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Gangaa 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judge refuses to accept Niru’s plea. This case is going on for long. Janvi’s parents are waiting for justice with her daughter. Delaying in doing justice is equal to not doing justice. You are a judge. You should know it. Niru explains the situation to him and asks for one day. Judge agrees finally. If you fail to bring your witness after 24 hours then Sagar will be given life imprisonment. Niru nods and thanks him.

Supriya asks Amma ji why she needs jewellery all of a sudden. Is Sagar fine? Tell me something. Why do you need all this money? Amma ji tells her to be quiet.

Sagar requests Inspector to let him go. It is very important for me to go. Ganga is in trouble. Inspector pays no heed to his words. They are about to sit in the car when Sagar runs out. Niru and Inspector shout after him

but he does not stop. Police chase Sagar.

Amma ji gives everything to that fake Baba. This is the respect of my family. I am ready to do anything for my Sagar. Start the puja. If you save my grandson then I will wash your feet all my life and drink that water. But if it does not happen or if there is any cheating then I will send you to jail Remmeber that my son is judge! She goes inside. Baba and his disciple look at the house.

Police chases Sagar asking him to stop but Sagar does not stop. He keeps running. Inspector shoots after him as well but Sagar ducks to save himself. He eventually gets a bullet wound in one of his legs. It is bleeding but he continues to run. Sagar stops for a minute but thinks against waiting till he finds Ganga. I should not get caught by police till then. Inspector asks his juniors to search for Sagar. He should not be able to flee this time. Sagar takes lift from some biker.

Ganga is tied to a chair. Palash says I don’t like doing this to you but you dint leave any other option for me. It is ok if you don’t wish to marry me but I wont let you become Sagar’s as well. You saw what he did with Janvi. He has ruined the life of one girl. I wont let him ruin your life. Why can you not see I love you? I and my mother will love you like anything. Just give me once chance. My mother and I will give you the love and respect which you could never get from Chaturvedi Family in your life. All you have to do is say yes. Are you listening to me? She feels scared.

Sagar comes to that place. I am here Ganga. Nothing will happen to you. I am here for you. Rish then someone points gun at his head. It is Palash’s goon. He informs Palash about the same. Palash tells him to shoot Sagar (phone is on speaker). Ganga requests him not to do so. Palash orders his goon to tie Sagar’s body to a stone and throw it in water afterwards. Ganga cries. Don’t do this please. Palash shouts at his goon to shoot him. They hear a shooting sound. Ganga shouts Sagar and cries badly.

The goon is dead. Sagar picks up the gun and heads inside limping.

Palash tells Ganga the story is over. You have no choice now. You never tried to understand my love ever. Now you will know what the pain of losing someone is. You will know today how bad it is to play with someone’s emotions. I dint do it. It is because of you both. You both ignited it in me. You both only turned me into an animal today. He frees her.

Sagar comes inside the Haveli. He hears some sound. Mehri is tied up and thrown in a corner. He frees her. She asks him to go save Ganga. Her life is in danger. He tells her to stay here only.

Palash makes Ganga stand while she is still crying. You have no choice now. It is just me. Sagar comes there just then and points gun at Palash. Palash takes out the knife from his back pocket. He keeps it at Ganga’s neck. Sagar warns him to free Ganga. Nothing should happen to her. Pulkit and police have come as well. They look for a way to arrest Palash without hurting anyone in the process. Palash tells him to stop or he will kill Ganga. Sagar says I wont spare you if anything happens to Ganga. Palash shouts at him to stop. Don’t take her name anymore. You will teach me how to behave with Ganga? You dint take care of Janvi, Ganga or anyone till now. You will teach me? You came to my house and showed dreams of making Ganga the DIL of our house to me and my mother. Why can’t you see it? Janvi has died recently and you want Ganga now. You have ruined one girl’s life. I wont let you ruin Ganga’s life now. If Ganga cannot be mine then she cannot be yours too. I will kill her and myself. You can live with the burden of 3 deaths then. Pulkit and police move in different directions to nab Palash. Sagar keeps the gun down upon Palash’s askance. Police points gun at Palash’s head from behind. He blames Sagar but police arrest him. Palash warns Ganga she is making a very big mistake. This Chaturvedi Family will never accept you. They will throw you when their work will be done. Police take him away.

Ganga asks Sagar if he is fine. They both look at each other emotionally and then share a hug. He asks her why she did this to him. What if something had happened to you? I would have died. I would have died even before something had happened to you. They cry. She says nothing wont happen to me. You will save me. They hug again.

Judge announces Sagar a free man after Mehri’s statement. He is made to pay 20k as a fine for running away. Yash should be found asap. Palash is sent to jail for 2 years.

