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Gangaa 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar is talking to his client. He looks for a pen but he dint bring any other. On the other hand, Ganga’s pen is not working. She writes the paper with the pen given by Sagar. Mora Piya plays in the background. Sagar watches Ganga studying hard for her exams while talking on phone. She realises his presence and he leaves. Janvi keeps trying to talk to Sagar but in vain. Madhvi notices the same. Pulkit’s bike is not working. Sagar checks the clock. Pulkit tells Ganga to take rickshaw as she is getting late. She cannot find a rickshaw so Sagar leaves her cycle before her. Both Sagar and Ganga concentrate on their careers.

Ganga excitedly tells Supriya her paper went too good today. Supriya says you deserve a party then. Prabha asks them about the party. Both the girls go quiet. Prabha acts to gain

their sympathy. Didi thinks I am at your side while you both think I am with them. I am very much concerned for both of you but I am scared of Didi. You both think I am Ganga’s enemy? Supriya denies. Prabha insists to know what they were discussing. Supriya shares that Ganga’s exams got over. Prabha acts to be happy for Ganga. Ganga wants to wait for Pulkit but Prabha suggests them to be back before evening. She suggests a restaurant to them (Swagat). Ganga tries to postpone but Supriya says you got free today only. Let’s celebrate. Prabha tell them to enjoy. She leaves to meet Madhvi.

Madhvi talks to Janvi. You don’t talk to anyone or stay happy. you will fall ill. Maharaj ji agrees. She looks so sad all the time. No one will call her a new bride. Madhvi tells him to do his work. Prabha seconds Maharaj ji. It does not look like Janvi has just married. Sagar got busy in his work. Janvi says he will take me out only if he cares about me. He does not even talk to me. Prabha says men are like that only. Nothing matters to them other than work. We are here for you though. She asks Madhvi to call Sagar. I know a very good restaurant. Both the kids will enjoy. You can give him your swear if he tries to ditch. Madhvi goes to call Janvi. Prabha is looking forward to the new drama which will happen soon.

Supriya speaks to Pulkit. He isn’t coming. He is worried as about the start up. Ganga begins to check the menu when she notices Sagar on the opposite table. They both look at each other. Janvi likes the place. Sagar wants to leave. She wants to spend time with him even if he is forced to. Just give me this forced happiness. Ganga asks Supriya to head to some other place. Supriya points out that there is no good place nearby. Pulkit stays busy all the time so we don’t go out.

Two guys sitting at the nearby table eye Ganga and Supriya. One of them intentionally lights a cigarette. The smoke makes both the girls uncomfortable. Supriya requests them to go outside for a smoke. The guys say sorry but don’t stop smoking. Sagar is watching it all from his table. Janvi asks him what he would like to have. Ganga keeps coughing because of the smoke. She notices Sagar’s angry expressions. They both recall how he used to help her whenever she used to cough because of smoke. Supriya asks the waiter to make the guys understand or change their table. Waiter shares that the restaurant is full. The guys refuse to stop smoking. Sagar looks at the guys angrily.

Prabha asks Madhvi to sit with her. Maharaj ji will do that work. She gives lassi to Madhvi but Madhvi is worried about Sagar and Janvi. Their tension should go away as soon as possible. Distance between them is not right. Prabha assures her things will get better if they spend quality time with each other. She thinks poor Didi has no idea that problems are only going to increase. Ganga and Supriya have gone to the same restaurant. It will be fun to see what happens now!

Sagar takes an ash tray from the manager and keeps it at the guy’s table. Stop smoking. They ask him what his problem is. Sagar says it is banned to smoke in public places. Plus the girls are not comfortable. Janvi notices Ganga. The guys repeat that those who have problem should go out. Sagar calls it a crime to smoke in public place. They again ask him what that girl means to him. sagar says she is my everything. Who are you to ask this question? Stop smoking right away. The guys get up. The manager asks the guys to leave but they call Sagar a cuprit. He has been misbehaving. The guys challenge Sagar and he too does not back off. Ganga steps in between. She asks Sagar why she has to do all this. Manager takes the guys out. The guy threatens Sagar. You have come with another girl and look at other girls yourself. We will see you outside.

Ganga asks Sagar why he did all this drama. He reasons that it was the guys who were doing a drama. She says I could handle it. why do you something new every time? Why do you have to interfere in every matter? Who are you to me? Supriya tries to make her understand but Sagar tells her to let it be. Ganga thinks she is a superwoman who can handle everything on her own. Her self-respect gets hurt when someone tries to help her. Let me clear it. I stepped in between for bhabhi, not you. We share no relation but Bhabhi means a lot to me. You cannot stop me if I do something for her. He walks out of the restaurant followed by Janvi. Ganga is in tears.

Janvi and Sagar come home. Janvi rushes inside upset. Madhvi asks Janvi about the dinner. Why are you crying? Did Sagar say something to you? She asks Sagar. Janvi says we don’t know if we went there to eat dinner or do drama. What was Ganga doing there? She complains to Madhvi about Ganga. she is at every place where we go to. Be it home, restaurant or any place. Your son forgets everything when he sees her. Ask him why he married him if Ganga means everything to him! Madhvi looks at Sagar.

Precap: Janvi calls Ganga a low class girl. She is your mistress, right? Sagar shouts at her to stop. Don’t forget that if we can marry by signing on one paper then this relation can also end by signing on another paper too! Both Ganga and Janvi are shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sagar replied Gangaa, what a perfect answer Sagar! I really want to see Sagar win the debate with Gangaa. So far he always let her said as she please while he only listening in silence. This time Sagar did it right!

    And the precap really made ma hand getting curl. Hope to see more unexpecting track next week

  2. I don’t like it so much bcoz janvi is very selfish.and don’t understand the feelings of anyone.she is very mad girl.sagar do good but gaanga what she wants show???why ganga is not understand sagar??

  3. Pleaseee this drama is the same all time why cant ganga just agree for once??!? Like for once sagar says yes and den ganga says no den the other day gangaa says yes and sagar says no…..please reunite dem and give janvi some sense and fill the ganga and sagar wid loveee

  4. I only want sagar and gangaa happy together ,….!!!!! I hate mad janvi and madhavi so selfish , I hate them so much .

  5. Janvi is very bad I hate her someone should show her real face

  6. I agree with all but sagar jaanvi and gaanga dono ko kya toy samajh ta hai jab chahe le liya aur fek diya aur gaanga kya pagal hai what she want

  7. Plezzzzz update ganga fast

  8. Please update ganga fast

  9. The director is clearly confused. There is no set story line. One episode is absolutely contradictory to the other one. Ganga is fast losing our sympathy. One should not be so foolishly PRINCIPLED that she doesn’t know her own good. The director is trying to make the character of Ganga something larger than life. And please, this sacrifice drama does not appeal to the audience anymore. Please have some good sense to show that Ganga is more human than godly. She should fight for her rights and get her Sagar back.
    One more thing, the characters of a grandmother and a mother should not have been shown so selfish and brainless.

  10. Today’s episode please update kro plzzzzzzz

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