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Gangaa 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the hall, Savitri speaks about Aashi’s proposal and the guests want to come for her. Aashi was excited to go to shopping tomorrow. Shiv allows her to get anything she wants to buy. She takes Riya to prepare a list about all that she needs. Savitri prays this time her proposal is fixed.
At night, Ganga wakes up from sit sleep. She was hungry and wonders when Shiv would return. She then goes to check if Radhika is fine, and was relived watching her sleep. She comes to the kitchen and looks around in pots, all were empty. She was worried that she will still have to sleep hungry, her husband doesn’t care about her food. Shiv had just returned. Ganga asks what’s the rule that even for dinner she was to follow someone else’s wishes. Shiv silently steps upstairs, Ganga thinks he only has time

to massage his mother’s legs. Savitri shares she is worried about Aashi, Shiv assures he would make everything well. Savitri says Shiv is really lonely after Parvati, had Ganga been a sensible girl but she thinks Ganga can’t take Parvati’s place. Shiv says it was Savitri who turned Parvati into a good daughter in law. Savitri says Ganga can never be a good daughter in law, if he really thinks Ganga should stay here after such a huge incident. Shiv considers it too early to take a big decision, they must give Ganga some time. Savitri thinks Shiv is still hopeful about Ganga.
Ganga wakes up early morning out of hunger. She goes outside, Shiv had brought milk from outside. He places the milk pot on floor and goes outside. Ganga wonders how she can be full only from tea. She goes to the kitchen and finds some biscuits in a box. Shiv spots her in the kitchen and asks if she doesn’t have dinner properly. Ganga places the pot back, Dai Maa had also walked out. Ganga silently walks in. Dai Maa says since Ganga came home, she never had dinner. She is left hungry without Shiv, as someone told her a wife can’t eat until husband has dinner. Shiv tells Dai Maa to explain to Ganga she doesn’t need follow any rules. Dai Maa says Ganga won’t abide by her.
Radhika cheers finding a skate board on her bed. She was excited that her father must have brought this. Jhumki comes there, Radhika shows her the skate board. Jhumki says not Shiv but Ganga bought this for her, Jhumki already said Radhika won’t ride it and it’s dangerous but she still bought this. Radhika neglects this, Jhumki still warns her to be careful as Ganga must have some intention behind buying this. Jhumki thinks about doing something against Ganga. She finds marbles in a bottle and gets an idea.
In the room, Ganga was putting turmeric over Aashi’s arms. She says she can suggest Aashi about her makeover. Aashi says her father said Ganga isn’t much educated, how Ganga know about everything so well then. Ganga appreciates Aashi’s saree.
In the corridor, Jhumki watches Radhika ride skate board towards the marbles but Radhika turns around half way. Radhika enters Aashi’s room, Ganga warns her to be careful. Radhika drive excitedly, then fell over the bed. The turmeric bowl spills over Aashi’s saree. Aashi was about to hit Radhika but Ganga saves her, and explaining Radhika didn’t do it deliberately. Radhika asks if Ganga brought the skate board so that she fells all over. She drives away over the board. Ganga follows Radhika, but she was speedily running over the skate board. Shiv was stepping up the stairs when he spots Gang running behind Radhika. Radhika had run towards an open window, Ganga pulls her back but stops over the skate board herself. Radhika and Ganga both goes down the window. Shiv watches them fell over the grain bags. Everyone gather downstairs, Ganga’s back had been badly hurt. Radhika was upset, as Ganga was unable to sit. Shiv goes to get the doctor. Radhika runs towards Ganga in concern, and explains to family that she had fallen off. Savitri takes Radhika inside, but Radhika runs towards Ganga again. Savitri spots the skate board, Jhumki says Ganga brought this for Radhika although they had forbidden anyone to get something dangerous home. Shiv watches Savitri as she cursed Ganga, he helps Ganga lay on the board while she cried out of pain. Shiv says today Ganga saved Radhika’s life, he holds Ganga in his arms and takes her in the room.

PRECAP: Ganga denies getting the herbal ointment but only from Radhika. Radhika helps Ganga.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thanks Sona for updates. Hopefully now Radhika will warm towards Gangaa and dimiss Jhumki poison words. The sooner Shiv opens his eyes the better, Savritia is not a kind woman. Very manipulative.


    Now Radhika and Ganga will devlop mother and daughter relationship soon.. ita soo good to see Shiv and Ganga and their concern for each other..

  3. Yaayy!! A wonderful episode! 🙂 I love the song sequence between shiv and gangaa! 🙂 Full due credit to the cvs and directors for these it Saga song ( Ishq Nasheen) or this current Shiv-Gangaa one! These songs suit the chemistry between the characters.

