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Madhvi is shocked to know Yash fled after hitting Ratan BHaiya. Sagar too cannot believe it that Yash can fall so low. She wants to meet her brother but Sagar and PUlkit stop her. This is not the right time to go there. Yash is still not caught. Ganga and Janvi hear them. Sagar and Pulkit go upstairs.

Madhvi tells Janvi to give the sherwani to Sagar. Tell him to get ready fast. Janvi says his mood is off. He might not listen to me but he will never say no to his best friend. Send it with Ganga. Madhvi gives the sherwani to Ganga. Tell him to get ready. Ganga sadly takes it.

Sagar is talking to Raghav ji on phone but he too has no info on Yash. The call ends. Ganga gives the sherwani to Sagar. Get ready for the Roka. He cannot understand why his mother is in such a rush. She called Janvi’s

parents for Roka. Ganga says it is good. Everyone is happy. She turns to go when he holds the end of her saree. Are you happy? She wipes her tears before looking at him. Are you happy? I am happy if you are happy. He looks at her.

Madhvi tells Prabha not to say sorry. Yash is at fault. Ratan blames themselves for not bringing up Yash right. He hit his father. Niru says maybe punishment only can bring him on the right track. He might commit big crimes in future otherwise. Ratan says I cannot apologize to you all after what Yash did with Ganga. Ganga comes there. Ratan looks angrily at her. Amma ji sends Ganga away to do some work. Ratan signals PRabha. She calls out after Ganga and holds her feet. Please forgive me. Ganga makes her get up. Prabha says no one will be able to clear the sins that Yash did. Forgive me please. Ganga replies that it isn’t her fault. Yash was wrong. Don’t embarrass me like this. Ratan compliments her upbringing. Amma ji tells Prabha to drop it. Yash did it so let it be. You spoiled him maybe. She sends Ganga again to do her work. Madhvi feels bad thinking if Ratan wont come in Sagar’s Roka. Ratan calls Sagar his son. How can I do it? Where is he?

Ganga meets Sagar in the corridor. He is all dressed for the Roka. Janvi notices the looking at each other. She stands next to Sagar. How am I looking? He nods absentmindedly. She asks him to come. The mahurat will pass otherwise. They both leave. Ganga is teary eyed.

Ganga comes in kitchen. She thinks of what happened in the court. She wipes her tears. No, why are you still dreaming? Till when will you be lost in this dreamy world and depending on whom? The truth is in front of you. Accept it. She sets the plates. Something bites her. She bends to check but cannot see anything. Maharaj ji comes there. He asks her if she needs medicine. She declines. I am fine. Later, a scorpion is seen walking underneath the fridge.

Prabha and Ratan look at each other. Sagar thinks of hugging Ganga in the court today and of her words. Ganga comes there. Maharaj ji heads towards the kitchen. He asks Ganga to join everyone. Madhvi is doing the Roka rituals. Ganga begins to feel dizzy as she walks towards the table. Prabha notices Ganga. She signals Ratan towards Ganga and Sagar. Sagar keeps looking at Ganga all the while. Ganga drops the tray and falls on the floor. Sagar rushes to her side. He pushes the puja thaal that was in Janvi’s father’s hand away while running up to her. Everyone gathers around Ganga. She is unconscious. Sagar keeps trying to wake her up but in vain. Janvi’s parents feel uncomfortable seeing Sagar all worried for Ganga. He picks up Ganga in his arms and takes her to Amma ji’s room. Everyone follows them. Janvi tells her parents that she will just see what happened to Ganga. They look worried. Prabha remarks that a small spark can ignite a big fire. We only have to blow on it.

