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Gangaa 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar is stunned to see Janvi’s body hanging from the ceiling fan.

Palash asks his mom why she brought Ganga here. I don’t even know what she thinks about me. Dotn rush into things. Palash’s mom complains to Ganga. He is asking me why I brought you here. Ganga takes aunty’s side. It is between a mother and daughter. It will be good if you don’t say anything. Palash’s mom smiles. I wish Palash’s would be wife scolds Palash in a similar manner.

Palash’a mom keeps saree on Ganga’s shoulder. I like them. She lies that the girl looks a lot like you (complexion and all). Ganga nods. They go to select ring next. Palash’s mom tells Palash to speak his heart out. This is the right time. He again shares his hesitation but she tells him to do it before he gets old. She excuses

herself on some pretext. Ganga asks palash if he liked any ring. He says I am totally confused. You can take any you like. She is surprised. He says I don’t know much about what girls like or dislike. You can select. She likes one ring. He asks the shopkeeper to pack it which surprises Ganga. The shopkeeper asks for size. Palash says you can take her size. Ganga is all confused. Why are you buying a ring of my size? He shares that his mother and he wants her to be the DIL of their house. She likes you very much.

Sagar keeps Janvi on the bed and tries to wake her up. There is no pulse when he checks. He is all panicked and rushes downstairs. Amma ji, Madhvi and Niru see him all tensed. They ask him what happened. Did you have a fight with Janvi again? He is at a loss of words which worries Madhvi badly. He keeps looking and pointing up.

Palash stops Ganga. listen to me. She is upset for he lied to her. How can you even think of this? She demands to know how it all came up to this then. Engagement ring? I cannot be anyone else. He says you are mistaken. She keeps on talking. You must have thought that Sagar is married so your way is clear. He denies. Sagar only came to me. He said you have to move on in life. I wouldn’t have thought of it otherwise. She is shocked and angry. Who is he to deicde what I want? He has no right! He loves to be great! What did you say to him? Palash says I dint say anything. He wants good for you. She says he isn’t God who can change my destiny. I will confront him. He tells her against it. let us not take it forward. Let’s end this matter here only. She gets Supriya’s call. Supriya tells Ganga Janvi committed suicide. Ganga is stunned. She runs towards home. Palash follows her.

Ratan is looking for his shirt. He finds Yash’s jacket there and asks Prabha. She lies that he might have forgotten it at home. He understands that she is lying. She cooks up a story. He gets angry. You have spoiled him which is why he is only increasing risk for himself and everyone. Can he not understand a small thing? He finds a bundle of money in Yash’s pocket. Is he involved in something wrong? She agrees to talk to him at the right time but he makes her call Yash right away. Yash’s phone is unreachable. He tells her to inform her as soon as she speaks to Yash. Yash calls Prabha. She demands to meet him right away.

People have gathered outside Chaturvedi House. They wonder and speculate what would have happened. Pulkit comes home.

Sagar is sitting beside Janvi’s body holding her hand. Niru is speaking to Janvi’s parents. Supriya takes care of everything. Niru cannot connect with hospital. Pulkit offers to try. Niru denies but Pulkit requests him. Sit down please. Sagar is staring blankly at Janvi. Amma ji wants to put Gangajal in Janvi’s mouth but Niru tells her against it. We cannot touch the body till police comes. Amma ji asks him to make Sagar cry or he will turn into stone.

Yash comes home. He closes all the windows and doors while she keeps asking him why he is doing so. He is crying by now. She tells him not to worry. Police wont do anything to you. I will handle them. What happened? Yash says I dint kill her. It happened by mistake. I dint do anything intentionally. I dint want it. I really dint kill her. She is shocked. Who are you talking about? He replies that Janvi is no more. She keeps his hand on her head. Swear on me that you dint do it. He agrees and relates everything to her. I heard Sagar’s voice. I panicked so I hanged Janvi’s body on fan. I wanted it to look like a suicide. I ran away from there after that. Prabha looks at him stunned.