  4. I like ganga and shiv as a couple better than the immature sagar.

  5. Ha episode is good & relationship between the shiv and ganga was good and mature and I like the new look of ganga from shiv comes and but I like saga pair next only shiv and gangas pair

  6. It is good to see the relationship improving between radhika and gangaa. I strongly disapprove of gangaa-Shiv relationship. It is illicit. The background song is nowhere match to Ishq nasheen song. Now I am convinced Sagar is not going to come back as he has been offered new project in Sony tv. So is Hiten. Now Gangaa may lose her memory permanently and settle with Shiv. Shiv as a gentleman may marry her to make their relationship legal.Lousy track with no purpose. If this is the case gangaa and sagar should have been united and this track could begin with another Gangaa. Very very very disappointing story line , revamp and an unneccessary one too.

  7. Sorry to say this i don’t like this new story of gangaa because already we watched this type of story lines.Now a days every serial follows memory loss concept.why they are showing same story many serials are like this.heroine got a memory loss and after that she was shown has some other person’s wife.i don’t know why viewers are encouraging this type of shows.we are watching serials not only for entertainment right.seriously i am watching gangaa because it is a different show and different theme they are showing some inspirational message to the viewers and they told us from the beginning it is a child widow story who has facing challenges from the society and they showed us like that way. i love the character of little gangaa and her self respect and her love.And the past characters are also nailed their performance we are addicted to that story line suddenly they changed the story line and entire we are not comfort with this new cast. From the begining they showed the how much gangaa loves sagar always she said she only loves sagar.and now she forgot everything.and she did show many things for her daughter now she didn’t even remember her name gangaa is like dumb character she know that she has memoryloss and she even don’t know about her mariage and everything.then also she didn’t even tried to remember her past.she even didn’t take any medicine from doctors.sorry to say these things i said my opinion if any one got hurt im sorry.actually i was watching this serial from the beging but i stopped watching when entire cast was only i was reading updates becoz i don’t like gangaa’s new story line and her new costume also.

  8. Noo i don’t like the shiv and ganga…
    BCS if any one love ..With ecah other ..Ex..ganga and Sagar …Is the best couple there feillng there affection of love with each other ..There careing …ND many more …Sagar is best in all ways for ganga .And same as ganga is best for Sagar …When ganga is verry angry with Sagar ..Sagar was verry upset for thT …He tried many times to ganga tht he loved her verry much …
    ND now there is nothing between ganga and shiv..
    Although shiv is very nice person ..But ..
    The love of ganga and Sagar is never compare with shiv and ganga…
    I don’t no hows any one memory loss and she or he forgot there love…Never …It be never …
    It is serial but PLZZ don’t show that’s typs of drama ..
    Its hurt me a lot….?????
    PLZZ come back Sagar in this series..
    The serail is not .. Boring but ..There in no issue to see tht at tht time …
    Ganga and Sagar …Is best couple …Best best best …..So PLZZ come soon Sagar …We all are waiting ..For u??????

  9. Where can I get the new song birha me sawan aaayo. Its good. Help please

  10. New storyline is bakwaas….. how can someone forget his/her memory and permanently this serial is now a typical saas bahu serial ?? ok fine we sometimes lost our memory due to some head injuries….. but still we remember something something gangaa always fight for herself and for her right now she is wanting that radhika shud call her mum and shiv his wife kuch bhi nonsense shiv’s mother and jhumki is going very gud now shiv’s mother will definitely take an action against gangaa when savitri will see radhika coming close to gangaa in yesterday’s ep savitri takes radhika inside and she was not asking gangaa that if she is fine instead she was cursing gangaa. Ganga ke saath yehi hona chahiye ?

  11. New storyline is bakwaas how someone can forget his /her memory permanently ok fine we can lost our memory due to some head injuries but then also we can remember something something . When shiv take up gangaa in his arms tab gangaa ko kuch yaad nhi aaya that sagar also holiding her in his arms kuch bhi such a crap serial yaar……….. jhumki & savitri is really very gud going savitri never wanted that gangaa shud come to this house as dil now she will definitely wil talke an action against gangaa when she will see radhika coming close to gangaa if radhika will close to gangaa shiv will also get automatically attracted to ganga. Gangaa shud be thrown out of the house by savitri. Tab maza aaye gaa????? she deserves it……

  12. I personally think that Shiv look too old for Ganga and they are not compatible at all. It’s not a good match. Don’t know what producers were thinking to pair them .

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