Baba acts to do puja in Chaturvedi House only. Supriya does not find it right. She asks Maharaj ji why he isn’t stopping Amma ji. He says it is no point. It is about Sagar. Supriya says she doesn’t understand that justice will do justice to Sagar, and not this fake Baba. He is fooling her. I cannot do anything even after knowing it all. I am angry with myself. Baba holds the plate of jewellery and money. I will do their Aahuti. Your grandson will be home once it is done. Touch this once and close your eyes. Amma ji does as told. Baba notices Supriya looking at him. He pretends to be angry at Amma ji. Does your family not believe you or us? Amma ji scolds both Supriya and Maharaj ji to close their eyes. They close their eyes. Baba puts everthing in another sack and throws one or two bangles in the yagya just to show Amma ji. Supriya tells Amma ji he has lied and cheated to you. Check the other sack. It has everything. Baba calls her foolish. You doubt me? I have nothing to do with this money. Amma ji scolds Supriya instead. Supriya insists her to check the bag. You will know the truth then. Baba says I will curse if I am being searched after being doubted. I will curse your DIL and the unborn baby. Amma ji looks shocked. Supriya questions his words. You call yourself Baba when you talk of cursing an unborn baby! Amma ji tells her to stop talking against Baba when Supriya wants to know why Sagar isn’t here till now if the final Aahuti is done. He eyes her angrily. Ganga comes in just then. I fulfilled my promise Amma ji. I brought Sagar here. They get emotional.

Amma ji hugs her grandson tearfully. Sagar says you prayed so much. Niru shares that all the charges from him have been withdrawn. He is a free man now. Amma ji thanks Baba for all that he has done. Pulkit asks Supriya through gestures about it but she shakes her head. Madhvi and Ganga take Sagar inside.

Precap: Niru tells Amma ji about Supriya seeing that fake Baba filling his bag with money and jewellery. Amma ji gives him her swear. You wont do anything to Baba or you will see me dead. Ganga and Sagar talk about janvi. She talks nicely about Janvi which surprises him. She did so much to you when she was alive and you have no issues with her? She replies why have any issues with someone who isn’t alive anymore. Issues, problems end with life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wah what a great episode, just amazing , like it so much ,the new romance story between gangaa and sagar begin now ?

  2. Wow what a fast update.thankq Sagan together madhavi and ammaji has to realise Hanna’s importance and especially madhavi has to apologize ganga.they should accept their marriage.I hope then only revamp.Bur I am very excited about coming story.

  3. What the hell yr???????????
    Total bakwas ??
    They R destroying the institution of marriage ?
    Palash said exactly true
    Jab tak janvi thi sagar ne palash ka ganga ke liye pyar ko badhava diya aur janvi ke jane ke baad use ganga chahiye
    Palash soulfully luved ganga and what did he get ?Jail
    Agree that his way wasn’t correct but intentions was
    Sagar destroyed janvi’s life and now it’s ganga’s turn
    Ganga ko kya lagta hai ?Vo selfish aur chalu chaturvedis use pasand karne lage hain?Ab sagar ke release ke baad tane phir shuru ho jayenge
    N how can she love an already married man(sagar)??
    Sahi me Palash n his mother wud love her like any They’ve accepted her inspite of her bitter past and usne kya kiya?Destroyed him n his career 2
    Truly Ganga isn’t worth watching n neither is worth being loved.?

  4. Ganga to complete LLB.. Two years study left.. Palash may return after two years of sentence.. Meanwhile some of the truths r yet to come out.. Ratan.. Janvi.. Yash.. Evil deeds…. Ammaji back with her villianism towards ganga.. Pulkit to be well settled… More journey ganga to fulfil her father dreams and get back her happiness and valuable things… Superb fast story…

  5. Finally so sad for palash this writers gone really mad don’t know the value of love.he has seen the dreams of making ganga her own is because of sagar and now it all destroyed because of that sagar….hope today’s episode should be a dream for sagar or ganga.anyway more than sagar palash loved truly ganga.sagar ganga pair is good

  6. Mounika Reddy

    Ganga ke kehne par Sagar ek naye jindhagi shuru karnewala hein tho usne socha ki kyu na ganga b ek naye jindagi shuru kare. Is liye vo palash ke pas gaya.. Jab sagar ne palash ki asali chehra samja usne socha ki vo ganga ke liye acha nahi he in. Akir sagar loved ganga madly usne us pyar ko nahii chodna chaha.. Wat sagar did is ryt.. U loved dis story ….

