Gangaa 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga and Shiv return home. Dai Maa asks how her saree was torn and takes her to wash her hands. Kushal comes to inform Shiv that tomorrow in a fair he is going to get an award, he had brought the sweet along him. Kushal says there is a problem, he must go there with his wife. Shiv denies going to the award. Kushal says this might seem as a disrespect to the ones who invited him. Shiv says he doesn’t care and leaves. Jhumki comes there and makes Dai Maa leave. She tells Ganga she won’t get another chance, she should go with Shiv. She can ruin Shiv’s respect there.
Kushal informs on call about the award. Riya makes arrangement of food in the Math. Jhumki comes to ask Kushal about some work. Shiv comes outside. Jhumki reminds Ganga what she had advised her. Shiv watches Ganga stand thoughtful. Kushal

tells Shiv about Radhika’s call who wanted to speak to him.
Jhumki comes to meet Pratab and cries in front of him. She says she urged Ganga to go against Shiv but she won’t go against him. She had brought food for Pratab and leaves.
Ganga comes to the room and asks to go to the function with him, she won’t like if someone has to apologize because of her. Shiv says she must get ready like the daughter in law of this family and veil her head if she wants to go, she must also behave like his wife; does she accept it. Ganga nods. Shiv tells her to wake up early from tomorrow, she might get considerable fees if she teaches some kids in the Math. Ganga comes out happy. Ganga watches her own self telling her if she fells soft for Shiv she would never win over him. Ganga decides she has to stay to her decision.
Shiv gets a call from Radhika and tells her to come here soon, he assures Radhika that Ganga takes care of him and the family. Ganga stood behind and hears this, she thinks Shiv can’t win over him at any cost. Everyone was waiting for Shiv and asks about Ganga. Ganga the event and stand beside Shiv. She removes her veil and says it suffocates her. She goes looking for a fan and goes to remove veils off other ladies as well. People there gossip about her. Ganga says everyone has a right over cold wind, she has only been helping these women. Shiv walks towards Ganga and removes his waist coat saying its really hot today. Ganga was shocked to watch this. Ganga thinks if Shiv wants her to fell weak in front of him, this won’t happen. She goes to stand beside Shiv. Shiv asks why she is standing right behind him, Ganga reminds he told her to stay besides him. Shiv comes to an aunt and tells her how to make Karela vegetable. The lady takes Ganga to explain the recipe. Ganga was forced to sit beside her. Shiv smiles watching Ganga there. Ganga stands up and tells the ladies to think further from cooking, they have only hidden themselves behind veils. The men there insults women and says women never know what’s good for society. Shiv replies if a woman is unaware of society’s well-being, they can never know about it.
He comes to stage and appreciates Ganga’s efforts and care about others. Everyone clap for Ganga. Kushal comes with the chief guest. Ganga sat upset while Mukhya gives an award to Shiv. Mukhya calls Ganga up on stage, it’s her husband’s ceremony. Ganga thinks this is the right chance to disrespect Shiv and live the life of her wish. Ganga walks up the stage and asks if Ganga wants to say something about her husband’s success.

PRECAP: Ganga denies shutting the loud music at mid night. Police come to arrest Shiv and Ganga. In the jail, Ganga was offered either to stay with Shiv in a cell or with goons. She choses the lock up of goons, the goons teases her at night .

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Did the writers also have a memory loss?
    all of these days gangaa hadn’t think about krishna for once, nor remembering that she lost it, when will gangaa try to find her?
    it’s really funny gangaa has free time to make bets with shiv in stead of looking of her daughter, what a joke.
    The biggest joke is gangaa trying her best to be sagar’s widow, although she hadn’t try to be his wife when he was a life.
    And now she make bets with shif and after this she will see if she should look for krishna or may be she will have something else.

