Gangaa 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Along with zoya, sonu calls up sagar and instigates him about krishna standing outside, the school, and how he wanted to stop but couldnt, because the judge had called him, and he had to go there. sagar gets tensed and worried.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Meanwhile, ganga goes to her residence, and takes the jewellery, that zoya gave her to lease it off for some money, and then she shall be able to pay krishna’s school fees, as she has no other option now. she takes the box and rushes to the jeweller

Scene 3:
Location: Krishna’s school
Meanwhile, sagar finds krishna standing out of her school. Sagar asks krishna why is she standing out, and gets to know that she has been sent out due

to non payment of fees, and ganga hasnt come yet to the school. he is disturbed. he goes inside to talk to the principal, along with krishna, but she doesnt deter. he is about to go out, when shefinally relents in, and allows her just for the day. she also comments on the irresponsible and callous behaviour of the mother. hearing this, krishna is mentally disturbed and tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Jeweller
Ganga gets credit from the jeweller in lieu of the jewellery. she is about to walk out, when they check the credibility of the jewellery, and find that its been reported stolen. ganga is aghast to hear this. she is cast with accusations, and while she continues trying to contact zoya doesnt intentionally pick up the phone. she along with sonu guffaws at the idea as to how the jeweller shall play to their tunes since he has been paid to be mean to ganga. Meanwhile, the jeweller caslls the police, who question ganga about it. she says that she has no clue, and tries to get away. she cites that she is a lawyer and she has no reason to steal the jewellery. the police asks her to come to the police station, but she tries to skirt away. he says that it shall be better if she comes along, or they shall have to use force. ganga is distraught. they forcibly take hr away.

Scene 5:
Location: Outside the school and police station
Sagar along with krishna wonders why hasnt ganga come yet as she isnt normally like this. he dials ganga’s number, and when the call is received, he barargesher with questions. when the inspector answers from the other end, he is shocked. when enquired, he finds that ganga has been taken into custody for theft. he is shocked. he turns aside, and then asks about the whole matter. after he canecls the call, he is still distraught. krishna asks him whats thematter. he rushes with her to the station.

Meanwhile, while ganga is apalled that she is denied all chances to meet or talk to her daughter, she finds zoya coming in and is relieved. zoya asks her to calm down, while ganga is hopeful that now soon everything would sort out. but zoya plants another story instigating her by dsaying that sagar gave her the jewellery when he must have heard about ganga’s financial crisis that she has talking with madhavi. she tells ganga that she has just one way out now, thats to run away with krishna and take her very far away, since sagar only plans to snatch her from her. ganga is distraught.

MEanwhile, outside sagar and krishna arrive and try and talk to the inspector to see ganga. but he totally disrgards sagar’s request and denies him the permission. meanwhile, inside zoya tells ganga that she has the perfect way to help her escape from here, with krishna. she hands her a knife, seeing which ganga is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ganga pretends to hold zoya on knifepoint, and tries to get her way out, while sagar asks if she has gone mad. ganga asks him to stay back and not interfere, as she wont allow him to get away with krishna at any cost. Later, ganga rushes along with krishna, while krishna continues to badger as to where are they going. MEanwhile, the police jeep follows them, while ganga desperately tries to evade them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Now it is becoming worst day by day. gangaa is becoming so stupid..The director should give her some pills to enhance her brain.. reallY. they want to lose TRP these people!!

  2. Krishnaa

    Seriously???!!!!! whats happening in this show??? so disappointing!!!! :/ cant believe Ganga is a lawyer!

    1. ys very true. It is very depressing to watch this show. instead of relaxing we have to end up in torture of watching the unending evils of zoya. Please end her fast, as soon as possible please

  3. Omg… how far will Zoya go. Another disappointing episode. I am fed up of Zoya sour face. Can’t bear to watch it any more.. and Ganga really!!! How can she believe what Zoya told her about Sagar setting her up. Sagar hate Zoya guts why would he talk to her..writers get your act together. The current track had gone too far and us viewers are not stupid.

  4. Madness at its height is Gangaa… She has no chance of thinking, the writers and director are fully making the main lead character a big fool, brainless, mad, poison in her brains, only thing she can do is dance like a puppet in the hands of the antagonist… Looking this show i felt like simply looking at a joker named none other than ganga… One after another doing crimes… Firstly firing the gun, now using knife and escaping from the jail… the character of lawyer is shown as a joker…. I’m sorry to say this but with utter disappointed I’m saying this… No confidence at all… Anyways… After so many crimes done is she really going to step into chatur sadan… Let her ego go to heavens….

