Gangaa 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga assures Aashi one day she would find a man and will think this is the right man for her. Aashi asks if Ganga felt the same when she first met Shiv.
Later, Shiv arrives home early for dinner. Dai Maa tells Ganga she informed Shiv about her dinner dilemma. Ganga serves food for Shiv. They hear a bell outside, Dai Maa wonders who came so late at night calling for justice. An old lady rung the bell while her son lay injured badly. Shiv comes out to inquire the lady. The lady says Shiv’s father always helped the poor with loans, today her son was beaten badly for not returning her debted loan. The men came from Shiv’s house, Raaju reminded them about PrataDev’s promise for the next two months but he was beaten badly. Shiv looks towards Pratab, then joins his hands in apology to the lady. Lady

was sure Shiv can’t do this. Shiv says he will get punished for such behavior with her son. He calls Birju to bring the stick, takes his shirt off and tells the lady to beat him as much as Raju was beaten. The lady was reluctant. Shiv says there should be equal justice for each of them; if the lady doesn’t Birju must do this. Birju was reluctant as well then beats Shiv till his body bleeds. Jhumki whispers to Pratab he could have been at Shiv’s place if someone knew who was responsible for all this. Ganga hears this, then tells Dai Maa she must tell everyone about it. Its Pratab’s mistake. Dai Maa cries that Shiv also know its Pratab’s mistake, he always does so in love for Pratab. Ganga was upset about this kind of love, she heads on but Savitri steps forward before. She announces if her son committed a mistake, even she must get the punishment. The lady says she doesn’t need such justice, they are well aware Shiv can’t do such unjust to them. Shiv gives the lady time for two months, and if someone come to demand money she must come straight to him. The lady leaves. Savitri asks Shiv why he did such injustice to himself and sends Pratab to get doctor. Shiv forbids him saying he would get fine by placing mud over his bruises.
Ganga watches Shiv placing mud over his bruised back. She gets water and towel saying she needs to clean then first, and sits to help Shiv. She says she can’t understand his justice; everyone understood who did this. It was Pratab, he had ordered beating of Raaju. Shiv replies he knows well. Ganga questions why Shiv put himself in trouble. Shiv insists what matter is that the mistake was committed by a family member. Pratab is irresponsible, Ganga insists if he gives advantages to Pratab he would never learn from his mistakes. Shiv says like Ganga won’t be able to separate mud from water, and both must suffer if one is in trouble. He is the one who must improve Pratab’s mistakes, and requests Ganga not to discuss it with anyone at home.
The next morning, Pratab comes downstairs and was passing by the Pooja. Shiv stops him to speak to him, he says whatever happened yesterday wasn’t good. Pratab was about to deny, but realizes Shiv already knew about the truth. Shiv announces that from now on, Pratab must get his signed orders to take money from anyone.
Radhika and Ganga go out to pick mangoes together. Radhika climbs the tree but was unable to reach any ripe one. Ganga urges Radhika to try climbing up. Radhika asks Ganga to make an attempt. Ganga reaches up on the tree and reaches the upper mango, but while coming down her foot slips. Shiv watches Ganga about to fell off. Radhika was laughing, Shiv also laughs watching Ganga drooling off the tree stem. Everyone from the house gathered. Shiv laughed. Dai Maa was happy Shiv has laughed so after so many years. Ganga calls for help, Shiv runs to rescue her from falling off and takes her into his arms. Ganga thanks him as he places her down. Shiv leaves for some work. Dai Maa comes to Ganga and says she did a miracle, as Shiv laughed after three years just because of her.

PRECAP: Maharaj ji comes home to meet Ganga. Ganga was in veil when she touches Maharaj ji’s feet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Precap: Is this the same Maharaji that is suppose to look after young Ganga? Is this the young Ganga awaiting to be reunited with Shiv? It will be interesting to see what happens next.

  2. Now the story became interesting but I have a doubt is Ganga recognise the maharaj r not is she recognise then it will be more interesting.but I don’t know what the writer wouldthink

  3. Pre cap interesting to find out what happens next.
    It good to see Gangaa happy and smiling more now than when she was with the Chadruvedis. Is her happiness going to last. Yes she is encountering problems in the family but is this not what family is about.

  4. Ganga is developing feelings for shiv and same with shiv
    Now that track would be very funny to see when SaGaa unite happens i mean how same person can have multiple feelings -:( and that also in husband(s) -:)

    I think ganga serial should be ended with this family only cause any way sagar not going to return bk in serial any more so looks like no more chaturvedis …….

  5. I didn’t think that ganga recognise Maharaj ji because they has to drag the story and yes it’s interesting when ganga recognise Maharaj ji or Maharaj ji may see ganga and tell to Sagar itcs may happy that Sagar has returned back

  6. we are missing sagar gangaa seriously please end this seril with sagar gangaa together

  7. Please end this serial wid gangaa shiv pair? that will not be ‘happy ending’ that will be a ‘mystery ending’…. its obvious yaar she will not recognize maharaj ji she is not rememebring sagar how will she recognize maharaj ji if he clears all the matters or gangaa gains her memory only then all confusion will be clear and sagar gangaa will be united …… if u open wikipedia of gangaa it doesn’t show new characters name its written that on jan 16 the show got revamped and the entire cast is removed except aditi sharma…… hope maharaj ji will clear all doubts. in todays ep will be interesting…..

  8. gangaa became utternonsense why cvs are dragging this serial please end this serial with happy note.

  9. This serail is now become intolerable hope maharaji ji clears all the confusion as said by Julia……

  10. Hi navya nice to meet u my name is also navya….. ??

  11. I like this version of ganga they should have killed off sager.

  12. So mean mannn ?? really u liked this bakwass version of gangaa if u liked its your choice but atleast dont say that sagar should be killed so mean mannnn…..

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