Gangaa 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Sonu overhears sagar and ammaji’s conversation, and decides to alert zoya about it. Meanwhile, the entire family plays with juhi, while zoya comes and watches her irritably. madhavi presents juhi a gift, while all watch, and blesses them. zoya thinks that she is winning over everyone’s heart, and soon something would have to be done. she asks zoya too, and zoya compli ments her. she gets sonu’s call, and excuses herself. she picks up the call, and then he tells her everything, that he overheard. zoya is aghast to hear this. he talks about how they are getting ganga and krishna back. she is tensed as he abruptly cuts the call, and thinks that this cant be, as her plans shall fail then, and somehow she shall have to stop them, but wonders

how. an evil idea crops in her mind, and thinks that ganga shall listen to her, as she is raahat’s sister, and she wouldnt ever refuse her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and ganga’s residence
Ganga mutters in herself, that she doesnt have the answers for the questions everyone is searching for. krishna jerks her out and they realise that they have reached home. they all get down. kashish comes to greet them and then asks krishna to come along. krishna tells what ganga told her. ganga complies. kashish complies tensedly. ganga gets raahat’s call, who informs her that ammaji is cooking an evil, vicious plan about how sagar is planning to take krishna away from her. ganga is boggled. zoya says that she is tensed for her and krishna, and instigates her against it. she says that how pulkit has adopted a child, and that everyone has accepted juhi, but ammaji wants sagar’s child, and as an heir, she is coming to take krishna. she pollutes saying that she would dramatise that she wants her as sagar’s wife, but its just to get krishna. ganga is shocked and says that noone can snatch krishna from her. but zoya says that ammaji and sagar have become very adamant, and continues to emotionally manipulate into putting in bitter words for ammaji and sagar. she asks how would she live without krishna, and ganga assures that nothing like that would happen. but she is shocked as she finds ammaji and sagar arrive. she confronts them tensedly. sagar is reluctant that ganga wouldnt forgive him. but ammaji insists to go and talk to her. she comes to ganga, who asks whats so special that she had to come all the way to her house today. ammaji says that its for krishna. ganga asks why all of a sudden, she started caring for krishna, as she isnt related to her. ammaji says that she feels as one of her own. ganga asks how is that possible as she isnt related to her, then how is krishna hers, as had been established long back, when she left the altar, and she didnt even bother to stop her. ammaji profusely apologises for the same, and asks her to let bygones be, as even sagar is repentant of what he did to her. ganga asks how only she came to talk, and sagar is still in the car only. she says that he doesnt have the guts to meet her in the eye. ganga asks how does he not have the guts to face her, but has the guts to snatch krishna from her. ammaji is shocked and says that they have no such intention, and she merely wants to adopt her. ganga says that she isnt her greatgrand child, as she lost that, when sagar refused to accept her as his child, then why bother to come now. ammaji tries to explain, but ganga refrains back. ammaji emotionally says that she nurtured her, and yet she stands here today with folded hands, begging for forgiveness for sagar, as he is totally alone, and she cant see him tormented like that. ganga is apalled as tears stream down her cheeks. sagar waits in the car, impatient, as to whats going on. but finally, sagar comes and stops her from folding her hands. they both confront each other. sonu watches on. sagar asks whats he doing, as she cant beg for him. she says that she shall do anything for his happiness. he hugs her, and says that he is doomed for pain and torment. ganga asks if he is blaming her for this too. he denies saying that he blames himself, for the extremely wrong way in which he betrayed her, and how she lied about him not being the father. Ganga asks how easily he had told then that he doesnt remember anything. sagar says that he still doesnt at all remember what happened that night. ganga asks him to come then, when he does remember, and then they shall sit and talk. she says that her words dont value to him till then. ammaji tries to talk, but she folds her hand and asks her to leave, and not bother them. they are aghast. she turns and goes inside while they watch on. she eyes them yet again and then closes the door on their faces, as she remembers zoya’s warning. she composes herself behind the closed doors, totally distraught and apalled. she wonders why sagar came back, as she had learnt to live without him, and hopes that he goes away, as she had started hating him, but seeing him, she doesnt want love to resurface, as it shall only bring him pain.