  5. Stupid episode…well, now i’ve read the update, I shall not bother watching the episode. Can’t bear to watch Zoya and her evil manipulations and dumb Ganga falling for her lies.

    1. Agreed! Such a hopeless episode! I am thinking of skipping the complete week!! The show’s storyline is degrading and depressing and negative!! I used to love the show when it had positivity! That was one of the best traits of this serial.

      1. Hi Deeksha,

        I have been mainly reading updates. I didn’t bother watching the last few episodes! When i do, i find myself fast forwarding Zoya moments until other casts are on screen. I understand that you have to have good and bad, Yash was bad, Prahba was bad, Jhanvi was bad, Palash was good turned bad, but I didn’t mind watching them. But this Zoya character takes the biscuit…I can not bear to watch her on my screen. Her big evil stares screen and smirks makes my thumb involuntary skip the fast forward button.

  6. Feeling distraught.
    This serial is amazingly stupid with Zoya dialogues and evil smiles. Not forgetting Gangaa had Jewelry given to her by her father and the sale of the house. That house was it not where Rahad was renting now own by Amaji.
    What was Gangaa as a lawyer thinking. Listening to Zoya.
    Talk of ego !!!
    Gangaa is just so Soo stupid. How far does she think she can run especially if Krishna is sick.
    This is really annoyingly crazy.
    The writer and the producers must be thinking the viewers are fools.

  7. I dont understand zoyas role I this show first she kills her husband as she dont want him gets radar arrested kills her mother and gets away with it. What a load of crap. Only show I watch is kasam I hope they don’t ruin it.

  8. hi frs ..the story is concentrate with Zoya only …so with u r:s permission i want to change the heading ZOYA INSTEAD OF GANGAA..bcz the story comcen trate circles with zoya ..Now a days so many zoyas in every family … whydoes director elaborates her charactor?
    ?this is correctt time police plz u make zoya to stay in lockup instead of gangaa…….
    starting very cool . middle elder gangaa and sagar part s also good now thestory is going out of the story line …….and zoya track ????????????????? i thing the writter has forgotten that gangaa is a lawyer . she knows the rules also .. why does she follow zoya blindly .again and again doing mistakes …….

  9. What a crap manh ! How could they lose their brains n show such nonsense. Ganga who always fought against evil is now becoming a part of it. Utter tragic ! How can she behave sooo stupid ? Shes blindly trusting zoya but not ready to believe sagar ! Is this is what she called love ! Not ready to even listen once to sagar. Ganga n zoya both have crossed limits and so have the writers n director. R.i.p zoya rani n let others live in peace !

  10. Ganga has gone from good to bad to worse to worst. How can she just believe Zoya blindly and not trust Sagar, whom she apparently still loves?? And how many times will they keep repeating the same dialogues episode after episode??? Height of stupidity!!!

  11. bhavaniasapu

    I thought with cool mind and now I understand one thing… If Ganga lives with lawyer brain and thinks over doing a thing it will be impossible to sagar to take her back to chatur sadan… She has to live like this only with stupid, crazy, useless and brainless… Do mistakes repeatedly… This makes easy to sagar and Krishna to make her step again into chatur sadan… And a big puchka to zoya rani

  12. Already started charging channel when Zoya will extend it for gangaa too.. I hope Krishna will teach ganga about her so called ‘aatm sammaan’. Waste serial.. degrading day by day..ganga can have any exceptions.always trust wrong people..earlier it was that stupid lawyer..can lies about Krishnas father in court..blindly believes bad things..I don’t know on what basis director see it as self respect..and yeah…also getting annoyed with this dialogue ” Krishna Sirf hamari beti hai” almost every episode..that too with that “expression” on ganga face as if she is doing and did impossible thing…
    Director, please get to know difference between ego, foolishness as and self respect…or may be start watching other good serials..

  13. Zoya has done so much brain wash of gangaa that gangaa brain has not left

  14. H.S. Krishna PRASAD

    Looks like the producer/director have lost their plot. Gangaa was such a nice serial. They must somehow kill the villians if they wish to get back their viewers !!!

  15. Importance of Ganga is gone it is now Zoya serial. A serial killer gets free pass to whatever she wants. I hope the writers at least now rectify their mistake and bring the story to normal.Make Krishna or Kashis to find out the true intentions of Zoya and make Ganga to realise her mistakes and turn normal.. Please Enough of Zoya let them find the CD and let her get exposed. Do it fast before people drifting away to some other serial.


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