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When Ganga enters the room, the fake priest (Yash), is already out and starts his act. Ganga wonders how cuppboard got open when she had closed it. The fake nurse is hiding. Ammaji comes there. Yash tells them to check inside cupboard, there will be an object that has blackmagic. Ammaji asks Ganga to check. Ganga finds and is confused from where it came. Yash tells Ammaji that must be thrown out in water and they will have to do a puja.

In puja, Yash decides to take revenge from Ganga for locking him inside cupboard. After puja, Yash tells Ammaji they will have to something for Niranjan but that is difficult. Ammaji asks him to say what it is. He says she will have to keep diyas in her hands, more the better. All get shocked. Ganga and Madhvi tell Ammaji not to do it, but she says she will do it.

Madhvi then says she will do instead Ammaji. Ganga says if it’s like that, then she will do it. Yash gets happy. They put multiple diyas on Ganga’s hand. Yash asks everyone to close eyes and pray. Yash then throws a burning diya on Ganga’s saree. Madhvi opens her eyes and asks Ganga to step back. Ganga doesn’t move as Yash had said she can’t move. Ammaji stops Madhvi from helping Ganga. Suddenly Sagar comes and stops the fire and throws away the diyas from Ganga’s hands. He asks has she gone mad. Yash says this is not good for Niranjan. Niranjan comes and says he’s fine and asks Yash to stop with this nonsense. Ammaji apologises to Yash. Sagar takes Ganga inside for the aid.

They come outside and everyone asks Sagar how come he got back suddenly. Sagar says Ganga called him, so he had to. Ganga says Niranjan said to patch up with him. Niranjan says there is only one way for patching up.. which is to get them married. Both are quiet. Niranjan says so his wish will be unfulfilled. Sagar says it depends on Ganga. Ganga says okay. Everyone is happy, especially Niranjan. Yash is upset as his plans got spoiled. Niranjan tells them to leave now.. they don’t need any puja or anything.

Later, Yash tells the fake nurse she has to scare Ammaji and make her feel that it’s not time to get Ganga and Sagar married.

Sagar and Ganga are with Niranjan. He is not sleeping and wants to discuss about marriage plans. Ganga says if he doesn’t listen to her, then she will cancel this marriage. Niranjan tells her not to say that again. No matter what, their marriage shouldn’t cancel. He asks them to promise him. Ganga says in her mind how she can explain him that she’s doing this marriage for his happiness. Sagar promises that this marriage will definitely happen. Ganga asks Niranjan to sleep now. He goes to sleep and Ganga leaves.

Yash tells Mataji what happened today. Mataji tells him not to worry. Now watch what she does.

Precap: Ganga tells Sagar he knows right… He says he knows she’s marrying him for Niranjan’s happiness. He tells her from now on, there will only be happiness in this house.. even if they have to act of getting married.
Niranjan says he can’t wait till marriage. Whatever happens there, they will do now. He gets fire and asks them to do rounds.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. bhavaniasapu

    Precap is interesting…. At present they are shooting mehendi rasm and ganga kicks off mehndi on table… And sagar holds her from falling down… Maybe that fake nurse poisoned her food also… Even ruhana is back to shoot

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