Sagar keeps patting at Ganga’s face. I don’t know what happened to her. Amma ji sits down to check. Her nails have turned blue. Sagar points out at the same to his Dadi. Madhvi wonders if some poisonous insect bit her. Amma ji notices the mark on Ganga’s feet. She got bit by a scorpion. Maharaj ji tells them about Ganga getting bit by an insect in the kitchen. Pulkit cannot reach the doc. Niru suggests taking Ganga to another doc but Amma ji stops them. I know how to get the poison out. She tells Maharaj ji to heat the tong and bring it. Sagar tells her not to try the homely ideas on Ganga. We cannot take risk. If anything happens to her then will your Vaid ji bring my Ganga back? Janvi looks at him in shock. Pulkit manages to get in touch with a doc and updates him on Ganga’s condition. The doc is on his way. Amma ji asks everyone to go out. Sagar does not want to go but Pulkit takes him outside. Only Supriya, Madhvi and Amma ji stay inside. Supriya and Madhvi hold Ganga’s feet as Amma ji touches the heated tong on her wound. Sagar is pained seeing Ganga reacting to the heated tong. He hits his hand hard on the wall. Janvi notices him getting hurt in the process. I will put ointment. He leaves from there feeling helpless (not with Janvi). Prabha decides to make use of this opportunity.

Doc gives injection to Ganga. You will feel drowsy because of the injection and medicine. Don’t be worried. He gives her an ointment too. He leaves. Maharaj ji sits down to tie the bandage on Ganga’s feet. She tells him against it. you are elder to me. I wont like it. He insists but Sagar offers to do it. Maharaj ji leaves. Sagar is about to put ointment when she tells him not to do so. I will do it. He tells her to be quiet. You are stubborn in everything. He applies the ointment on her wound. She feels pain so he blows on it. They book look at each other. The theme song plays in background. He puts the bandage next.

Precap: Ganga hugs Sagar. He tells her nothing happened. why weren’t you opening the door? How would I live if anything had happened to you? She says Sagar. He holds her face. Ganga I love you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Gangaa:

    Sagar reacts to Amma ji’s taunts of Ganga being a widow. Sagar fills sindoor in Ganga’s hairline, much to Madhvi and Amma ji’s shock. Ganga gets overjoyed. Sagar has made Ganga a suhaagan by going against his family. He tells Madhvi that this is not holi color to get erased, this is sindoor. Madhvi slaps Sagar and asks is he mad. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and got justice for her. Amma ji beats Sagar asking him to leave Ganga’s hand. Sagar could not bear Ganga’s humiliation and married her all of a sudden. Amma ji and Madhvi scold Ganga and blame her for Sagar’s action. Madhvi asks Sagar to leave Ganga’s hand and threatens to kill herself. She makes Sagar helpless to leave Ganga. Sagar tells Madhvi that he will not leave Ganga ever.

    1. So is the idiot ignorant sagar marrying gangaa out of pity to save her from amma ji’s widow taunts? Gangaa should not accept this pity marriage so easily, she should keep her self respect, she doesn’t need his sympathy shes strong by herself, hes insulting her integrity if he marries her like that.

      1. @cool ff

        God knows. Gangaa forgets everything in Sagar’s love. But I just hope, this happens. ???

    2. Its ok…i have no problem with this…i know he’s not marrying her out of pity but he is a boy after all so that coward will have a late realization abt his love towards ganga. No props at least they got married.

  2. Don’t tell me that this time too ganga is dreaming,if this comes out to be a dream then i swear Il kill this writers.

    1. Hahaha, i’m second that too, i hope that the precap its not gangaa daydream. I really hope that they could married for real. Anyway its sweet when sagar say ‘my gangaa’ omygooooooooooooood its so sweeeet. Thanks pooja.

  3. recap is extraordinary….!!!!!

  4. aah, i read the precap. and make me more excited… Thanks pooja for the update.
    Without this update i cant understand what they said on the show :/

  5. Precape is cool. Eager to watch next episod

    1. same I just cant wait im anxious to find out what happens

  6. Omg omg omg I’m on cloud nine somebody pinch me huh… If the precap is just a dream sequence then I m gonna kill them
    Felt bad for ganga today at least sagar realize ur love now u Dumbo ??

  7. Just hope the precap is not anyone’s dream sequence …..i wish saga 🙂

  8. OMG FINALLY ALL I WANT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. plzzz…let in todays episode everthing be the same as in recap and not a dream again….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. just to say looking forward to see gangaa and sagar getting married poor grandmother

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