  7. Ganga is a cry baby and a weakling. As for ammaji bling faith in baba, well thats the majority who believe in these fake babas who are making money out out people’s belief in them blindly. These babes should hang their head in shame and jump in the lake

  8. Best episode ever. Simply loved it 🙂 !! Now the saga ( sagar ganga) Reunion. Have been waiting for it from soo long. What janvi & palash had was all obssesion. U cant force anyone to love you. Both janvi and palash were only obssesed and nothing else. True love wins ! Hip hip hurray for SaGa Sagar&Ganga

  9. hi … PALASH STATMENT IS TRUE …. but but chadurvedthi family may be changed….. bcz of sagar”s life .. if they come to know the evil acts against ganga ……
    yes 60 minis … they start a new li fe ……if it occurs fine ….
    juhi u r translation is so good to read ….

    SUMMER where is u r summary . ?. bcz u and shan predictions r true … i never fail to read the comments …..
    i think i will end soon …….here reel becomes real ….and real becomes nothing……
    sagar becomes real hub acting and real hub palsh becomes nothing to her …..
    hey …….. will chadurvedthi family accept gangaa as bahu ? or not

    will gangaa accept sagar as her hub or leave away from there ? guys answer ….

  10. shinder .. hi shaken well said ……

    durga i also join with u hip hip hurry!!!!!! for sagar and ganga

    BAVANI all u r wish will show with in one epi then … this serial will end this week itself ……. but if they want to show elabarate it takes some more epi .

  11. I loved it when Ganga tied up

  12. Hello everyone. Now Chaturvedi family will accept Ganga for Sagar because now they are equal. Ganga is a widow and Sagar is a widower. Now the family should not have any objection.

  13. Ye episode pasand aaya pr age fake baba ka pardafash hona chahiye taki ammaji bhi puri tarah ganga ke karay ko samajhe.

  14. Sagar & chatervedi parivar decent hai ye bat jaroor hai kai bar ammaji or parisatithi vash galat nirnay liye jate hai.sagar ki achchhai ka saboot uska drug mafiya wala case jankar har jana tha

  15. Hi Friends, Hi BR,

    Fantastic episode last night! I thought it was a tender moment when Sagar and Ganga embraced in the mansion..very emotional indeed.
    After all the drama, I think that Sagar and Ganga will be accepted the Chavduverti family, however Amma Ji, will still think Ganga is not good enough for her grandson. She will continue to have animosity towards Ganga. Niru and Madhvi will feel that they have been given a second chance to correct their mistakes and they will not stand in the way of their son and his happiness. With much lesson learnt from Jhanvi episode, however, the question is..will Ganga want to reunite this relationship? Once the dust has settled, Ganga will quietly think to herself, replaying all events that led to their current situation, thinking, why? Why did Sagar do this? Why did he hurt me so bad that he had to marry Jhanvi to punish me? Personally, i think there is too much water under the bridge, that it would be best if both moved on, however, on the other hand, they have been given a second chance to reunite their romance.
    However, if the writers decide to reunite Sagar and Ganga, personally i feel that the episode will be coming to an end, as the writers will be very limited in their creations. Happy families equals boring show…end of series. Therefore, I feel Sagar and Ganga will come across obstacles again once they express their forgiveness for each other. It will be the will they, won’t they drama again, as it is more exciting and entertaining for viewers. Allow writers more flexibility and movement in the story line.

    Hopefully now the story can move on to find Yash and punish him and his crimes, also I am hoping that the writer will not omit the truth away from the Chaduverti family. I am hoping they will learn the truth about Madhvi brother and his wife..prahba.
    Very good show last night. Feel sad for Palash mother, she will be very sad to learn her son fate.

  16. Personally for me, they really could have made Palash character so much more. He was first portrayed to be a gentleman with priciples and morals. The writers decided to make Palash into a jealous unreasonable man. For me, I feel they have ruined Palash character …he could have contributed so much more to the storyline. He show tenderness and love towards his mum, even when he was pleading with Gangaa ‘one chance’. I think that Gangaa would have been very happy had she married Palash, she will have a MIL who truly loves her for who she is without reservation or preconceptions.
    Sagar is too selfish as usual, he is too immature and despite his journey of a hard lesson, will this change him? Will Sagar mature and consider other peoples feelings before it’s too late? I don’t think so. I think, somewhere along the storyline, when he has won over Ganga’s forgiveness once again, Gangaa will either say something or do something that will flip Sagar’s switch. Sagar will have an outburst, again, which will cause problems to their relationship and the cycle will repeat. I suppose some people like that kind of relationship, turbulent and dramatic with constant dramas’

    I am wondering will the writers write out Palash and let him fade away in prison, or will they give him parole for good behaviour and give him early release? Now that would be interesting? Imagine, Sagar and Ganga to wed and Palash gate crash their wedding on his early release? Now that’s a though? All possibilities…be interesting to see how the story turns out.

  17. I developed interest in this show when Palash entered but they have distroyed his character now I will stop watching this show

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