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Gangaa 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jungle
Krishna comes towards him, while sagar sees her and is reminiscient of ganga and his childhood friendship with him. an awkward silence follows, as each eyes the other tensedly. she is talking, but his ears hardly register anything. she then nudges him and asks if he is a wrong person and shall kill her. he wakes up and registers what she said. he smiels at her. she gets tensed. he denies being a bad person and then asks how she landed in the junle. she says that she got lost. he shows her the house, and she screams in pain, as his hand grazes past the wound of her hand. he is apalled, and says that he shall take care of her, in the house. he picks up the rifle too and then gets to taking her inside. inside the house, they find the scarf, and realise that its her scard,

which fell on him. she says that her mother gave it to her. he hears tensedly. he then eyes the wound, and thinks that it needs to be bandaged, to spare her the infection. he asks her to use the scarf, but she vehemently denies ruining it, with her blood. he continues to insist, but she refuses. he presents the handkerchief, and asks if this is okay. she asks if its clean. he verifies. after several complaints, she throws another tantrum, that it shall pain. he is reminded of ganga and her adamant nature. he tries to bandage her, but she refuses saying that she wishes to go back. he asks her to go then, as its late, and her friends are home, and she can happily become the wild animals’ feast. she resignedly sits down then. he thinks that she has completely taken on her mother. she smiles. he asks what. she says that the pain went. he says that he was explaining exactly the same thing, and even her mother used to do the same. she asks him to speak up when he shuts up after that. he distracts her. she says that she wishes to speak to her mother. when her phone doesnt get through, then she starts talking to sagar about his family and background, and how he landed in banaras. she says that she too stays with her mother. he asks about the father. she says that she doesnt have a father. he gets tensed. lightning strikes, and she clutches at him, with fear. he asks if she got scared. she denies out of ego. but she does it again when lightning strikes, and as she clutches onto him, he assures her that its nothing, and that its just a storm, and it shall go soon. she asks if he doesnt get scared. he says that he was when he was small. she asks who used to care for her then. he is reminded of ganga doing the same to him too. she asks if she can hold his hand, and he readily complies, though nostalgic of old memories. she takes his hand and then he hugs her, so that she feels safe. she says that when she saw the gun, and the scarf, she thought he was a bad guy and a liar, and apologises for her presumptions. he says that its okay. She starts playing dumbcharades with him, and he is horrible at this. sagar asks what movie is this. she says that her mother and he are exactly the same, as she too doesnt have any knowledge of films. she says that she too shall have to explain just like she has to, with her mother. they animatedly start playing, while sagar is an ardent learner. she says that she is thirsty. he looks around and then rushes out to get water, and asks her to stay put.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
In the van, niranjan tells the police that ganga is still unconscious, and she needs to be rushed to the nearest hospital. he asks the police to continue their search for krishna. meanwhile, ganga wakes up suddenly and screams for krishna and then goes back unconscious. seeing her condition worsening, he wishes to hasten and asks kashish to stay back with the police for their search of krishan. Kashish vehemently admits that she shall stay with ganga. but niranjan makes her understand that krishna needs someone, when the police finds her, or else she shall get scared. she complies then. the police is asked by niru to find out about krishna anyhow and inform him. niranjan says that he shall call him the minute ganga wakes up. niranjan leaves. kashish stands tensedly. niranjan drives the van hurriedly, and lands almost into madhavi, who is blinded by the light, as she is on the road, trying the call, for sagar, whose phone doesnt get through. they both are shocked to see each other after so many years. as madhavi does bandages for ganga, niru comes and sits. madhavi says that she has high fever. niru comes and asks why didnt she tell him that she is here. she gets tensed. she informs how ammaji called and asked her to see them once and hence she complies. he asks in his mind if in all these years, she never thought of turning back once, and ask him once, how he is, and if their relationship ended seriously, and if its so, then why does she still be around him all the time, every second that passed without her, and even if far, she was so close to him, that she doesnt even realise. she too thinks that even after going away, her heart and soul always stayed with him, and she complains about him, but she cant forget the house and the memories, wherein she spent her time, with her family, her husband and her sons. she says that she treasures them but for him, these things make no sense. he needs water and she hurriedly gets up to get it for him. they eye each other tensedly. she gets back to nursing ganga. he says that he didnt know she is here, and once ganga gets better, he shall leave. he informs about ganga’s distress at krishna’s disappearance. madhavi asks what about the father. he says that sagar is the father. she gets enraged. she denies. he asks her to see her once, as everything would remind her of sagar’s childhood, and she is exactly his photocopy. she says that she doesnt want to, as she trusts her son, and not doubt him, like he himself. she leaves. he thinks that they shall see, how long they can falsify this true fact.

Scene 3:
Location: Jungle
Sagar gets water for her, in a tree brach, and she drinks it, quenching her thirst, while he eyes her concerned and caring. she gulps down the entire water. then they get to sleeping. Sagar and krishna spend the night together, her hand in his, as he eyes her asleep, then he doses off too. when he wakes up the next morning, sagar finds that she is fast asleep, and somehow shades her from the sunlight. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: sagar says that its time to go, but she says that she doesnt want to go from here. he comments what kind of a girl she is. then he gets her ready and she extends her hands for him to pick her up. he is taken aback but complies, and she gets on him piggyback. Meanwhile, ganga too wakes up and again gets out in the search of her daughter. she starts screaming for krishna, which she actually hears from a distance and points the same to sagar, who thinks that he is just aking another excuse to stay back, as she doesnt want to leave the jungle. but she tells him that its not just the jungle she would leave, she would also miss out on being with him, as from here, they both shall go their separate ways. he gets tensed hearing this. Meanwhile, ganga senses someone’s presence far from the bushes. Later, ganga enters the house, where sagar stayed with krishna, along with the police, but doesnt find them. they find a sock though, which tells that krishna was here last night, but with someone else. ganga is distressed wondering who it might be. MEanwhile, krishna hitchhikes on the road, and finally lands at a car, in which a couple is going on the highway. she requests for their help, and they comply. she then signals sagar to come too. he arrives from behind the bushes. they are boggled, and ask if he is with her only. she complies. they ask her how are they related. Instinctively at a loss for answer, she says that he is her father. he eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Welcome back Rimjhim ji…. Thanks for the quick update…

  2. Ahhh, Nice to see you back Rhimjhim! Good update and nice precap! Cheers!
    Hi Bhavani and Friends,
    The series is getting good again, you can really sense the suspension in the storyline as you read the updates. Can’t wait to tonight episode.

  3. Thanks for quick update..

  4. Thank you so much for t’ update ms ?

  5. It would be superb if sagar knows the truth that he is the father of Krishna and can continue fight between sagar and gaanga due to gaanga’s stubborn character..

  6. Mica

    gangga will be aired back in SCTV after they cut it in the middle due the differences of slot time…..

    1. Yes i cant wait.
      Im tired wait to long hihi

    2. Hi Mica, does this mean it will no longer air on &TV?

      1. Hi summer, no it still on &tv
        Sctv is tv station in indonesia.
        Gangaa is aires in indonesia to,but cut in the midle 🙂
        but then gangaa will aires in indonesia again.

  7. Nice episode the krishna represents both sagar and ganga and when sagar relises her mistake ganga doesnt forgive him easily

  8. HI Lisa, Thank you for your info. It makes sense now. The series have picked up, but i think Pulkit is being unfaithful with Kashish to Supriya judging by his behaviour on the latest episodes. He was rather nervous when he thought Gangaa caught him out but instead playing a trick.

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