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Gangaa 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv comes out, Savitri tells Shiv to go to Rami Mama’s wedding as it’s his daughter’s wedding. She warns Shiv to take care of Ganga, she feels afraid of his wife’s mood. Shiv assures Ganga won’t bring them any disgrace. Ganga came there and heard the conversation. Savitri tells Jhumki and Pratab to go as well. Ganga asks Shiv what’s the need for her to go with him. Shiv says he doesn’t care what she wants, he wants her to go.
The next morning, everyone was ready. Jhumki asks Shiv about Ganga and says she might not be in a mood. Shiv goes to look for Ganga when she comes out ready to leave. Jhumki asks what kind of dress is she wearing and where is her jewelry. People would speak again them. Ganga says no one told her how to get ready. Shiv says today Ganga would go with him this way.

and Pratab reach there. Mami doesn’t recognize Ganga and says she might live in Math, Savitri must have kept her. Pratab was about to tell her but Shiv stops him. Shiv agrees to Mami and qualifies he brought her for help. Jhumki also treats Ganga as a maid. Ganga thinks she won’t speak about being Shiv’s wife. Shiv says she didn’t want to be recognized as his wife, he is her side; but soon she herself would confess to be his wife. Ganga replies it won’t happen again.
Mami calls Shiv inside and asks Jhumki for help. Shiv assures Mami that Ganga would take care of all the work. He smiles as Ganga goes with Mami. Shiv watches Mami pair up the gifts, and wish Shiv had also come in couple. She takes Ganga to kitchen to look after the arrangements there.
Ganga comes out to cooking area. A man tries to molest her, she was angry at his behavior. Shiv was hurt watching this all. The man comes to molest Ganga again. Mami comes there, she sends Shiv to look for cooking arrangements the other way. She takes Ganga along. Shiv takes a huge spoon and comes to the cook who had been molesting Ganga, he takes him aside and stuffs spice into his mouth tying his hands and feet with a bed.
In the room, Ganga serves everyone. A lady tells Ganga to serve him well, he is a special relative of their’s. Shiv enjoys watching Ganga. Another lady asks her to sit for dinner. Mami says she is a maid, how can she sit with Shiv. Mami now makes Ganga serve sweet to everyone.
Later, Shiv insists on Mami to let them leave but Mami insists its late and they must stay. She sends Shiv upstairs into the room. She sends Jhumki and Pratab to another room and Ganga to servant quarter. Jhumki smiles. Shiv says Ganga would sleep there well. Mami asks if there’s some problem. Ganga replies none.
Ganga finds the room dirty and messed up, a lizard fell over her as she lay to sleep. She comes to wake Jhumki up and requests to sleep inside her room. Jhumki wasn’t ready and tells her to go into Shiv’s room. Ganga turns around to see Shiv there. He offers her to stay in his room, only if she introduces herself as his wife. He warns Ganga of lizard and the cook again. Ganga complains Shiv didn’t take an action when the cook molested her. Shiv asks what he must have done.

PRECAP: Shiv questions Ganga who gave her the right to be in his room at this time. The family had gathered and questions Ganga. Ganga finally speaks up that she is here as Shiv’s wife, he is her husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Not worth commenting!!! 100% bakwass. Ganga has become a puppet instead of the girl who used to fight for her right and self respect meant something to her.

  2. It’s the actors I feel sorry for, even they must be thinking what rubbish scripts they are given. Poor Shakti Anand he brought so must dignity to his character, he truly made me believe he was a grieving widower who was trying hard to manage his family responsibilities after his Father’s death. How he was dealing with his new wife, first taking care out of duty but slowly falling in love with her. I was watching some of the older episodes and there were so many beautiful moments between them. Like when Radika is unwell and Gangaa explains how he needs to be there for her and reassure Radika that he loves her and will always be there for her. When Gangaa wants to help work on the School, first Shiv is shocked but she explains if family wont help why should outsiders, the cute scene where they bump their heads together, their ‘sorry’ scene after his outburst. When Arshi tells the family about her boyfriend betraying her and how Gangaa rescued her, Shiv looks at Gangaa and without any words just gives her a look that says ‘good job’ and she nods her head as to say ‘OK thanks’, the camera then pans out to Savatri who’s standing in the background with them at the front and the way Shiv is looking at her and her looking down ..just wow. No words spoken everything happening through their eyes, just lovely, but my favourite scenes are when Shiv is tying the rudraksher, the first one is just so beautifully shot, the BG music, an emotional Gangaa and Shiv looking at her intensely, then after the wall falls and he gives her Parvati’s box its so emotional and again brilliantly acted by both. WHERE have those writers gone??!! Its so sad to see such character assassination now. I can’t stand the current Shiv, he’s actions make no sense, does he even remember who Parvati was, he’s mean, grabbing Gangaa by the back of the head, its just so horrible to see. I cant believe the writers think this is the way to move the story forward, I’m watching the show because I have a glimmer of hope that scenes like the ones I mentioned will return buts its getting harder and I don’t know for low long I will continue watching. I think this is even taking a toll on the actors they both look tired and haggard, whereas before they looked freshed.

    1. Hi Pooja and Sandy,

      Sandy, I feel exactly the same. I am too hoping that the storyline will improve. I too find it disturbing and horribly aggressive of Shiv when he has to take Gangaa by the head and pull her head back. I don’t like that at all. I wonder what the director was thinking at the time of shooting? What message is he trying to portray? That women should be scared of men?
      Shiv at first was portrayed to be a calm, gentle, kind and a man with integrity and consideration. Now, i find his character has swung the other way.

      Shiv mentioned that he will restore Gangas happiness very soon, i hope so, because like you, i don’t know how much of these scenes i can take.

  3. Hi Summer, I hope the worst is over and things will improve the last 3 episodes haven’t been that bad IMO. And that is saying a lot, haven’t liked creepy, stalker Shiv they’ve been showing recently, I miss the aloof, mature guy. Btw I’ve commented on yesterdays (10/05/2017) episode page.

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