Amma ji and Madhvi try their best to make Sagar cry but in vain. Ganga and Palash come there. Sagar looks at Ganga. His eyes brim with tears. She goes to him. He hugs her and cries his heart out. Everyone is in tears.

Precap: Yash shows the suicide letter to his mother. Plant it in Janvi’s room somehow. Prabha keeps the letter in Sagar’s room. It flies and falls near Ganga’s feet. She hides it when the Inspector asks her what’s in her hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Omg what happened I just hope Yash should go jail

  2. OH MY GOD…. Vishal.. Me tera “jabra” fan ho gaya… What level of performance… The ending of todays episode… OH MY GOD. I wish this person vishal(sagar) all the good luck from the core of my heart. All the best. Long way to go… 🙂
    And please…its just ganga and sagar… Nothing else. Paalash and ganga looked cute. No doubt. But there relation does not have THAT charm. They cannot create the magic that SaGa creates from the very beginning of the episode. Earlier it was those darling kids and now these grown up darlings. 😀 all the best to everyone of this show.
    And once again, Vishal… YOU ARE THE SOUL OF THIS SHOW. Heart you. Truly. 🙂

  3. Ganga’s arrogance is only responsible for spoiling her life
    Uski zindagi hamesha taklifon se bhari rahti hai to isme sirf aur sirf ussi ke so called swabhiman ka dosh hai
    She’s sooo… rude
    How dare she always insult sagar and now even palash
    I feel CVs removed janvi to again create some type of love triangle of sagar -ganga-palash
    Vo kissi ka respect karna nahi janti
    Her character is intolerable and so is this show

  4. I feel now saga is gonna happen again
    This show is becoming very predictable n is soon losing its charm
    It seems like sagar is the only khivaiya of this show
    Ganga ke role me to kuch naya dekhne layak hai hi nhi
    Sagar eka Vishal vashishta is veeee…….ry cute n is the only worth watching

  5. sagar u acted vry welll..rly u r a grt actor ..i luv ur acting
    gangaa is gud too bt u r bst part of d shw..tdys u acted mindblowng dear..
    we lov u the core of hrt..god bles u

  6. If gangaa will accept Sagar rather than Palash then I wont watch this show anymore ?

  7. hi frs … to day”s sagar acting is so good …… when he sees gangaa suddenly he hugs cand cries that scene really too good ….. he gets reliefs only with gangaa…..
    i think sagar will be arrested …. gangaa fight the case for sagar …….

    ammaji now ur potha sagar is a widower …… what r u going to do ? pondati setha purusan puthu mappillaiya ? he has to follow widower rules now u r potha hugs ganga …. judge sir . she is a widow sir no rishthy ….. definitely yash will go to jail ………..janvi bro had told that thery loved each others… to come with him ….. she gave a lots of troubles ganga to kick out of the house ….. what u sow u will reap



    This is bad done by ganga… one side she wants sagar to move on, she should also move on… i feel sad for janvi now, she should not be died???? but plz unite ganga and palash as ganga need someone mature and understanding person in her life….





  10. Now Ganga will not miss the opportunity to show her as the killer of Jahnvi when he knows about the suicidal note.

  11. If I know Indian serials, the innocents will suffer unspeakable humiliation and pain while the real culprit will avoid paying for their crime until the end of the serial

  12. I don’t know where will the story goes, but I am sure it will worth to watch!

  13. Ganga and sagar look a lovely couple together. Palash and ganga also look good but the couple does not carry that charm and beauty. Moreover, if Gangaa marries Palash then Palash would become the main male protagonist i.e. the hero and i am sure everyone would agree that Palash does not have that smartness and looks like a hero should carry whereas Sagar i.e. Vishal has an amazing personality and good features i.e. he looks very good as a hero. Therefore, Sagar and Ganga should unite. Also if Ganga unites with Palah it would give her a loose character as she waited as Sagar’s bride for 10yrs and loved him so much. Leaving him for Palash would give Ganga a dual and fickle characyer which is just contrast o her present egoist and bold character.

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