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Gangaa 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next morning, Amma plans about speaking aloud as soon they both come out. Sagar and Ganga arrive together, Sagar whispers they should tell them about everything. The ladies begin to discuss aloud about a competition with Sagar and Ganga. Madhvi tells Sagar that Pulkit and Supriya think they consider themselves more sensible than themselves; but she consider them as much mature. Pulkit and Supriya challenges them for competition. Sagar calls it childish, saying they came to speak to them all. Sagar signals Ganga to speak. Ganga agrees for competition. Everyone give each other a victorious look, Amma ji decides evening for competition.
Ganga thinks she needs sometime, her heart says she would get her old Sagar through this competition. In the room, the family discuss their intention is to remove

the differences between Sagar and Ganga this way. Niru assures Amma ji it will be as they have thought to be. Sagar asks Ganga what the need to accept the challenge. Ganga qualifies it’s for family’s happiness.
They gathered in the hall. Niru announces the rules of game. Niru instructs Ganga and Supriya to follow their husbands’ instructions and reach them. It’s a wife’s challenge to pass through each testimony and reach her husband. The race begin. Madhvi blindfolds the wives. Pulkit and Sagar instruct their wife through tyres. Sagar and Ganga were complaining to each other. They have an argument, Sagar turns to leave the game. Ganga removes her blindfold, and wonders why he didn’t already tell he didn’t want a play. Sagar slips from tyres. Everyone breaks into a laugh. Ganga taunts she made this hole for himself. Pulkit goes to help Sagar. Niru announces that Supriya has won this sensibly.
In the room, Ganga comes with the ointment while Sagar stood shirtless. He asks what is she doing, Ganga gives him the ointment. He attempts to apply it over his back. Ganga comes to do it for him and puts the ointment over his bruise. Sagar smiles watching her in the mirror, but doesn’t let her notice. She goes towards the wardrobe, while Sagar wears his shirt. Ganga discuss with him about the next challenge. They must practice well for dance. Sagar says they will manage like today, and he doesn’t care if they lose. Ganga says she does, everyone challenged them and she wanted themselves to win. Sagar thinks this was much of attitude from him, then stops Ganga asking what to do. Ganga ties their feets with a cloth piece to match their steps with each other for coordination. Madhvi watches them practice together. Ganga slips into Sagar’s arms. Madhvi smiles, thinking this is what they wanted; then hides herself away. Sagar was irritated by the practice, and leaves the room smiling. Ganga was irked.
The next morning, Ganga comes to Supriya who was upset on the table. Supriya discuss there is something wrong, Pulkit is much concerned about Kashish. Although, Kashish needs their attention, but she also deserves her husband’s attention. There is a knock at the door, a man had arrived with a pack for Kashish that she left on their shop. Kashish comes to take the pack inside, not wanting to share with Ganga. Kashish explains these were medicines, but the pack fell off her hands. Ganga thinks there was something else, but why Kashish lied to her.

PRECAP: Ganga questions Sagar why he is packing his bag, as there is still time in 15th. Sagar insists he has to leave anyway. She walks outside, but feels dizzy at once. Some flashes, of Ganga searching something in the dark makes her sweat badly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So… Kashish lied about pregnancy… And very soon… In next week itself v r going to see how Gangaa looses her memory… Maybe she herself walk away from the house to another place after loosing memory… Will they show it as a health problem….LOL….father and daughter with holes in the heart and mother is ghazni….he he he…. I guess the show is going to be closed in this summer…

  2. omg wts hppng now wid ganga plz dont do lyk any bad activity wid them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Bhavani who is shiv& where u get the information of the memory loss of ganga etc pls tellme who is shiv

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