Outside, sagar escorts back ammaji in the car. he says that he had knows this would happen, as some mistakes are irrevocable.

Scene 3:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
ammji paces around nervously, when maharaj asks whats the matter. she says that sagar and ganga are keeping their own ego, and it shall not resolve till they dont talk like this. she says that the entire bone of contention is one night, and wonders how is it possible, that ganga remembers but sagar doesnt. she is determined to find out.

Scene 4:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Inside, kashish tries to talk sense into ganga, as they were genuinely sorry. ganga tells what zoya told her, and vents it all out to kashish too. kashish says that she is unnecessarily arguing, as she chose what she wanted to, and ignored everything else. she points it as her ego, because of which she cant forgive sagar and his family. ganga denies that ego isnt responsible for everything, but she doesnt care who thinks what, as she has faced enough in 7 years, but she never let it fall on krishna. she says that it wasnt a game, abnd talks about how she had to be a single mother, for krishna, who had an entire family, but noone would reach out to her, and if she still thinks, her ego stands in the way, then so be it, as she calls it self respect and she wouldnt compromise with it, at any cost. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: KRishna is dressed as goddess durga, when she asks the lord to help her find her father. meanwhile, sagar is shocked to know from the police, that yash escaped from the hospital and is here only, while he himself is in the same pandal as krishna. yash meanwhile, grabs krishna, as he comes out of disguise of a beggar, and then holds krishna captive, with her trishul. all are aghast as they rush to save the child. ganga and kashish arrive too, and are apalled. finally ganga overpowers yash,. and takes her down, the same way, Durga took down on Mahishasur.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. How come sagar dont remember?????? About that night….

    1. Bcz that n8 prabha gave drug to Sagar.. so Sagar doesn’t remember wat he did dat n8

  2. Yeah…. Monday… Yash and Rudra… In prisoners dresses…. Yash trying to harm Krishna… Ganga takes trishool and yash under the foot of Gangaa…. Yeyyyy…..maatharani…. Avatar….

    1. I didnt understand that line in precap that is yash will disguise as a beggar means ?

  3. Thanks! I’m tired of gangaa’s self respect

  4. Too much dragging .Hope Yash will reveal the secret.

  5. Yeah… V r also tired… Aatmasamman vaali bhasan se….atleast the truth of that night comes out… Atleast in next week episodes…. Monday precap looks like filmy but interesting… InToday episode.. Dadhi expresses to maharaj ji that something happened in one night which is the cause of all these pains and separations…

  6. Sagar doesn’t remember, because Prabha, Yash’s mother, has drugged him by adding something to his drink.

  7. Can any one say wat s yash’s truth

  8. This is nonsense …ganga’s self respect in unbearable …they r juz trying to drag the serial which is causing low TRP…

  9. The writers and producers of this show must think we have no brain because obviously if someone were to be drugged there will be after affects like headache, tiredness ect. So sagar would’ve felt these side affects the next day which would make him realise that something is wrong and the reason for his memory loss.

    1. Such symptoms also can b seen with alcohol… I gues

  10. Therefore he should’ve made his main concern investigating what happened to him that day, questioning everyone else instead of questioning his wife’s character straightaway & distrusting her without evidence. This would’ve made a more fitting & realistic story instead of treating us viewers as idiots. We will get fed up soon and stop watching, lets wake up people!

  11. Hope yash son of prabha will reval the truth but i think ganga will trust yash or may sagar knows the true first

  12. They are try to drage the serial which causes to loss interst on the show &hope may sagar knows the true or yash reval the true of night ithink sagar may know first by disscussion of mahraj&ammaji conversation

  13. In new promo of Gangaa…. Yash caught hold of Krishna threatening to kill her with trishul… Sagar shouting krishna… Ganga begging yash not to harm krishna… Yash says that only mother can feel the pain of losing a child and not the father… Looking at sagar who stands shocked to hear this…

  14. That means Sagar will realise that Yash knows the truth. He will not keep quiet until he came to know what happened that night.

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