery to pay off Amma ji’s debt.

    When there was a social gathering, Amma Ji did indeed speak up for Ganga and proudly said that Gangaa is her daughter in law. The following day, Amma Ji expressed how wrong she was about Gangaa and how Ganga could never hurt Sagar because she has always loved him.

    It is sad that the reunion of Gangaa and Sagar could not be fulfilled, but both parties were at fault here. Ganga could have made more effort to jog Sagar’s memory of that night. Having said that, Sagar have known her since childhood, therefore he could have trusted Ganga’s words. Just like how Ganga trusted him when everyone thought Sagar took advantage of Rudra’s sister. Ganga believed and trusted him without question. Gangaa expected the same level of trust in return but Sagar failed to deliver this, irrespective of his memory or not. Because of this ‘trust’ she did not feel she could go ahead with the wedding, knowing that there will always be doubt overhanging their marriage.

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