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Gangaa 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The girl’s father is a teacher in a government school. Amma ji thinks Madhvi did not think of their status in haste. The girl’s father has no worries towards Pulkit. He is your (Niru) son so he will be good only. Niru takes Madhvi aside. You did not tell them anything. Should I tell them even I don’t know if he is capable enough for anything or not! Madhvi replies that let Pulkit meet the girl first. Meanwhile, Sagar and Janvi go to bring Pulkit.

Pulkit tells Sagar he is upset with him. You could tell me atleast. Ganga points out that it was his plan. Sagar and Janvi request him to meet the girl once. Madhvi calls out for Pulkit so Sagar takes him outside with him.

Madhvi introduces Pulkit to Supriya and her family. Ganga tells Sagar that Bhaiya looks angry. You will see my worst

if anyone hurts him. Sagar takes it lightly. She fears Pulkit saying no. Babu and Bhaiya can fight again. He says I did not think of that. I did it for BHaiya’s sake. I hope everything goes nicely. Amma ji is a little unhappy about the status of the family. Madhvi hopes Pulkit does no drama. Everything should go fine. Ganga fears Pulkit’s reaction. He will definitely say no!

Janvi suggests Sagar to let the would be bride and groom talk alone. Ganga reminds her they are in India. Sagar supports Janvi. Pulkit excuses himself to wash hands. Sagar asks Janvi to take Supriya aside too so she too can wash her hands. Madhvi readily allows Janvi. Ganga is irked. She does not have a mind of her own!

Supriya tells Pulkit she wants to talk to him. On the other hand, Amma ji tells Madhvi about her point of view. Madhvi says the girl is good. What should we do with the family background! Amma ji is actually waiting for Pulkit’s reaction. I don’t know what you have in mind.

Everyone waits for Pulkit’s answer. Amma ji hopes Pulkit says no. I will bring a nice girl from a good family for him later on. Niru hopes Pulkit does not embarrass anyone. Everyone has their share of worries. Pulkit says yes for the alliance. Everyone is happy except Amma ji. Ganga wonders how Pulkit Bhaiya agreed for the alliance. Did anyone push him for it? Supriya looks relieved. Everyone eats sweets. Janvi tells Ganga she knows Sagar better than her. He always does what he says! You knew the younger Sagar. I know the grown up Sagar! Ganga replies that she isn’t worried about Sagar but Bhaiya here.

Ganga questions Pulkit on his decision. He shares that he overheard Supriya’s convo with her step mother. She talks badly to Supriya and worries about the dowry which Chaturvedi family might demand from them. Supriya later suggests Pulkit to back out from the alliance if they expect dowry from them. My father will break down if the marriage breaks down later because of dowry. He asks her if any such instance has happened with her in the past. She nods. Flashback ends. How could I say no after hearing all that? Her step mother would taunt her all day and night. Ganga says husband and wife are bound by love. Will you be able to love her? He does not know it yet. I only want to give her a family where she isn’t taunted, where she does not have to worry about her father’s plight. I couldn’t say no to her after seeing that. How can someone live such a life? She reasons that he is cheating her. How would she feel after finding out you love someone else? Will you be able to accept her ever? He understands he could not get his love, but it is right if this can help that girl and her family gain respect.

Amma ji calls out for Ganga as she needs her medicines. Supriya’s step mother observes them. She asks Amma ji about Ganga. Amma ji tells her about Ganga’s background. Supriya’s step mother says she has mixed so well with the boys of the house. I don’t find it right.

Amma ji greets pundit ji as she begins to leave with Ganga. She mutters to Ganga that she always counters her. Ganga notices Sagar and Janvi together. He introduces Ijaz to Janvi and Sahil. Amma ji calls Ganga. Ijaz asks Sagar about Janvi. Is she your girlfriend? Sagar nods. Don’t tell anyone though! Ijaz teases him. Ganga looks at Sagar. I thought I will talk to you about this alliance but you don’t care at all! You look so happy. Janvi signals Sahil towards Ganga. Sahil offers to keep the luggage that Ganga is holding. She absentmindedly gives it to him. Ganga thinks you (Sagar) have really changed. Is it really easy for you to forget love or did I really make a mistake in recognizing you?

Supriya and her family greets Niry and Madhvi as they are about to leave.

Niru asks Ganga to sit in the bus. We are getting late. He notices Ganga looking at Sagar and his friends. Madhvi tells him that they will come with Ijaz in the jeep. Ganga too decides to come with them. Madhvi looks uncomfortable. Amma ji too is tensed to know about it. Sagar gets to know that Sahil and Ganga will take the bus.

Ganga decides to confront Sagar. You will have to answer my questions today. What is love! How much pain one has to go through while in love! people can forget themselves but not love! Sagar drives away thinking Ganga will be in the bus. She runs after the jeep but cannot be heard as he plays loud music. The bus is long gone by then.

Precap: Ganga is walking alone at night. Two drunk men block her way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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