Gangaa 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv carries Ganga to the room. She stands up saying she would walk from here, he removes her saree’s pallu from his shirt. Ganga walks towards bed in pain, Shiv says he would sent herbal ointment for her to get relief. Radhika was crying behind the door as she watched this all.
Shiv sends the ointment through Riya with the message to put it right away. Riya brings the ointment, Radhika walks close to Ganga’s room door. Riya helps Ganga sit up. Ganga notices Radhika there, she denies getting the medicine done. Riya was shocked to hear this, Ganga says she would only get the medicine only if Radhika puts it there. Riya insists her face indicates her pain. Ganga repeats her demand. Radhika runs away from the doorway, upset in her room. Riya passes by, Radhika confirms if she got the ointment. Riya

informs Ganga isn’t even listening to Shiv. Radhika was nervous.
Savitri comes to Ganga’s room and taunts about her back ache. Ganga assures she would be fine and work would also be done, she won’t put anyone in trouble. Radhika brings the ointment bowl and tells Ganga to turn around. Savitri was furious and leaves the room. Ganga turns towards Radhika, Radhika calls Ganga as stubborn. Ganga smiles she is her mother when its about stubbornness. Radhika calls her a step, Ganga says steps aren’t bad ones. Radhika blows at the back of Ganga, as she is aware it burns. Savitri leaves curtly.
The next morning, Jhumki says she would deny next time if she has to do so much of work. Aashi was getting ready in her room. Jhumki comes in, Aashi says Ganga told her about how to get ready. Jhumki says she is looking like a maid. Aashi was alert, and says she trusted what Ganga told her to do. She begins crying. Jhumki promises to make her up for proposal. Aashi hugs Jhumki.
Ganga walks in pain as she gets sweet for guests. Savitri sends her inside to get something else. Shiv watches this. The boy looked around for Aashi. Ganga gets the cold drink, and bends in trouble. The family asks them to call the girl. Shiv inquires about Ajay’s qualification but his mother places a hand over his, and calls for the girl. Everyone was shocked as Jhumki brings Aashi over done with makeup and jewelry.
Later, Savitri scolds Aashi to get ready so badly. Everyone was hurt, while Aashi was upset. Pratab scolds Aashi for speaking so much. Ganga says may be they left for some important task. He gets a call and leaves. Outside, Pratab hears from his man that Shiv has given time of two months to people with loans. Pratab instructs his man to beat him. Pratab informs Savitri Ajay’s family is ready for proposal, they demanded 15 lacs and 10 tola gold. Shiv denies giving any dowry to Aashi. Aashi gets upset and was hopeful about it. Pratab also insists this is the first family who agreed for proposal. Shiv wasn’t ready, but Aashi complains Shiv holds money dear than Aashi. Shiv asks Savitri that Ajay’s family and his behavior clearly depicted they didn’t like Aashi, their demand for dowry shows they are greedy. Ganga leaves the room. Shiv assures Savitri to speak to Aashi. Shiv gets a call from Muneem and leaves for some important task.
In the room, Aashi cries, then attempts a suicide by hanging herself to a ceiling fan. Ganga had reached there. She hugs Aashi by bringing her down. Aashi complains that she always thought her family was her side, but the truth is they doesn’t care if she marries or not. Ganga insists that this family was only greedy for their money; she gives Aashi hope about many other proposals. They can’t put Aashi’s future at stake, and asks for a promise to never think about suicide again. Aashi finally holds Ganga’s hand. Aashi asks for a promise not to share about it with her family.

PRECAP: Ganga slips from the tree into Shiv’s arms while she was getting off fruits from tree with Radhika. Later, there was a complaint from a lady that her son was beaten up for money. Shiv hands them sticks and get beaten in return. Ganga thinks she must get Shiv out of this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Interesting episode…. show is back on track

  2. Enjoyed reading the updates, thanks Sona. Yes Shraddha, the storyline is picking back up. 🙂

  3. Ganga nd shiv relationship is not good where r the old serial that characters r end then what will be the’ not at all goodto watch.ganga even not trying to remember the past life nd she became close to shiv day by day.what’s the serial is going on please improve the serial

  4. Ganga nd shiv relationship is not good where r the old serial that characters r end then what will be the Krisha

  5. Sandy enjoy this story line for some more days and I think they definitely take Sagar back to show and Vishal has got a new show in Sony TV it’s a love story and his birthday is also very near on Feb :13and the relationship between radikha and ganga was good and I enjoyed

  6. Present track is interesting. Hope this is temporary and finally Ganga meets Sagar and Krishna.

  7. The writers are more keen on bringing gangaa and shiv together. They should focus on the disorder- RA. The story moves on as though gangaa is normal and a new character. If it was true i too would have enjoyed the show. But we have watched and enjoyed 495 episodes of gangaa and sagar and are emotionally attached to these characters so much, it is impossible for us to accept Gangaa and Shiv. Enough is enough. The story should focus on the disorder gangaa is affected with and its rectification. Gangaa should not be portrayed as immoral. She is known for purity, chastity with justice mind. The concept of pollution should not be brought here.The creators have social responsibility to refine the society not to make it illegal and unethical.As it is we find only this in our society. People need a lot of information on this disorder. People should know that mental stress can cause this problem . It can be known and removed through psychological treatment .I strongly
    condemn the present story line. The producers’ investment, creators efforts, performers talents and viewers time should not be wasted. All these should result positively.

  8. Guys sagar had it quit the show officially,n now he got new show also ..even if comes back in gang as life it may not be played by sagar

  9. I know… is all in producers hands. Vishal can come back for a few concluding episodes. Otherwise injustice would be done to the beautiful story. I wonder why people are so self centered and not empathetic about others feelings with all high profile education.Is that all India capable of producing with its rich culture and heritage………..?

  10. I know it was such a beautiful n unique love story was waiting to watch it everyday,now it’s so disappointing .according to me it was a unnecessary revamp,they wud have dragged the show in some other direction keeping vishal and chaturvedis but….

  11. Great to see the storyline picking up!! 🙂

  12. Great???????? Sorry I don’t understand which aspect of the story line is great. If you could enlighten me….Have I failed to see or understand any part of it??????? No offense intended please……….

  13. Ganga & shiv looked too old shiv is too old compare to gangaa and whats going on yaar directors ab toh jaago?? people are not liking the track that much……. from the day the serial has taken leap of 10 yrs when saga are grown up till now sagar gangaa have never united ab mushkilse mile tab revamp ho gya.
    I have never seen such serials where the entire old cast is removed chaturs have not died they r alive and thier role is now mystery and we wont know if krishna ia alive or not . About sagar is he not finding gangaa krishna chaturvedis are not finding them what a nonsense yaar stop this crap serial bakwaas……. the directors r just making fool of us nothing else…. by showing bakwaas revamp…….

  14. I agree with Julia Tay Shiv look too old for Ganga. They are not compatible at all. Inepnder what producers were thinking when the pair them together.???

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