  2. This shallow and cheap Gangaa will not look for Krishna because she would be hindering her union with Shiv.She is only seeking Shiv’s attention. Not fighting for her freedom.How vehement she was while rejecting Palash and Sahil. How can any woman , especially Gangaa develop so much love for Shiv in three months is beyond my comprehension.Her love for Sagar is hoax. Her character has already been assassinated.It is very essential for the creative heads and writers to attend workshops to empower and recharge themselves with positivity not Vishal. I respect him for choosing to live with principles. Aditi with her caliber should not have allowed her character to be assassinated and continue to work for such a show that has turned out to be cheap. . I am not able to enjoy Vishal’s new show.I would have enjoyed the show if the love story of SaGa concluded with a happy note. SaGa’s love story haunts me. What a beautiful and unique story brought to life by Aditi and Vishal. It is very rare we find such mesmerizing couples on small screen. With negative and unproductive writers and creative heads, the miseries for viewers are inevitable. The lesson learnt is never to get emotionally involved with any art work. Thanks to And TV .Once bitten twice shy. Moving on to reading – my favorite routine.

    1. Hi Revathy,
      Hope you are well. I can understand what you are saying. I got really frustrated with the writers when each time you thought Sagar and Ganga was going to make up and unite, but each time it was so close yet so far away. The ‘will they won’t they’ cirlce was tiresome and when Zoya/Prahba/yash evil plots to the point of crazy, i stopped watching and just read updates. When Sagar doubted Ganga’s pregnancy and the writers took that ridiculous seven year leap, that is when it was ruined for me. That’s when I thought, they are never going to reunite them. Yes, you do get emotional involved and when there are big holes in the story you are waiting for answers to fill the void. Not so long after the leap, the writers decided to take a new revamp. That took me a while to adjust. Yes, you are right, you have to remember its fiction and try not to get emotionally involved, but having said that, i know sometimes you just can’t help it.
      I was going to wait for new revamp to see how the story would unfold. If it didn’t improve i would stop watching altogether. Having said that, I find the new revamp entertaining. I thought the episode was entertaining. How Ganga tried to provoke Shiv and he show patience. I think Ganga will eventually look for Krishna, but at the moment there is too much going on in the storyline. 🙂

      1. Thank you for understanding Summer! I am a mature professional-an educator. Whenever I read an inspirational book I retain the positivity with me for a long time. So is the case with good music, pleasant memories of meetings up with friends and travel. I never watch TV. This is the first show I watched and impressed with. Perhaps I see myself in Gangaa and my loving husband in Sagar. It pains a lot see the development of the story. I am ok with twists but not with character assassination. I can never stand the ill-treatment given to women or women being disgraceful. Penning my opinions is the only way I practice to vent my frustration. Thank you once again for offering your shoulder.A well thought and timely gesture. You must be a sensitive person! Please don’t change! Remain so forever.

      2. No worries 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 You might like to read this book – Me before you by Jojo Moyes. The novel is certainly better than the film. Emotional charged and funny and in some chapters; you really feel for the characters. A good read! 🙂 Another book by the same author which i think you may enjoy is ‘ The last letter from your lover’. It really pulls heart strings. Don’t want to give too much away and spoil the story but it is certainly a satisfying ending of both books. Give it a go. 🙂

  3. Dear viewers

    Watch Waaris on Andtv
    Only n only one good serial from day one

    Best serail best um best serial compare to any other chanel program
    Very nice story no reparations all good characters n nice acting nice story great direction
    Keep it up WAARIS team ???

  4. I completely agree with revathy. even i am not able to enjoy new sagars show. saga is the best couple forever. only sad part is they will never unite again…

    1. It is nice to know we think alike bharat!

  5. Thank you very much for suggesting books for my vacation! I would read them and share my views with you . Is it okay?

    1. Hi Revathy,

      Of course it is :-). Hope you’ll enjoy the books. Have a wonderful holiday and safe bon voyage. 🙂

  6. Hi Revathy! I totally agree with you. We have waited for Saga reunion for quite a long period. Finally we are left with a great disappointment. A beautiful love story is ruined completely and permanently.

    1. Sujatha! I am very happy to know we all feel the same and connected through Gangaa. This is the best that the stupid show could do.

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